Her Life

Chapter 7 Big City Adventure

"Shopping yeah!" Emilie yelled skipping cheerfully down the city sidewalks. Elisa gripped Emilie's hand securely in her own; every so often looking from her daughter to different street corners. The nervous mother had every right to be cautious; Emilie being half gargoyle in a human dominated world complicated things especially since Goliath and the gargoyles traveled to Avalon for a few days leaving her without her clan babysitters. With Emilie being so young, the girl could not be left on her own for too long; similar to her mother the halfing had the ability to attract unwanted attention.

Elisa had asked if her daughter could have a playdate with Alex; that way she could go finish shopping without having to worry. But Fox had informed her that Xanatos had major plans for a new device and had locked down the building so that he and his minions could talk without having to worry about competitors getting inside." Typical." Elisa uttered glancing at her child who was completely covered with a coat, scarf, hat, mittens and boots to hide her gargoyle traits from the world.

She sighed, the girl was growing up fast and soon Emilie would start questioning as to why she had to hide herself." Hopefully that day is not today; I mean how do I explain to a child that gargoyles only existed in stories and that her existence is a miracle." They reached the store with time to spare; Emile's dark eyes widened at the shop it was huge and crammed with delicious foods. The lights were bright almost similar to the sunlight; how she longed to stretch out her wings to touch them." Don't even think about it." Elisa whispered as if reading her daughter's thoughts. She removed a cart from the rack and deposited Emilie inside it while she gathered all the things they needed including some of Goliath's favorite foods.

Eventually Emilie grew bored of her new public experience and wanted something entertaining to do. She scanned the isle they were in seeing no one the girl unbuttoned her coat exposing her orange-brown wings." Emilie Avalon Maza!" Elisa shouted forcefully shoving her daughter back inside the coat. The girl pouted turning to her fuming mother;" But I don't want it on mommy! It's restricting my freedom!" Elisa rubbed her head; the girl was so much like her father. The woman leaned down until she was inches away from Emilie's face." I know sweetie but remember what mommy and daddy have told you?"

The girl frowned and crossed her arms." That I'm special." Emilie uttered with dark narrowed eyes. Elisa smiled kissing the gargoyle's hair;" Yes that's why the coat stays on my little one." Elisa replied moving the cart out of the isle. Emilie huffed she didn't wanna be special if it meant she had to stay imprisoned in this coat." Tell you what there is candy at the front desk." Elisa took out a dollar from her wallet." Go get yourself a treat to pass the time." Emilie smiled before snatching the money and running to the front of the store.

She admired the different types of candy and was about to choose a bag when the gargoyle noticed the doors leading outside were within her reach. Emilie looked from the candy to the doors finally curiosity got the better of her; the girl pushed one of the doors and skipped outside. Immediately the gargoyle was buried inside large crowds of busy people; some shoved and almost trampled her. The encounters caused Emilie to become dizzy and soon she was no longer in front of the store; out of instinct she fled into a nearby alley relieved to get away from the humans.

From where Emilie was naturally the girl knew that her curious risk taking had landed her far from the shop and her mother." This is not good." The gargoyle said," Maybe I can fly back!" She moved to remove her coat but stopped recalling her mother's words." No, I'm special no one can see my heritage that and I can't fully fly." Emilie poked her head out of the alley seeing a sign that said "Lenox Av". The halfing knew "av" meant avenue and that she was a block from the store but needed to know what direction to take left or right."

Her head pounded Emilie didn't know which way to take; her father always told her that when he needed to know where he was the clan leader would fly to observe his surroundings but that wouldn't help her. Emilie gritted her teeth and scrapped her talons against the stone wall surprised when they stuck securely into the building." That's it! I'll climb mommy said that daddy did that when he couldn't use his wings." Carefully the gargoyle positioned her hands and feet on the wall and began climbing. After a few minutes, she was on top of the roof the view giving her the answer to her exact location in the city. Emilie jumped down and took the sidewalk to the left it wasn't long until she was back to the store.

To the girl's surprise, there was a police car parked at the meter and inside near her distressed mother was a police officer who she recognized as one of her mother's co-workers." Please Elisa I know you're in a delicate situation right now but please calm down we will find Emilie best we can I have every officer in my unit searching." Elisa lifted her head from the counter; her eyes bloodshot red tears continued to fall." Sorry Richard but besides Goliath she's all I got that is precious in this world!" she stated wiping her face with her hands.

Upon seeing the scene, the child burst into tears and ran into the store with her arms wide." Mommy!" She jumped into Elisa's arms burying her face into her abdomen; her mother hugged her tightly while applying multiple kisses to her daughter's cheeks." My baby! My baby!" Elisa yelled more tears falling from her eyes." I'm sorry mommy, very sorry!" Emilie said remaining close to her mother. Elisa picked the girl up and placed a kiss to her hair;" It's alright but just in case you are on punishment until your father returns from his trip." Emilie groaned when her mother walked out of the store the police officer waving goodbye as Emilie frowned in response.

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