Her Life

Chapter 11 A New Friend

"Hey wait up Emilie!" The young gargoyle paused in her flight waiting for Alex to catch up. It was the afternoon and the pair were gliding about the town aimlessly in the skies hovering above the place they called home. Alex and Emilie were supposed to have school with Owen, but some urgent matters came about and he dismissed class early allowing his pupils to go free. They decided to venture outside, wanting so badly to quench their curiosity. Emilie had only seen the town once when she had gotten lost, but not the entire place. And Alex being a millionaire's son had not seen much either.

Emilie outstretched her wings, while Alex summoned his magic. With it, the boy created a ski board make of green light and muttered a spell with his lips confusing the gargoyle as ray of green surrounded them and disappeared." What was that?" she asked as Alex smiled." A spell that will make us invisible as we fly so the people and our parents don't see us." Emilie clapped her hands at his clever method, Alex had grown quite skilled with his magic the lessons with Owen were paying off." Come on!" Emilie shouted as Alex finally caught up with her." Whoa your fast." He said trying to catch his breath. Emilie flipped her hair to the side, the length was now in the middle of her back." I am the daughter of Goliath."

"Well I'm the son of Xanatos." Alex replied." Who use to be a bad guy!" Emilie spat out as Alex frowned." Hey your Dad almost killed mine more than I can count!" Emile sighed." Alright it's a draw, our parents wronged each other. Truce." Alex nodded," Truce we can't let our parents past destroy our friendship." The gargoyle agreed as they continued to fly eventually landing in Central Park." I'm exhausted." Alex stated laying underneath a tree." Good thing we are invisible, no one can see us." Emilie stated gently using a rock to sharpen her retractable talons.

"True, but if anyone was nearby they could still hear us and see the rock in your hand." Alex whispered looking around the park seeing that no one was there. His eyes scanning the sky, the sun was setting." We should head back before our parents worry." Emile nodded preparing to leave until." Help! Help! Let me go! Mommy, Daddy!" a yelled franticly in the park. Emile and Alex walked into the direction of the voice, they saw a young girl their age huddled helplessly under a bench. A man stood above it, trying to reach the frightened girl but instead he had grabbed her pink backpack.

Upon seeing the situation, the kids knew that this girl must have been walking home when this creep came out of nowhere and was trying to abduct her." Come on kid stop being so difficult, come out I have some candy for you." The man said smirking as the girl whimpered. Suddenly the man was hit by an unknown force that kept punching and clawing near his arms and legs. Then a flash of light surrounded him and the man was thrown against a nearby tree away from the girl." Ahhh, I'm so outta here!" he yelled running from the park.

The girl saw this and came out of her hiding spot, grabbing her backpack." Hello?" she asked as Alex allowed his spell on them to flee. The girl stared at the two in awe mostly at the girl next to Alex, she was human, but with some unusual attributes." Hi I'm Emilie and this is Alex." The gargoyle said holding out a hand. The girl took it with a smile." Thank you for saving me, I was walking home when that man started following me. Daddy warned me about this, him being a police officer." She said causing both Alex and Emilie's eyes to widen." Your Dad's a cop? Cool Emilie's mom is Detective Maza." Alex said the girl squealed happily." She's friends with my Daddy Richard Mason!" Emilie nodded." They that settles it you can come with me and mom will take you home."

"Thank you." She said." I'm Casey." They smiled, but looked at the sky in fear as they saw the stars." I have to go, bye Emilie! Nice to meet you Casey!" Alex shouted before using his magic to transport him home." Here." Emilie gently lifted Casey in the air as they flew into the city." You guys aren't human are you?" Casey asked." Alex is a quarter human and I am half. My father is a gargoyle and his mother is half fairie which explains the powers." Casey nodded in understanding," I won't tell and I hope to hang out with you guys again soon." She said as Emilie agreeing as they landed on top of the clan's tower.

"Guess you're going to meet my entire family." The gargoyle said as her and Casey walking down the stone steps.

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