Her Life

Chapter 10 Flying Lessons

The clan gathered on top of the tower, each one nervous and excited for Emilie's first flying lesson. Naturally the little gargoyle was having mixed feelings about the event, to ease her tension Goliath convinced Xanatos to allow Alexander to be there for moral support." You'll do great besides what could happen, you fall out of the sky?" the blond said before staring at Emilie's narrowed dark eyes." Thanks for the support, but this is an important event every gargoyle learns how to fly after they hatch."

Alexander looked confused," Then why are you learning at nine years old?" She sighed, then addressed the half-fairie." Number one I wasn't hatched because my mom is human, two my wings weren't big enough to flap, and three I developed differently than Angela." Emilie said pointing to her sister who was busy kissing her husband. Alex and Emilie grimaced at the sight," Yuck!" they yelled in unison, receiving a chuckle from the pair." Hey it will happen to you two someday." Broadway said picking the children up and tickling them.

Angela giggled at the sight, not noticing Elisa standing beside her a smile on her face." You know Angela, Broadway would make a good father someday if you decide to have little ones of your own." The gargoyle blushed," N-no not anytime soon!" she said only making the woman smile even more." That's what I did when Hudson asked if Goliath and I planned on having children. Now we have Emilie." Angela's eyes widened, she tried to tell Elisa it will probably never happen, but Elisa had walked over to where Goliath was talking to Lexington. She went back to admiring Broadway playing with Emilie and Alex, maybe they would have children just not right now.

Emilie was worse than twelve gargoyles and it would be impossible to determine how many she would have, usually gargoyle females had one to seven eggs. And traditionally the clan would raise the babies as a whole, but Angela was raised by two human parents not a clan like Broadway had been. If she wanted to have children, they would be cared for by the clan, but raised mostly by her and Broadway. Before any new additions could be added Angela needed him to understand this and wait until Emilie was close to maturity in case the next generation took after their aunt.

"All right may I have the clan's attention?" Goliath bellowed." This night my youngest daughter shall take her first flight around the city, but to do so she needs a demonstration on how it is done. Who would like to volunteer?" There was a short silence over the clan, before Brooklyn raised his hand." I will Goliath." He turned to Emilie and patted the girl's hair gently. "Watch closely, squirt." She growled playfully at her uncle, and watched as he hopped on a pillar extending his large dark orange wings.

Brooklyn took flight, gliding left then right and lastly in circles. Emilie watched carefully at how his wings moved and pointed at sharp turns. He landed quickly, addressing her again." It's a little hard at first. The trick is to master your wings, it's not surprising if you don't get it right away because everyone has trouble controlling these appendages." Emilie's eyes lit up," So you know?" Angela approached her sister," We all know and have been through the same thing." Hudson picked the girl off her feet into his arms." Ah, lass first try I hit a tree then a boulder. Your father nearly drowned in a river and I had to rescue him." Goliath rubbed his head looking away in embarrassment, while Elisa chuckled her arm wrapped around her husbands.

She walked over and kissed Emilie on her forehead." Do your best and no matter what happens we are proud of you." Emile smiled," Thanks mom." She said hopping over to the pillar and taking a breath inhaling the night air. The stars above her and the ground below her." This is it, wings you will obey me!" Emilie said as she began extending her brown-orange wings. Eyes glued to the skies, she let herself drop. For a moment, she feared that her wings would fail and that soon she would be on the ground, but instead she was floating in mid-air.

By instinct, Emilie began moving and gliding just as Brooklyn had done, then to everyone's surprised she flew around the tower and pass a few more buildings. The clan cheered, Elisa was in tears as Goliath held her." My baby's flying!" Lexington glided upward a few meters above the tower to pinpoint Emilie's location. He panicked upon seeing storm clouds pass overhead, the air grew cold causing Alex and Elisa to shiver. Goliath held his wife, while Angela gathered the boy in her arms. Her wings extending to keep him warm." We need to get Emilie."

Without hesitation, Goliath, Brooklyn and Lexington went out to find the little gargoyle, while the others went inside the tower. A few minutes passed and the gargoyles were still not back, freezing rain poured down violently outside. Xanatos and Fox had managed to reach the tower, but refused to leave since their son was worried about his best friend. For comfort, Alex was wrapped in the loving arms of his mother who stroked his blond strands, Xanatos was pacing the floor and Elisa, Broadway, Hudson and Angela were by the fire.

Soon Goliath, Lexington and Brooklyn came out of the storm soaked from head to toe." Did you find her?" Brooklyn chose to speak first." We looked everywhere, but the rain began pouring harder out there that we couldn't see a thing, we were lucky to make it back here safe and sound." Tears flowed down Elisa's face." Well we have to find her she could still out there Goliath!" she said almost screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Mom its fine I'm okay." A voice said on the stairs. "No its not, your lost in the storm with no way back to the tower!" Elisa paused and looked at the stairs, everyone did." How did you get here?" Angela said surprised to see Emilie safe, dry and out of the storms reach." When the clouds came in, I quickly climbed through the window below the tower and went into Lexington's room, but I fell asleep. I awoke when mom started screaming at dad."

Elisa embraced Emilie and kissed her on both cheeks." Don't ever do that to me again!" Emilie squirmed in her hold." Can't breathe mom, wings being crushed!" Elisa loosened her grip, but soon the rest of the clan joined in the hug including Xanatos, Fox and Alex who had been worried sick." Okay now I really can't breathe!"

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