Her Life

Chapter 12 The Other side of Owen

It had been twelve months since, Emilie and Alex had met Casey that night in the city. The three had become inseparable spending most of their time with each other. They would spend every day together if Casey didn't attend public school somewhere in the city because of this the three couldn't always hang out. Until one day opportunity knocked, because Casey was almost abducted by a manic her father Richard didn't want her going to her current school. With some convincing from Elisa and Xanatos, Richard allowed his daughter to be homeschooled with her new friends.

It was Friday, Owen was going over the history of the Civil War. When Emilie noticed something strange about their teacher. He was a bit agitated, holding his chest tightly as if it was causing a great deal of discomfort. This went on for hours until the clock signaled lunch time." Come on guys the chef's making penne for lunch!" Alex yelled running down the hall with Casey behind him. Emilie on the other hand walked into the hall and hid near the door, she peeked inside. The gargoyle didn't personally know Owen very well, but he was still her teacher and knew something was wrong.

"No, no!" Owen whispered he was crouched in the corner of the class room." I will not let you take control, you're nothing, but trouble you trickster!" Owen held his head as an overwhelming feeling came over him, his other half Puck was taking control again. The fiarie had been trying since Emilie had been introduced Alex, the creature was curious about the female gargoyle. He could sense the strength within her and wanted to meet her for himself instead of Owen doing the talking. The fiarie pushed again, he knew Emilie was outside the door probably watching the man struggling on the ground." I don't want you near my students." Owen struggled to say as green light surrounded his body and flowed from his eyes." Oh, too bad old boy! It's about time they've met me."

With a final flash of light, Owen transformed into Puck. The fairie dusted his arms and brushed his fingers through his mane of white hair, blue eyes catching sight of the gargoyle." Ahh so you're the one with the powers I have sensed. The daughter of Goliath and human Elisa Maza. It took long enough for them to realize their feelings, how annoying it was watching them play cat and mouse but also quite entertaining. And I was never bored!" He laughed seeing the gargoyle cowering a bit." No need to fear, I will not harm you." Puck floated to where Emilie was offering a hand to her." Who are you?"

He smiled allowing himself to glide about the room." I am known by many names, I am a wandering spirit and a trickster of the night! You may simply call me Puck." He stated reclining himself in the air." Does that mean your Owen?" The fairie in shock lost focus landing on the ground with a hard thud." Of course not! He is different than I and less powerful. You can say we are two parts of one body, we unfortunely share it. I am the true owner of it, Owen is just a bystander. I created him years ago as a sidekick for Xanatos."

"So in other words, Owen never really existed in the first place and it's just you in disguise only your behavior changes. Emilie stated as Puck smiled confirming her answer. She crossed her arms against her chest, unimpressed and skeptical. The gargoyle knew her parents in their past had a few enemies, they had never mentioned anyone called Puck and wanted to make sure he wasn't a threat to them. Even at eleven, Emilie could skillfully defend herself." Do Xanatos, Fox and my parents know this?" He nodded." Alex too, how do you think he mastered his powers. I taught the boy everything I know, he's almost reached my level of mastery, but not completely."

Emilie understood as she observed Puck closely comparing his personality with that of Owen's realizing they were complete opposites. Owen mostly wore a suit most of the time, while Puck's clothing was ancient and stylish. The faire's ears were larger and had more definition than a gargoyle's. If Alex didn't have human in him, she assumed he'd look similar to Puck." Are you permanently taking over his or your body?" He sighed." No I can't Owen is a part of me whether I like it or not. I can never be rid of him, even if I wanted to." Puck stated before a flash of green light surrounded him, he closed his eyes turning back into Owen just as Alex and Casey came into the room.

"Emilie there you are!" Casey said smiling at her friend." We saved you some penne." She said sipping a juice box. "Mom said we have to eat it in the kitchen. She does want a mess everywhere." Alex said looking at Owen for a minute. His tie was disheveled and he was holding his head tightly." Owen are you okay?" the boy asked. The man stood straight, a hand still on his head." Yes just a migraine, class will be let out early today. I need to rest." Alex and Casey smiled." Whatever you say, you're the teacher! Whoever is last to the kitchen is a rotten egg!" Alex yelled using his powers to leave." That's cheating rich boy!" she said running out.

Emilie rolled her eyes." You met him?" Owen asked his blue eyes meeting the gargoyles dark brown ones." Yes, he was strange and told me a little about how both of you co-exist." The man groaned and collapsed in his chair." I'm sorry he's a pest." Emilie giggled." Oh, trust me he is, but entertaining. You should let him take control more often, if you're okay with it." He looked at the gargoyle surprised." I'll think about it." He said as Emilie flew out of the room.

"Told you she would like me." A voice said in his head," Shut Up." Owen muttered stumbling to his bedroom.

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