A Wolf in the Family

Chapter 3 Kokkuri-san gets Told

Summer break ended quickly for Kohina, she was disappointed but enjoyed the time she had spent with her family." Kohina breakfast is ready!" Kokkuri-san yelled as the girl sprinted to the kitchen gathering two bowls of rice in her hands making a mad dash into Imani's room. Kokkuri-san watched in worry his ears flattened on his head. Kohina had spent most of her break talking while enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner with the wolf spirit. The fox was a little jealous but he knew this was necessary after all an ancient seal had been cleverly placed on the screen door preventing the woman from escaping the room. Imani didn't mind at all even if she wanted to escape the wolf didn't want to be around the other three spirits it was bad enough that their lingering presence in the shrine was annoying.

Truly, the only one Imani wanted to be around was Kohina since she was her adopted daughter and Kokkuri-san understood this." Hey." The fox lifted his gaze from the door to the tanuki who had finished his rice and was carelessly drinking his jug." Is the girl in there again." He said in a low whisper knowing well that wolf meant hear them." Yes." Kokkuri said in a surprisingly steady voice." I am impressed fox you are handling the situation well." Shigaraki stated leaning against the opposite wall but still standing next to the spirit." I have no choice, I now must share Kohina with you, Inugami, and this wolf spirit." He uttered nervously stroking his clawed fingertips into his hair carefully not to accidentally pull some of it out.

Kokkuri-san stared at the clock his eyes widened." Kohina hurry school starts soon!" he shouts as the girl opens the door and waves to Imani before allowing it to slide closed. Kohina gives the fox her empty bowl and grabs her backpack; she immediately hugs the tanuki then Kokkuri-san. He blushes lightly and affectionately nuzzles the girl's head purring slightly." Have a good day Kohina." he says with a smile as she stops short to look behind her." Don't forget to give Imani her lunch." Kohina uttered running out of the shrine.

Kokkuri-san gulped his facing turning ghostly pale. He had forgotten about that, Kohina had been delivering the wolf her meals and now the fox had to do it every day until winter." No I can do this!" the fox said he gazed at the clock, lunch was not for a few hours to his relief. With a smile on his face Kokkuri walked into the kitchen to wash the dishes. He breathed evenly treasuring the silent atmosphere of the shrine as his fingers delicately scrubbed the surface of each plate until it was crystal clear." Hey fox I'm going out." Kokkuri-san looked from Shigaraki in his chibi form on his shoulder was his jug. From what the fox could tell the taunki had money in his pocket." Going to the orphanage?" Kokkuri-san questioned.

The taunki said nothing only continued walking until his footsteps were no longer heard inside the shrine. Kokkuri-san smirked it was no secret to anyone that Shigaraki provided money for an orphanage but he was still embarrassed to admit that he was doing good when he claimed to be evil." Well best be on with the rest of the chores." The fox said a bucket, rags and plenty cleaning supplies in his hands. It was a lot of work but Kokkuri-san enjoyed doing it even if Iungami and Shigaraki kept calling him a" housewife."


"I'm back!" Shigaraki whispered exhaustingly plopping down at the table across from Inugami as Kokkuri-san served them fried rice, shrimp, dumplings and potstickers Imani's dinner was on a tray along with some tea." How long is the wolf staying here?" Inugami asked using his chopsticks to take a shrimp from his tray. Kokkuri-san gave the dog a glare." As long as Kohina wants her to stay, just be grateful that there is a seal on the door or else we would all be in trouble." The fox said quietly walking to the wolf's room, rolling his eyes as he heard Iungami whimpering over how lunch is not the same without his darling." Stupid mutt." He muttered slowly opening the screen door.

The fox cautiously stepped into the room his golden orbs widened at the sight. The room was transformed from an over-crowded storage closet to a rustic bedroom. The walls were a soft maple brown with different arrays of animal skins decorating its interior. A small stone embedded campfire heated the room with a pleasant glow, on top positioned carefully above the fire was a pot filled with fresh mint tea. Kokkuri-san noticed a round table near the wall next to a fur-covered futon where Imani laid reading a book Kohina had bought from a nearby bookstore. He assumed she used her powers to make the room to her liking which personally Kokkuri-san admired she was very talented.

The room had a cozy feeling to it; in fact compared to the fox's this room was a utopia. Kokkuri-san's scanned it fully, his eyes soon meeting the wolf's annoyed glare. He froze taking a good look at the female spirit realizing how beautiful she appeared on futon like an exotic queen sitting on a throne. Heat spread to his face and tail as the sunlight from the window highlighted her piercing orange eyes giving them an alluring quality. She cleared her throat which succeeded in knocking the fox from his musings; quietly Kokkuri-san set the tray on her table and stood nervously with a small blush on his face.

"Um...I love what you done with the room." He said. Imani flipped a page in her book ignoring him." I'm Kokkuri-san by the way Kohina's my daughter well… I…uh I adopted her. I brought you some food since she's in school also I wanted to apologize for what we did to you last month. We kinda got off on the wrong foot don't you think?" Kokkuri-san rubbed his hand through his hair noticing Imani pushing the book closer to her face. He was getting absolutely nowhere and from her body language she knew it too.

" Well, I'm sorry if I disturbed you; I'll take my leave." Kokkuri-san walked over to the sliding door but was stopped by a sweet but commanding voice." Kokkuri-san a fox named after a children's game." Imani uttered in a thick tribal accent that made Kokkuri-san's heart pound and disregard her attempted insult. He moved from the door seeing that the wolf standing in front of her futon; her eyes locked on him. As her fluffy maple brown tail swayed softly in mid-air the end of it curled into a circle." You are the alpha of this pack am I correct?" Imani asked. Kokkuri-san thought about her words realizing that she was referring to Kohina and the two spirits as a family and he was the leader.

A confident smile formed on the fox's lips, his heart pounded and the muscles under his kimono flexed. Kokkuri-san"s fingers stroked his long white strands hoping Imani was still watching." Guess I am since I do all the housework, cook, shop and raise Kohina." He said as Imani continued staring at him a frown slowly masking her pleasant face." You are a disgrace and a poor excuse for an alpha if ever I saw one!" the wolf yelled catching Kokkuri-san off guard." A true alpha would never put a low ranking pack member before his pups! And a true alpha never leaves his pups alone either they assign one of the betas to look after them or the alpha allows someone else to handle a problem while they protect the pups!" she shouted taking in a short breath.

"You Kokkuri-san broke these rules when you left Kohina alone in this shrine! It is also the reason why I scent marked her as my daughter because she was lacking a suitable mother and role model! Knowing that you're her father and the alpha of this pack I'm surprised my pup even managed to survive! If it were up to me Kohina would be raised elsewhere but since it is not suitable to move a pup from their birthplace, we will stay here." Imani stated walked toward the fox until she was nose to nose with the fear-stricken spirit.

"But I warn you fox, you better not get in my way when it comes to Kohina. I don't care if she is yours, Kohina is also mine! And to conclude screw up your duties as an alpha and I'm taking over understood? For now I will play along and be one of your members." The wolf whispered returning to her book. Kokkuri-san nodded nervously and slowly stumbled out of Imani's room. His face was frozen in fear and shock; the gold in his eyes replaced with ghostly white orbs." Hey fox your dinner's getting cold." Shigaraki said as a stunned Kokkuri-san walked pass them and shut the door to his before huddling hopelessly in a corner.

Never had any spirit or person spoken to him in such a matter. He leaned his head between his knees ignoring the outlines of the taunki and dog spirit outside his door.

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