Her Life

Chapter 2 Sisters

Angela sat perched on the edge of the tower the clan called home. Her attention focused on Hudson, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Goliath and Elisa who were happily fawning over the new addition. Emilie was only a few weeks old but since she was a mix between human and gargoyle the baby was growing faster than a normal human. But this was a first for them so with permission from Goliath and Elisa. Zanatos had one his close men sworn to secrecy to observe the half breed to discover the similarities Emilie had to humans. This was allowed only if the observer didn't get too close to the child or else his peace with the gargoyles would be in jeopardy.

But this unfortunately wasn't the problem; Angela noticed a days after Emilie's birth that she barely saw her father and step-mother anymore they were always so busy caring for the fussy little girl. She couldn't keep track of how many times she and Broadway had to lead the clan on a mission because Goliath was too overprotective and worried over what would happen to his new offspring if he wasn't there.

A small hiss left the female's body, it was that Halfling's fault Goliath had strayed from his duties as their leader and her father. Angela eyes glowed in anger as negative thoughts on her new sister flooded her mind:" Goliath favors his lover's child over you; so much that someday she may become clan leader instead of you!" Her growl grew in volume alerting the rest of the clan of her anger and frustration." Geez what's wrong with Angela?" Broadway looked concern and flew near his mate." Ang are you alright?"

The glow from her eyes dissipated and her growl no longer heard as he held her close." I don't know what's gotten into me." Broadway smiled." It's alright your only jealous of Emilie that's all. Besides Elisa your use to being the only female in our group and getting all attention especially as you were the clan's leader's only daughter." She nodded in understanding.

" You're the oldest daughter now and you don't receive most of the attention anymore since the baby's here. Hon, Goliath doesn't love you above Emilie or the other way around; he loves you both equally. Sure we all wish Goliath was around all the time but he's been so involved with Emilie because he regrets not being there for you and he doesn't want to make the same mistake twice."

Angela gasped her mate was right when she hatched Goliath was turned to stone by the spell. He felt tremendous guilt for not being there for her and was showing the love he never expressed for Angela to Emilie. She smiled a tear escaping her eyes, Angela leaned over kissing Broadway on his lips." Thank you honey."

The gargoyle softly glided down to her father who held Emilie close. He pulled into a hug holding both his daughters close to his heart." I love you both my angel and star." Angela returned the hug and gently placed her little sister who reached eagerly for the gargoyle in her arms." Welcome to the family Emilie I'm your big sister Angela and no matter what I'll always protect you." The baby then giggled as her sister rested multiple kisses upon her cheek.

Goliath and Elisa watched the scene smiling, Goliath held Elisa closer as he allowed his lips to collide with her own." My family."

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