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A New School Guardian

First Night

Chiaka woke up and looked at the time, it was a little after noon. She sat up and looked at the candle that she had placed next to her bed. With a single thought directed in the direction of the candle she lit it. Smiling softly, she pulled on a robe so she was at least a bit decent. Then she went to her book and started flipping through it. There were a few things she wanted to try today, so she decided that it would be best to start with the simplest exercise first. Moving an object from a distance didn't seem very interesting, but it could come in handy if something was just out of her reach. She looked around her room for something small and spotted her pen on the table. She looked at the pen and it started shaking. She concentrated all her thoughts on the pen and held her hand out. To her surprise the pen started floating a little bit above the table and then slowly flew into her hand. The book hadn't said that the object would float or fly! 'Maybe I'm stronger then is expected for someone who just started practicing.' she thought happily. 'This will make it only easier to defend myself.'

She tried to do it again with one of her books and it flew to her hand faster than the pen had. 'The more I practise the easier it is. Maybe I can try one of the harder things…' She flipped through the book when she spotted something that would make a strong defensive skill. It was called a protective circle, a sheet of energy that would protect those on the inside. The strength of the shield depended on that of the caster. There were 2 ways to make one, the first and simplest one was to draw a circle and focus on creating a sphere that enclosed those on the inside of the circle. The second way was harder but it saved time in a battle if you didn't need to draw a circle before raising the shield. She sat down in the middle of the floor and focused on a sphere enclosing her. Several hours later she managed to produce a protective circle fast enough to be effective in an emergency. She flipped to the next page and it held instructions on how to throw a ball of energy at an opponent. 'That's what I did to that vampire!' she was enthusiastic. 'I already did it once so it shouldn't be that hard.' and it turned out that she was right, she managed to do it in the first try.

Kaien just finished up with the report for the hunter's association. Yuuki and Zero were coming for dinner soon and he hadn't started cooking yet. 'I should invite Chiaka-san, then she can meet Yuuki and Zero and have something different for dinner then the food from the canteen.' He got up and left his room to search for Chiaka. 'She's probably in her room, preparing for class tomorrow or reading.' he thought with a smile. When he rounded the corner and felt something strange in the air. It sent a shiver through his body and he quickened his pace. When he reached the door to Chiaka's room, he didn't knock but tried to open it. The door was unlocked so it flew open and he looked at a spectacle he hadn't seen before. There, in the middle of the room, stood Chiaka. And in her hands, she was holding two balls of black energy. She looked up, shocked by the sound of her door crashing into the wall. Her concentration faltered and the two balls of energy that she had been holding disappeared. In her doorway stood Kaien Cross and the look on her face was one of surprise fear and anger.

Kaien looked her in the eyes and sighed. "I think you got some explaining to do, Chiaka-san." and he closed the door. He walked towards the sofa and sat down. On the low coffee table was a book. He looked at it and saw that it were instructions on how to create a ball of energy. He looked up at Chiaka and asked only one question. "What are you?" Chiaka swallowed. "I'm not sure, but if I have to believe that book then I'm a witch." A moment of silence passed while it felt like those words still hang in the air. "Why do you have that book? And why were you practising this?" So Chiaka sat down and started telling what had happened the day before. She noticed that he didn't look surprised when she said that a vampire attacked her. "So you killed a level E vampire with a ball of energy that you accidentally created without knowing how to do that?." "Yeah, that sounds about right. Wait, what do you mean by level E vampire?" Kaien looked up in surprise. "You don't know anything about vampires, do you?" Chiaka flushed and shook her head. "I only know the stuff from movies, books and manga's. I don't know anything about the real thing." "Then I think it's my turn to explain some things."

In the next half hour Kaien explained everything he knew about vampires, hunters and their history. Chiaka couldn't believe her own ears. "How come you know so much about all this, Kaien-kun?" 'After all this I think we could consider each other friends.' she thought. Kaien smiled when she used kun instead of san, he also thought that they should consider each other as friends. He looked at her for a moment and decided that she deserved to know the truth. "I'm an ex-hunter from the hunter's association and the night class exists purely of vampires." He looked up and saw that she had a blank expression on her face. "You didn't notice anything different about the night class students, Chiaka-chan?" "I only met one of them. His name was Kaname Kuran and yes I noticed several things. I hadn't seen him yet but I sensed that there was someone in the hallway with me, but I have that with humans as well. And when I looked at him I had this feeling that he wasn't what he seemed to be and that he could be dangerous if he wanted to."

