Her Life

Chapter 4 Playmates

Elisa Maza walked to her closet door humming a joyful tune while grabbing a small coat and hat." Come Emilie we got to go!" The three year ran into the living room a huge smile on her face." Mama looky!" Elisa gazed at her daughter as she began flapping her wings lifting her a few inches from the ground." That's good honey! Now see if you can fly to me." She outstretched her arms encouraging the young gargoyle to come to her. Emilie slowly moved toward her mother grunting as she struggled to stay in the air until she dropped to the floor; Emilie cried letting a sound mixed between a child's cry and a tiger's growl.

Elisa scooped the child in her arms and cuddled her to her chest." You did really good Emilie I am so proud of you." She lifted her head from her mother's chest tears streaming." B-but I didn't reach you! And I wanted to be a good flyer like Daddy, Angie and Broadway!" Elisa hushed the child and rocked her gently you will be just not now okay." She kissed her head again." Can please put on your coat for mama?" Emilie nodded before slipping her coat on; she eyed the hat before tossing it on the couch.

Elisa frowned," Oh no young lady your putting on that hat." Emilie growled low and hissed at the hat." I know you don't like it because it covers your horns but remember honey." She said leaning down to her daughter's level your special so only important people can see your beautiful face." The girl smiled placing the hat on her head and left the apartment with her mother. They walked cautiously pacing themselves to reach their destination which was a huge building near the edge of the city. Elisa picked Emilie up into her arms as she walked to the front desk;" Hi I'm here to see Zanatos I have an appointment."

The receptionist checked the computer;" Ahh, you must be Miss Maza. Yes, take the elevator to the 12th floor." Elisa smiled and entered the elevator shouting a thank you to the receptionist before it closed." You can take those off now honey." Emilie did as her mother said tossing the hat and coat in Elisa's arms. The elevator stopped and the two got off walking into an expensive looking hallway. They walked down until they reached a huge double door; Elisa knocked on the door.

After a few minutes, a man with dark blonde, glasses, wearing a business suit answered the door." Miss Maza I'm sorry for the wait." She nodded before her and Emilie walked inside Owen took Elisa's coat hanging it on a nearby rack." Owen this is my daughter Emilie." She said gently pointing to the small child. Emilie gazed at the man curiously; his eyes widen a bit at her appearance but altered back to their stoic stare." I see." Was all the man said before leading them to Zanatos office his eyes never leaving Emilie.

"Daddy!" the girl screamed when she saw the large gargoyle standing near Zanatos and Fox. She jumped into his arms as Goliath twirled the girl making her giggle; he then positioned her carefully on his shoulder." Daddy! Mommy made we wear that awful hat again!" Goliath gazed lovingly at Elisa as she approached them;" Oh she did, did she?" He nuzzled his nose with Elisa before Zanatos cleared his throat;" So this is the famous Emilie I've heard so much about."

Emilie gaze met the man's and she shivered her instincts telling her this man was bad news. Goliath noticed this and placed Emilie to his chest reassuring her that the man was not a threat. Emilie calmed and was gently placed in his arms;" She's so cute!" Fox said cooing Emile who smiled. Zanatos tickled her causing the girl to giggle happily." You know dear she would make a good playmate for Alex if it's alright with you Elisa and Goliath."

Goliath nodded in approval then Elisa spoke." She hasn't been around anyone her age this could work." He called Owen to bring Alex into the office before handing the Halfling back to its mother." Alex is only four so he's not that much older than Emilie." Fox stated as Owen brought her son in the office; a small toy car in his hand. Owen gently placed him on the ground the same moment that Elisa set Emilie down; the two children stared at each other curiosity getting the best of them.

Alex was from a rich family because of that he was watched by his nannies and was never around children his age. Emilie was born both a human and gargoyle therefore she couldn't be around other kids or else they would make fun of her or run screaming. After a few minutes, Alex walked to Emilie giving her his toy car then they both took off running to his room; sounds of laughter echoed through the halls.

The parents smiled after witnessing the exchange." Glad that went well." Zanatos said and signaled Owen to watch the kids while they talked with their guests." Now what information did your spy get while observing Emilie?"

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