Her Life

Chapter 6 Gargoyle Christmas

"Can I open my presents now Daddy?" Emilie asked Goliath who was busy placing logs into the apartment's fireplace." Not yet Emilie you must be patient he said as the halfling frowned. It was Christmas day and all the gargoyles were gathered together to celebrate the holiday. Elisa, Angela and Hudson were in the kitchen preparing dinner while Broadway, Brooklyn and Lexington were playing chess in the living room. There was not much for the little one to do at all expect open her presents which she could not do until their guests arrived.

She walked over to the couch where her uncles sat and groaned loudly to get their attention. Lexington was the first one to notice and give the little gargoyle his full attention;" What's wrong Em?" Emilie turned to her uncle, a sad pouty look on her face." I want to open my presents uncle Lex but Daddy won't let me! It's not fair I was a good girl this year!" He chuckled picking up the frustrated girl and positioning her onto his lap." It's not that Emilie it's just your guests need the opportunity to open their gifts and they will feel left out if you opened yours without them."

Emilie nodded understanding of where Lex was coming from;" But when are they going to get here?" she asked the gargoyle as he smiled," Don't worry they'll be here." Emilie kissed his cheek and ran to her bedroom. Brooklyn who had heard the conversation was sitting near the balcony screen door and nudged his companion." Good work for bringing her comfort but you meant want to take a look outside." Lexington did as Brooklyn said the sight was a great disappointment everything was covered in seven feet of snow; the gargoyle could barely see the buildings and streets of the city." What do we do I doubt Xanatos can make it through."

Brooklyn laid a hand on Lexington's shoulder." Come on Lex this is Xanatos we're talking about; he's endured every danger thrown at him. Remember when Fox turned into a beast or when Oberon tried to take Alex when he was a baby? It was doubtful that a human like Xanatos would survive all that but he did; this weather is absolutely nothing." Lex nodded in agreement nothing could stop that billionaire." Okay guys dinner's almost done." Elisa announced focusing on her husband."

Goliath have you heard from Xanatos and Fox at all?" she asked getting worried for her friends. The woman gazed at the screen door the snow was falling hard against the door; if the weather continued like this her entire gargoyle family would have to spend the night which was not a problem since they had plenty of guests' rooms." No my love but If we don't hear from them soon I'll go find them." Elisa eyes widened in panic true she was concerned about her comrades' safety but she didn't want her husband risking his life in this weather to find them.

Five minutes had passed and their guests still not arrived; the family began setting dinner on the table as Goliath wrapped a scarf around his neck and neared the balcony screen door." Mommy where's Daddy going?" Emilie questioned as her mother ran to her father; she gripped his arm tightly preventing him from flying away. Elisa held Goliath from behind burying her face between his large wings." No Goliath you won't survive out there, you'll freeze!" He sighed taking his wife in his arms, kissing her fiercely. Angela covered Emilie's eyes while the others blushed or gaped at the couple's affection; when they broke apart Elisa gave Goliath a confused and slightly annoyed expression.

He smirked leaning to whisper in his wife's ear." We are under mistletoe my love." Elisa looked up at the small plant chuckling before giving Goliath's lips a quick kiss." Please be safe, you still have a wife and a clan you need to protect." He smiled then flew out the door into the harsh snow; the woman watched as Goliath seeped deeper into the snow until she could no longer see him tears stained her cheeks." Mommy?" Elisa's eyes locked with her daughter's and immediately she wiped her tears." I'm fine sweetie Daddy will be back soon promise."

She then scooped the child into arms setting her in a seat at the table. Elisa took a plate from the kitchen and piled it with Goliath's favorites before tossing it in the microwave." Alright eat up everyone." The gargoyles feasted with smiles on their faces but really they were concerned for their clan leader who was braving the storm alone. After an hour, tensions rose nearly every clan member was ready to pile into the storm to search for Goliath, the one most agitated was Elisa who threw on her heavy coat and was busy helping her daughter into hers." Lads and Lasses we should think before going through that storm think of Emilie; she's too young and in the cold the little one will catch her death."

She stopped thinking over Hudson's words:" Emilie's only four and part gargoyle we are still unsure of how strong her immune system is. And if it is weaker than its counter parts then she will be vulnerable." Elisa gaze went to her family." Hudson's right we will wait a little longer let's just relax with some hot coco." Emilie fluttered her wings at the mention of her favorite holiday treat and tossed the overbearing coat in the closet." Double marmellows in mine!" The girl yelled snuggling into the pillows surrounding the fireplace. One by one the family joined her sipping their drinks in silent praying their father, husband, brother and clan leader was safe.

A knock at the door interrupted the silence, Brooklyn sighed and answered the door to Xanatos and his family." Alex!" Emilie yelled running to hug the five year old who squeezed and lifted her off her feet causing the gargoyle to giggle. The gargoyles followed Emilie lead hugging and welcoming the family joyously." We're so relieved you made through the storm." Angela said embracing Fox." How did you guys get here?"

Xanatos cleared his throat preparing to tell the clan," Our limo got stuck into storm and our driver couldn't get us out. To make matters worse the air conditioning failed and we were close to freezing to death. Goliath found us just in time; he and Owen pushed the limo here to your apartment." As soon as he finished the story, Owen walked into the apartment carrying a tired Goliath who was leaning on his shoulders. His wings were adorned with small cuts, slits and holes; his arms also had some bruising as well." Goliath! Owen please set him on the couch, Lex get the first aid kit, Angela a blanket, and Brooklyn a large pillow from my bedroom!"

After a few minutes, everyone was settled around the fire sharing stories of old times and telling funny jokes. The children were playing with their gifts under the tree while Goliath rested on the couch with Elisa bandaging his wings. He smiled at how happy everyone was and to think if he hadn't gone to find Xanatos they wouldn't be having such a wonderful Christmas." Goliath?" The gargoyle looked to his wife who placed a soft kiss to his lips." Thank you but I never want you to do anything like that again."

He laughed softly gazing at his clan then his wife." It's my job to save lives Elisa that won't change." She sensed the seriousness in his tone and sighed before burying her head into his shoulder." I know just don't do it too often." Goliath smiled and nodded unaware of his wife's wandering thoughts:" Will Emilie take risk like Goliath when she is older?"

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