"It seems that you are sensitive for the auras, or at least that is my conclusion." He looked at Chiaka and was suddenly realized that he had been very lucky to stumble across her on that college campus. "Anyway, I actually came over to invite you for dinner. The two members from the disciplinary committee will be there as well. Their names are Yuuki and Zero and are my adoptive children." "That would be nice, thank you." Chiaka got up. "But I'm going to put on something a bit more decent first." and she walked into her bedroom. A few minutes later she walked dressed in a pair of black jeans with a simple black button up shirt. Kaien got up from the sofa and the walked to his room. "Btw, would you mind to be on the disciplinary committee as well, Chiaka-chan? It would be nice to have someone with your skills keeping an eye on the night class as well." "Sure, that won't be a problem." Chiaka sat down in one of the chairs and Kaien walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Takuma was reading one of his new manga's. Suddenly he threw it across the room. "Arggg, I can't concentrate." He stalked out of the room angrily and continued walking until he was standing in front of a window. He sighed and leaned against him. He was in trouble, Kaname has putted him in charge of the new girl and now he didn't know what to do. He could talk to her directly but he also felt that the chairman should know that she wasn't just a human, she was something more than that. He started pacing along the window and tried to make up his mind. In the end he decided to go to the chairman and tell him what had happened, he needed to know that there had been a level E in town anyway. He walked back into the common room and picked up his manga. The others looked at him with surprise. They had never seen him snap like that. "Are you alright, Takuma-kun?" Senri asked. "Yeah, I'm fine. I got to talk to the chairman about something." He put his manga on a table and walked out of the front door.

On the way to the chairman's office he tried to think of a good way to explain what had happened yesterday. He knocked on the door and stepped into the chairman's office. "And there is the guy that was following me around yesterday, yet didn't help out when that level E attacked me." Takuma's eyes widened, she was here and apparently she had told the chairman what had happened. "Why didn't you help her Takuma-kun? She could have gotten hurt." He looked up and saw not only the chairman and that woman but also Kiryuu and Yuuki. "Ease up, Yuuki-chan. I'm sure he had a good reason and I'm kind of thankful that he didn't step in or else I wouldn't have found out about my abilities." She smiled at him a little and continued. "I think it's time for a proper introduction. My name is Chiaka." "I'm Takuma, nice to meet you." He looked at the chairman. "I assume that she already told you what happened yesterday?" when the chairman nodded he breathed out in relief. "Maybe we can discuss some things in private, Chairman?" "That won't be a problem. Yuuki, Zero, why don't you guys show Chiaka-chan around, she'll be patrolling from now on as well."

The three of them left while Yuuki was chatting with Chiaka, those two were becoming friends fast. Kaien turned to Takuma and raised an eyebrow. Takuma told him everything Kaname had said and what he had seen and thought. "And then Kaname-sama putted me in charge of everything that had to do with Chiaka-san" he concluded with a sigh. "I don't know what she is, I never came across something like her. She's a human with the abilities of a vampire." Kaien looked up and continued talking. "Do you know what I find funny, Takuma-kun? Both you and Chiaka-chan think that she's a witch. You should go talk to her sometime, it seems that both of you like to read a lot." Takuma didn't know how to answer that so he just nodded. "I have one more question though." Takuma looked up at the chairman. "She's a university student and because she accepted my offer she didn't start her study. She's a straight A student so I don't think that the subjects of the night class would be too hard for her. Will you allow her to join the night class for lessons?" Takuma thought about it for a bit. He tried to picture Kaname-sama's reaction. 'If she is with the night class for classes, I have more chance of becoming her friend' "It's fine by me, chairman" He stood up and returned to the moon dorm.

Chiaka was cleaning up her desk while the students that had attended her tutor hour left the classroom. Yuuki had been sitting in the first row together with a girl she called Yori. She looked at the time and saw that she had to hurry. She had to bring the stacks with exercises to her room and then hurry back to find the right classroom for her first class with the night class. The chairman had sought her out earlier that day to tell her that she could join the classes from the night class, if she wanted to study. She was a bit nervous about the reaction from the vampires, but she had confidence in her skills so she would at least try it for one day. She was walking past the classrooms trying to find a group of auras. She stopped in front of one door, knocked quietly and opened the door.

"The effectiveness of the blood tablets developed by our night class has been verified all over the world. You students are the pride of our school… And of the night clan." The teacher said. "It wasn't much." was the response of a girl with long blond hair. "Just a group study." was said by the buy next to her. "This environment, where we can co-exist with humans gave us crucial insight for its development, right Kaname-sama?" another girl asked. "You're right. I appreciate that the chairman allows us to study here." Chiaka had stepped further into the room while Kaname responded to the girl's question. The teacher turned towards her and so did everyone in the class. She could feel there surprise and annoyance because she was a human. Only one person was happy to see her and when she looked up she saw that it was Takuma. She walked up to the teacher and handed her a letter. "I got special permission to follow the same classes as the night class." From the corner of her eyes she could see that Kaname bent towards Takuma and asked whether he had something to do with this.

