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A New School Guardian

Settling In

Chiaka looked around her new room. It wasn't that big but it was perfect for her. Right in front of her was a small sitting area and the right wall was lined with empty bookshelves. In the wall right in front of her was a large window that provided a nice view of the campus. The left wall had a doorway which leads to her bedroom and the bathroom. The whole layout was simple, but practical and there were no unnecessary things so she was pretty happy. There wasn't much furniture, just a bed, wardrobe, table and chair so she planned on buying some more with her first salary.

She walked into the bedroom and placed her suitcase on the bed. There weren't that many clothes in there, her mom had told her that most of her clothes weren't suitable for a teacher. 'Better make a list of all the things I need… Maybe I can ask the Chairman to give me my first salary in advance'. She decided that she would ask him after she was done with unpacking. Unpacking her clothes didn't take up much time, she had only brought 2 pair of jeans, 1 skirt and a few tops. Most of the space in her suitcase contained her books.

After she had unpacked her books, she sat down at the table and took out her notepad. She looked around the room and started writing. She needed a desk, a sofa and coffee table for in the sitting area. Even though food was served in the canteen she at least wanted an electric kettle so she could have tea in her room. And the last thing on her list was clothes. She sighed when she realized that she wouldn't be able to afford any books this month. She stood up and left the room. She didn't know where the Chairman's office was, but it couldn't be that far. She remembered that he told her that this part of the building was for the teachers.

While she was lost in her thoughts she suddenly felt that someone was watching her. When she looked up there was a boy coming her way. She felt his curiosity, so she slowed her pace allowing him to speak to her. The boy was gorgeous, he had dark brown hair and deep dark brown eyes and a body that looked like it would be nicely muscled. She noticed that the boy had a certain feeling around him, like he should be treated with respect. It also felt as if the boy could be dangerous if he wanted to.

Kaname Kuran was returning from the Chairman's office after talking to him about some of the new night class students. There were a few amongst them that might have trouble with sticking to the rules, so he had warned the Chairman. He was in a hurry to return to the class, there was a chance that they might misbehave if he wasn't there. He rounded a corner and saw a young woman walking his way. She seemed to be lost in her thoughts, so he quietly observed her. The first thing he noticed was her hair, it hung halfway down her back in lose waves and the colour was impossible to miss. Her hair was blood red and it seemed to be alive thanks to the way it reflected the light.

She slowed her pace a little and suddenly looked up, straight into his eyes. They were crystal blue and held a soft, curious gaze. Her skin was pale and seemed to glow silvery in the moon light. He was sure he had never seen her before, he would have remembered her if he had. 'She must be a new student.' Kaname thought. "I'm sorry but students from the day class are not allowed to walk around the school at night."

Chiaka looked the boy straight in the eye. "I'm not a student, I'm a teacher or to be more exact I'm the day class tutor. And who are you, that you think you can tell me what to do and what not?" she asked while raising her eyebrow at the boy. She didn't like it when people told her what to do, especially since he was a student and she a teacher. The boy seemed surprised with her answer and didn't answer immediately.

'So she's the tutor Cross-san found for the day class.' he thought and he looked her over once more. He realized that she indeed looked a little too old to be a student, but he had expected an older person as tutor, someone with teaching experience. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, tutor-san. My name is Kaname Kuran, I'm the dorm leader of the night class. Where were you going, you seemed a bit lost?"

Chiaka looked at him and was surprised that someone close to her own age would be in the night class as a student. "My name is Chiaka, and I'm not lost. I'm on my way to the Chairman. And if you are in the night class, shouldn't you be in class right now?" She didn't like the way he was looking at her, so she was trying to distract him. She didn't know why but she had the feeling that he was not what he seemed to be, whatever that might be.

Kaname chuckled at her question, she was trying to reprimand him. He looked at her again and noticed that her aura wasn't like that of other humans, or even the hunters. "I had to discuss something with the Chairman and was on my way to class right now. I could show you to the Chairman if you want." Maybe he could figure out what she was if he spends a bit more time around her. And if he couldn't, he would ask the Chairman the next time they could talk in private.

"That would be nice." 'Now I know for sure that I'll get to the Chairman without getting lost.' she thought while he turned around and lead the way back from where he came from. She carefully studied the guy, well she can't call him a boy now can she, he's close to her own age after all, but she failed to pinpoint the cause of the feeling that she had when she saw him the first time. She followed him silently until he stopped in front of a door, which had Chairman on it. God, she wanted to face-palm, but that would make her seem even dumber, so she just turned around thanked him and went inside.

"Cross-san?" she didn't see the chairman so she better let him know that she was there. A door opened left of her and the Chairman walked into the room. "Didn't I ask you to call me by my first name, Chiaka-san?" the Kaien asked. "I found out that I needed some things for my room. I was wondering if I could get my first salary in advance. Is that possible, Kaien-san?" To her surprise he smiled and handed her an envelope. "I forgot to leave that in your room. There's a bankcard in it, with your first salary and some extra so you can decorate your room to suit your taste. I suggest that you go to town tomorrow, I hope that it gives you enough time to decorate your room tomorrow and Sunday. Oh and here is your tutor-schedule, the first class is on Monday." She thanked the Chairman and returned to her room. She went to sleep almost immediately since she wanted to get up early in the morning.

In the meantime Kaname had returned to class. He was still thinking about Chiaka, he hadn't found out what she is yet, but he had the suspicion that she herself didn't know that she was different from the other humans. He sighed softly which attracted the attention from Takuma. "What's wrong, Kaname-sama? Did the Chairman have some bad news?" Takuma didn't want to pry into his lords business, but Kaname seemed troubled, so he asked anyway. Kaname looked at Takuma and softly explained about the day class tutor. Takuma offered to keep an eye on her, maybe he could find out something more, which might help solve the mystery. He nodded and returned his attention to his book. 'Maybe Takuma has more luck, she did seem a bit wary of me.' he thought.

