A Wolf in the Family

Chapter 4 Bridging a Gap

A week had passed and life for the spirit infested family was normal obviously if you call a little girl being raised by a narcissistic fox spirit, love obsessed dog spirit and a gambling taunki normal then yes it is. It was Saturday and Kohina sat enjoying her breakfast while watching Kokkuri-san prepare Imani's morning meal. She watched as the fox went down on his knees and opened the sliding door pushing the food into the room before slamming the door shut. After this Kokkuri-san would pour himself some water as he took out a small packet of his stomach medicine before going to do his chores.

This had become a daily routine for Kokkuri-san since his talk with Imani, the fox wanted to avoid that wayward wolf as long as he could, but her words still stung in his ears. Every time he thought over their talk his stomach would churn, and not in a good way. Kokkuri-san may be immortal, but the spirit had one condition that made him utterly weak: a sensitive stomach. It was embarrassing to say the least and the fox would never admit it, that he came from a high class species of foxes, and unfortunately sensitive stomachs were common in his bloodline. He sighed tying a bandanna on his head the fox grabbed a scrubber, then stalked toward the bathroom.

Kohina looked in the direction Kokkuri-san had been then turned to Imani's room. Both Shigaraki and Iungami had informed the little girl of Kokkuri-san and Imani's talk since the two happened to be ease dropping. Kohina shook her head then laid it in her hands, she had been living alone for a quite some time before the spirits came into her life. Secretly the child wanted for so long to have two loving parents, more or less the girl finally got her wish only problem was the wolf and fox were only loving to her

Kohina couldn't blame the pair after all they haven't known one another long and they weren't even friends, but the girl wanted them to be for now. Suddenly the idea hit her," If Kokkuri-san and Imani spend time together they'll be friends." She said softly smiling at her idea. Tonight was the new moon and she knew Kokkuri-san would prepare his special moon cakes for the occasion along with a full course dinner. If Imani joined them then she and Kokkuri-san would find some common ground and hopefully not fight.

"Indeed little girl that sounds good, but will it work fox can be stubborn sometimes he may disagree with inviting the wolf." The taunki uttered, he had been leaning on the wall of the kitchen for a while, and Kohina had not noticed his presence. She watched as he calmly sipped his jug before wiping his mouth with his hand." But if you are so keen to have the wolf at our dinner table, then I'll try and persuade him." Shigaraki proceeded down the hall to the bathroom, Kohina saw this and ran to catch up to him. The girl stopped at the doorway and peeked in." Hey fox can I have a moment?" Shigaraki asked putting his jug on the ground. The fox was leaning over the tub but immediately turned to the taunki with his hands on his hips.

"Yes?" the fox muttered annoyed, he was in a very foul mood. "It's the full moon feast tonight, correct?" Fox nodded," It is usually a family event, now that there are five of us living here let's invite the wolf to join us. She's been sealed in her room alone for too long." Kokkuri-san's hand tightened around the scrub brush," Kohina visits her everyday so she's not alone and for everyone else's safety the wolf is too dangerous. My answer is no and that includes you Kohina!" the fox said staring at the entrance. Kohina upon being seen, ran as fast she could to her room and shut the door.

"Plan A didn't work, so time for plan B." she said looking both ways before exiting her room and sneaking into Imani's until it was time for dinner.

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