"It seems that we have a new student in our class. Introduce yourself and sit down so we can continue with our class." The teacher seemed to be pretty bored. She looked at the night class and smiled sweetly. "My name in Chiaka and you better keep your fangs to yourself or else you'll get hurt." she said and then sat down. Takuma started laughing. 'You have to admit that she got guts, threatening a group of vampires like that.' One of the guys stood up and slowly walked over, while another stayed close to the first. "My name is Hanabusa Aidou and this is Akatsuki Kain, and I'm calling your bluff. You're going to be my midnight snack now." He smiled while the others gasped and Kaname only raised an eyebrow and said "Aidou". He ignored all of that and leaped at Chiaka. She was still standing and was ready to put her new skills to the test. She created two balls of energy and threw them at to two vampires. The moment she released the balls she focussed on her shield which sprang up around her. She smirked at the two vampires that were sprawled out on the floor. "Told you so."

The other vampires looked at her in surprise, who was this girl? "You guys didn't think I would enter a class filled without vampires if I didn't know how to defend myself?" Takuma smiled and walked towards her. He looked at the spherical shield around her and knocked on it. It didn't break so he punched it. "Dammit that is a strong shield… Would you mind lowering it, Chiaka-chan?" Kaname looked at the two and saw that she was smiling and lowered her shield. Takuma took her hand and brought it to his lips, and then he turned around so he was standing next to her. "Welcome to the night class, Chiaka-chan." Kaname returned his attention back to Hanabusa and Akatsuki. "Aidou and Kain, you two are to return to the dorm immediately and stay there, understood?" They nodded and bowed, and then they left. Takuma had lead Chiaka to a seat close to his own and the class continued.

Suddenly Chiaka's head came up. She sensed Aidou and Kain close to the building together with Yuuki and two day class girls. She turned and looked at Kaname. 'He's the dorm leader so he better solve this' she thought. "I sense Aidou-san and Kain-san outside. They are together with Yuuki-chan and two girls from the day class. It feels like the two day class girls have fainted and the mood seems to be a bit hostile." Kaname was surprised but nodded and locked eyes with Seiren. They rose from their seats. At the door Kaname turned around and beckoned for Takuma and Chiaka to join. The four of them quickly made their way through the school. 'I'm surprised that she can keep up with us' Takuma thought and he looked at Chiaka who was right next to him. They were closing in on the place where Aidou, Kain, Yuuki and the day class girls were. "Zero-kun has joined them. Aidou-san seems to be afraid." Seiren leaped into a tree, while Kaname made a gesture and walked forward. When Chiaka tried to follow Takuma pulled her back. "We're going to stay right here. We're within hearing distance, but they can't see us." She nodded and looked towards the place Kaname had disappeared to.

"Would you put that away, your 'bloody rose' gun? It is a great threat to us, as you know." Kaname said as he walked over to the others. He grasped Aidou's collar and continued. "I will take care of this fool and wait for the chairman's instructions." "President Kuran…" Aidou said in surprise. "Is that acceptable, Kiryuu?" "Zero…" whispered Yuuki. "Take them away, Kuran" Kaname turned towards Kain. "Kain." "Me?" Kain asked in shock. "Why didn't you stop Aidou? You're also to blame." Kaname turned towards Yuuki. "Yuuki, what should be done about the memories of the two who fainted? You'll take care of it?" "Yes Kaname. I mean the Chairman will erase their memories… Although I feel a bit sorry for them." "All right then, I ask you to take care of the rest. I'm sorry we scared you, Yuuki." "No! I was just bitten a little. I'm fine!" Kaname turned back and walked after Aidou and Kain.

Aidou and Kain come into view first. They seemed surprised to see Chiaka and Takuma there, but they just continued walking towards the dorm. When Kaname came into view again he looked at Chiaka. "Thank you. If you sense something like that again please tell me. Takuma, the class is dismissed and I want everyone to return to the dorm immediately." "I'll take care of it Kaname-sama." "Goodnight Chiaka-chan." Kaname said with a smile and walked away towards the moon dorm. Takuma turned towards Chiaka and smiled. "I'm sorry, I got to go now. Will you join class tomorrow as well?" Chiaka nodded and Takuma hurried back to the classroom. She started walking back towards her room while thinking about what happened. She had managed to take down 2 vampires and she seemed to get stronger. And from the looks of it the vampires had accepted her in their class. 'Kaname can be pretty nice if he wants. I'm glad that he isn't mad about me being in his class.' she thought and she drifted off to sleep with Kaname on her mind.

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