Sunlight was streaming in through the small window in the bedroom. Chiaka yawned and stretched out. She felt tempted to just roll over and go back to sleep but she had to go into town today. She got up slowly and after a long warm shower she braided her hair, got dressed and went out. When she was outside of the building she followed the road back to the main gate and began to walk towards the town. Suddenly she turned around, she had the feeling she was being followed. When she saw that there was no one around, she continued her way.

Up in a nearby tree Takuma was cursing at himself, she had nearly seen him while he had been walking so silently that he a human shouldn't have heard him. He agreed with Kaname now, that woman had something strange about her. He followed her from the trees like Seiren had showed him. When she neared the edge of town, he silently climbed down from the tree and followed her on food while sticking close to the buildings. There weren't that many humans out on the streets yet since the stores were just opening. Her first stop was a small furniture shop. He watched how she walked around the showroom with a salesman and picks a black sofa and an oak coffee table and desk. After a few words with the salesman, she paid the furniture and walked out. The next two stops weren't that much more interesting, one was a clothes store and the other was a store with office supplies.

She was walking around aimlessly now, or so it seemed to him. He saw her stiffen suddenly and walk away from the main street. She was walking in the direction of his hiding place and for a moment he thought she had seen him. When she walked by without even slowing her pace, he sighed in relieve. The he saw a dark shadow on the roof that was stalking her. He looked closer and suddenly realized that it was a level E. He left his hiding place and followed while staying in the shades, as not to frighten the girl and the vampire. He wanted to know what she would do, because she clearly sensed the level E. when he turned into the next street it was a dead-end. The girl was standing in front of the wall and the level E stood in front of her poised for the attack.

The level E lunged himself at Chiaka, and all she did was raise her hand. Takuma cursed at himself for not stepping in and at the woman for being so stupid not to fight. He took a step forward and froze. From the hand of the woman shot a ball of energy, hitting the level E directly on his heart. He blinked and the vampire turned into dust, he quickly climbed onto a roof before she saw him. He watched the woman while she stared at her hand in disbelieve. She then looked to the pile of dust and whispered "So vampires do exist." Takuma didn't know what to do, or what to think of the woman. She hadn't known vampires existed but had just killed a level E by sending a ball of energy at it. And from the look she had on her face when she did that, she had no knowledge of her gift, nor any control over it. 'I should report this to Kaname-sama immediately.' he thought and he started to make his way to the academy.

Chiaka made her way to the main street in silence. She was thinking about what had happened in the alley. If she compared what she had done to the books she had read, then she was a witch. 'Well it would explain a lot, for instance my headache in crowds. It could be possible that I sense their emotions.' She made her way to the bookstore she had seen. While scanning the shelves she quickly found what she was looking for, books about witches and Wicca. After browsing through a few of the, she picked the book that gave her the best feeling. The book contained several trainings that one could use to learn more about her powers and how to control them. She quickly paid for it and made her way to the furniture store. The salesman had offered to give her and all the stuff she had to get a ride to the academy when she was done shopping.

When she arrived at her room the men from the store brought up her furniture for her. She gave them a tip and they left. She looked around the room and placed the desk against the wall with the doorway. Then she placed her supplies for the class on top of it. She carefully shoved the table in the right corner so she had enough space for her sofa and coffee table. Taking the bags with close with her she went into her bedroom and started unpacking. The clothes were simple she didn't want any busy prints on them. She had kept the colours to a minimum as well, only a few colours looked good with her hair, so the clothes were black, grey and white. The only coloured piece was a gala dress in the same colour as her eyes. She had seen it in the window of one of the shops and couldn't resist. It didn't matter anyway, there would be at least one dance a year on her high school so she suspected that it would be the same here. She sat down on her bed and started reading the book.

After some time she came across an exercise that looked promising and simple. All she needed was a candle. She went to sit on the ground with the candle in front of her. The book said that she had to focus on the candle and imagine it was burning. After a few tries the wick of the candle started to smoke. She focussed even harder and started chanting 'burn candle burn' in her head, and suddenly the candle was burning. Chiaka smiled at herself and was proud at what she had done. She carefully extinguished the candle and tried again. This time she succeeded faster but it still took too long in her opinion. So she kept on trying and when she was able to light the candle on the first try she was satisfied. She decided that she would practise more tomorrow, because if there were vampires out there then she wanted to be able to defend herself.

The classes of the night class had ended and Kaname was thinking about what Takuma had told him. Takuma had told him about the level E attack and how she had killed him. The more he thought about it the more likely it seemed that she was a vampire, but according to Takuma she had none of the other abilities of a vampire. He chuckled when he thought about Takuma's theory, he thought that she could be a witch. But Kaname knew witches didn't exist, humans had made them up and given them a characteristic of an aristocrat vampire. Takuma was reading way too much if he actually believed in witches. Kaname looked out of the window and thought about Yuuki, the new girl didn't matter, Takuma could keep an eye on her. He called Takuma and told him that he was in charge of finding out what that new girl was.

Takuma was a bit surprised, he had already told Kaname what he thought that the woman was. Apparently he didn't believe it. 'Ah well, this way I might get to be friends with the witch. And besides someone would have to look out for her. She didn't know how to defend herself and that hair colour of hers attracted the attention of both humans and vampires.' He thought back about it and suddenly wondered if it was dyed or natural. He remembered that her eyebrows were the same colour, so it could be natural. He turned towards Kaname to ask him but then changed his mind. He would find it out on his own without help from anyone else. If he helped her, maybe she would come to like him. They would be great friends, because she liked to read as well. 'I wonder if she likes to read manga, and which one…'

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