Her Life

Chapter 3 Babysitters

"Emilie! Oh where are you." Brooklyn yelled searching the couch cushions for the two year old. Broadway was looking through closets and pulling out piles of clothes in Elisa' room." Come sweetie Uncle Broadway's getting worried." Lexington glided into the room panting heavily." She's not on the balcony, in the cabinets or her room. And Brooklyn isn't having any luck either." Broadway threw all the clothes back in the closet." We can't give up we have to keep searching who knows what Angela will do to me if she finds out I lost her sister."

Just as the words left him, Brooklyn came in the room glaring at Broadway." Forget Angela killing you, just think what Goliath's going to do to us! Emilie is his youngest daughter and Elisa's first child!" The gargoyles imagined the scene Elisa crying in hysterics and Goliath's eyes glowing in complete fury. They shivered gazing at the clock, Goliath and Elisa were having a romantic candlelit dinner at the tower.

While Angela and Hudson were stopping some robbers down town they had promised to meet back at the apartment at 10:45 the time was now 9:50." We still have time guys the best thing to do is to search harder without breaks understood!" Brooklyn stated as Lexington and Broadway saluted him and ran to find their charge before the deadline was up." Its 10:30 already and we still haven't found her! We're doomed!" Lexington slid from the couch to the carpeted floor wailing in hopeless defeat.

Broadway patted his back, he also giving up all hope." Guys look." They gazed at a teary eyed Brooklyn in his arms was Emilie turned to stone. They screamed falling to their knees in front of them." How could this happen it's still dark out!" Broadway shouted." M-maybe it's because Emilie's a hybrid. She turns during the night. Oh we are so dead, forgive us Goliath!"

"Forgive you for what lads?" The trio looked behind them to find Goliath, Elisa, Angela, and Hudson all staring at them curiously. They shrieked in fear as Angela saw her stoned sister." What did you do!" she yelled taking the child in her arms." We d-didn't do anything to Emilie; Ang. Brooklyn found her like that!" She growled viciously before Goliath placed on hand on her shoulder.

"Calm Angela, your sister is fine." He took the child from her arms placing Emilie in Elisa's hands. She smiled." I'm sorry boys we forgot to tell you about Emilie's hidden talent. You see unlike regular gargoyles she can control when she turns to stone. By the looks of it, Emilie had turned herself in the late afternoon so in other words the little one's taking her nap."

The boys breathed a sigh of relief as the stone encasing Emilie slowly broke away. Free from her stone prison the girl let out a small tiger growl before looking around the room to her family." Mama! Da da! Angie!" Elisa held the girl tightly kissing her head gently as Goliath picked her up positioning the child on his shoulders." Guess we're not in trouble huh?" Angela glared at them fangs bared;" I wouldn't say that Lex."

She lunged for the boys pinning them before beginning her wrestling match." Watch closely Emilie because you're going to have to learn this someday." The little girl giggled watching her sister place Broadway into a headlock." Ow Ang that hurts!"

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