Her Life

Chapter 5 Playmates part 2

Owen walked calmly down the hall to where he knew the children had fled, a small frown on his face. The man was use to watching over Alex but the little halfling girl was a different story; true similar to him she just as Alex was a child of Oberon but with his hidden abilities the man felt an overwhelming power within the girl it was infuriating and enticing all at the same time. Owen placed his cold hand on his throbbing head he had to stop being so curious if he continued Puck would come out and who knows how long that manic would have control over his body.

He personally didn't hate Puck the fairy was useful sometimes but was very overwhelming and took unnecessary risk. Unlike himself who would think and analyze before jumping into action but despite Owen's issues with Puck the fairy didn't come out often yet when he did chaos followed." Tag your it!" He heard Alex say as he entered the kid's room. The two were busy playing an innocent game of tag it was not really a fair game since Emilie used her wings to move herself a few inches above her companion's head this only frustrated him.

"No fair you can fly!" Emilie giggled before gently landing on her feet. She tagged Alex and ran into the hall with the boy following behind her. Owen pushed his chair away running after the half-breeds who were nowhere in sight. Little did he know the children were watching their babysitter's every moment from above his head. Emilie was using her talons to grip the ceiling while her companion alongside used his powers to defy gravity. The two held back their laughter watching Owen search desperately for them. When he darted into the next hallway the children resumed their place on the ground and quickly went back into Alex's room." What do you want to do now?" Emilie asked as the boy went to his closet unveiling a miniature go-cart that fits two people. They smiled widely and took their seats as Alex drove the small car out of the room.

"Faster, faster!" Emilie yelled happily; Alex pressed his foot hard on the pedal of the cart as they sped faster down the hall passing some maids and lab workers who just happened to be on that floor for business. It didn't take long until Owen found the children and gave chase all the way to Xanatos office. The four confused adults were greeted by two troublesome children and a very exhausted Owen;" I'm sorry sir they got away from me." Xanatos smiled picking up his son;" I can see that frankly I am not surprised."

Goliath walked over to the cart gathering his daughter who yawned then began rubbing her dark eyelashes." If we are done here it is best we leave its Emile naptime." As if on cue, Alex yawned as well snuggling into his father's suit;" I do believe your right we will meet again soon. Owen please escort the Maza family to the exit." Owen straightened his hair then proceeded to escort the family to the door." Thank you Owen we hope to see you soon right sweetie?" Elisa said looking adoringly at the little girl in Goliath's arms.

The little girl nodded before shutting her eyes for a nap after a fun filled day with her new friend.

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