A Wolf in the Family

Chapter 2 Wolf Spirit?

Kohina stood from her mat still unable to get any sleep because of the storm. "Kokkuri-san?" she whispered hearing a noise in the hallway. She grabbed a flashlight from her desk;" I must investigate!" The little girl quietly sneaked out of the room her flashlight illuminating the shrine's darkness; flinching a bit every time the sound of thunder reached her ears. Kohina walked further into the hallway but immediately stopped in her tracks at what she saw; just a few feet in front of her was a young woman with dark brown hair, shimmering orange eyes, dog ears and a fluffy brown tail. The woman was crouched on all fours and her clothes had tattered holes; she let out a low growl at the sight of Kohina who only stared at the creature in curiosity.

The woman cautiously walked toward the girl inhaling her scent; immediately she halted her steps realizing that this human was only a child. Kohina moved closer to the creature until she was inches in front of her;" Are you a spirit?" the girl asked before a loud clash of thunder caused Kohina to drop her flashlight. Soon she was on her knees whimpering; small hands covering her ears as tears ran down the girl's adorable face. Out of instinct, the woman crept closer until she was in front of Kohina; she took the girl in her arms and nuzzled her head in comfort.

Kohina sighed her tears slowly fading away; ironically the woman was comfort was similar to what a mother would do for a daughter." Kohina!" the girl looked behind the spirit seeing Kokkuri-san running towards them with his frying pan." Let go of my daughter you monster!" The woman growled, gathering Kohina in her arms protectively. She skillfully jumped over the fox and made a break for the other side of the shrine only to be met by Inugami;" Give me back my darling!" he shouted shooting his pistols at the woman.

With Kohina still in her arms, the woman curled into a ball knocking the dog spirit to the ground. She quickly uncurled herself and continued to run once in a while looking down to make sure the girl was unharmed by the dog's weapons. Eventually the woman reached a dead end; she glanced behind her seeing that the spirits were on her tail. She growled again and gently pushed Kohina into the kitchen while she faced off with the spirits.

She crouched on all fours tackling, biting and clawing at the three spirits who helplessly tried to fight back. After her attack, she positioned herself in front of the kitchen entrance daring any of them to come near her and Kohina. The spirits huddled together desperately." What do we do now fox that she-beast has my darling hostage!" Kokkuri-san glared at Inugami then turned to the woman; he noticed an empty room right behind her and quickly thought of a plan.

"Shigaraki go!" the fox shouted as the tanuki transformed into his chibi and approached the glaring woman." Hello miss." He said with a wide grin." How would you like to join me for a drink huh?" The woman only growled in warning, soon she was forcefully pushed into the room by the dog and fox spirits. They bolted the door with a lock before breathing a sigh of relief;" Kohina are you all right?" Kokkuri-san said rushing into the kitchen with a frown as he saw his daughter finishing up a cup of noodles.

"I'm fine." The girl stated placing the empty container in the trash." Where's Imani?" Kohina said upon hearing low growls coming from the supposed to be emptied room in the shrine. The fox gazed at the girl questioningly." Uh, Imani?" Everyone looked to the room where the woman was she clawed the screen door relentlessly trying to escape." Ah so that's the lovely wolf spirit's name is." Shigaraki uttered sipping from his jug.

"Wolf spirit, I thought they were extincted?" Inugami said gazing lovingly at Kohina." No but there are very few around; but this woman is definitely a wolf spirit who is trying hard to get out of the room to Kohina. I assumed seeing the girl left inside the shrine on her own triggered her motherly instincts; in other words she has proclaimed or adopted Kohina as her own pup." The tanuki said looking from the fox to the girl.

Kokkuri-san rubbed his fingers through his hair; it was bad enough there were three spirits living in the house including himself now they had to deal with a wild female wolf spirit who was more powerful than all three of them combined." If she is a spirit how come she's not talking to us?" the fox asked the tanuki. "From what I can gather wolf spirits lived in packs, she meant have abandoned or have been kicked out of hers. Forcing herself to live a life of solitude without physical contact or communication with anyone; she may know how to but refuses."

"But she talked to me." Kohina added while the tanuki rubbed her head." That's because she sees you as her child and naturally wolves trust their young but unfortunely she hates us because we attacked her." He looked at the screen noticing more claw marks continuing to be added the three grew nervous except Kohina who knew if Imani escaped she'd be safe." She's ruining the screen I suggest we do something." Inugami cried. Kokkuri-san glared at the tanuki." What do you suggest?" he said his arms wrapping protectively around Kohina.

"The girl must go in or the wolf will never calm down." Shigaraki replied receiving a murderous glare from both the fox and dog." No! Kohina is not going anywhere near her!" Kokkuri-san shouted, Inugami nodding in agreement with his enemy. " The spirit is acting this way because she believes Kohina is in danger and feels the need to protect her as all of us do giving her the girl will signify that we are no threat and that we desire the same thing she wants." He said turning back into his normal form.

"Please Kokkuri, Imani is upset and she will get hurt if she continues." Kohina said going back to her room to get a pillow and a blanket from her mat. The fox watched still unsure as the little girl walked into the room where the female wolf was. Three spirits remained at the door watching them carefully; Kohina set the blanket and pillow down before running in the wolf's outstretched embrace. Imani nuzzled the girl's head and rocked Kohina gently in her arms.

The girl yawned and fell asleep; Imani seeing that Kohina was tired covered the girl with the blanket and set her on top of the pillow. Then kissed her cheek lovingly before growling at the spirits to shut the door to which they did.

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