Her Life

Chapter 8 Homeschooling part 1

Emilie tapped her sharp talon on top of one of the tables in the tower's library. She watched in annoyance as her parents struggled to find a math book for her to work in. It was hard considering some of the books in the tower were very ancient and dusty it was very possible that a math book was not among them. Elisa was positioned on the steps of a wooden ladder searching through shelves. Goliath was below her was reading an interesting romance novel having forgotten about their endeavors to search for an educational book for his daughter.

Emilie stroked a hand through thick black hair, it's not like she was wanted her parents to find the book but the girl didn't want go through this schooling session with her parents. It's not as if she didn't like school, Emilie loved it. She just hated the idea of being homeschooled, even at nine years old she was smart enough to know why. Ever since Emilie was a baby, she was always told that she was special therefore there were certain things the hybrid could not do such as go to public school with human children. As she grew older, Emilie realized it was because the kids would fear and make fun of her. Gargoyles were known as the protectors of the city, many people knew of their presence, but were still afraid of them. It didn't seem fair but the clans including her own had no choice, so the gargoyles kept a low profile." It's not fair."

Emilie muttered she wanted to go to school to make friends, the only one she had was Alex. Not that there was anything wrong their friendship, she enjoyed the boy's company and he treated like the sister he never had. She smiled, until Emilie realized that Alex was also homeschooled. True, the boy was not a gargoyle but he was not completely human either. Alex was a fairie on his mother's side, King Oberon and Queen Titiana the most powerful beings in the mystic realm of Avalon were his grandparents. Because of this Alex had powers that manifested as he grows older.

This was Xanatos's reason for homeschooling his son also because Alex's father was the wealthiest man in New York. Her thoughts went back to Alex, she had overheard her mother talking to her father about it after a phone chat with Fox. Alex was doing his schooling in his father's work building which was below their house and his teacher was Owen Burnett Xanatos's obedient henchman as Emilie called him. The gargoyle still immersed in her thoughts, glanced toward Elisa who was silently muttering insults to herself, as she tossed a book on the floor next to several others that she had checked. She looked to Goliath frowning at lack of participation and continued her search.

"This is going to take forever! It would be easier If Alex and I were homeschooled together….wait a second that's brilliant!" Emilie's mind stated, a large grin plastered on her lips." What are you smiling about?" the gargoyle looked to find her sister leaning against the table." Oh nothing big sis, just thinking." She said attempting to hide her face, but Angela saw what Emilie was trying to do." I hope you're not plotting again, honestly for someone so small you have big ideas. I wonder where you get it from?" she questioned." Beats me, Dad says it's from mom and Broadway says it's from you because you're a know it all then he becomes fearful that you heard his words and changes them to say that your smart." Angela wings extend and her fists clench." Oh really, well I think I need to pay my mate a visit!" she said before placing a kiss on Emilie's forehead." Stay out trouble."

Angela whispered before gliding away, wind wiping at her wings." No promises." Emilie whispered as Elisa sat next to her exhausted." Bad news is I couldn't find the book, good news we can improvise." She said allowing a smile to appear on her face." Sure." Emilie muttered as Elisa turned glaring at her husband." Goliath have you forgotten us already?" His eyes widened for a second before he cowering momentarily under his wife's gaze. She pointed to a seat across from and he quickly occupied it.

Goliath looked over at his daughter and smiled, Emilie allowed a giggle to leave her lips when his eyes met an unhappy Elisa." So my love, any luck finding an educational text?" he asked nervous." No I was hoping my brilliant husband would, but I was wrong." Goliath winced sensing the attitude in her voice, he looked to Emilie for help, but she only giggled and slowly shook her head. Her dark strands moved fluidly around her, the gargoyle's hair was pass her shoulders. But it was still too early to determine whether Emilie would inherit Elisa's or Goliath's hair length.

"Alright let's begin, Emilie what is 2 + 2, 5-4, 27/3, and 12 x 16." Elisa said. Emilie rolled her eyes, she had been learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division since she was six. The gargoyle didn't want the rest of her family to know that her IQ was more advanced than a human or gargoyle, only Goliath and Elisa knew this." 4, 1, 9 and 192. Can I be excused for a second?" Elisa arched her brow in question, then shrugged assuming Emilie needed to use the restroom, she allowed her daughter to leave.

The girl quickly fled the table and walked into the tower's kitchen, grabbing the phone from the hook she dialed Xanatos's number. The phone buzzed for a few minutes until a young woman's voice was heard on the other end." Xanatos Industries how may I help you?" Emilie coughed to clear her throat hoping to somehow imitate her mother's voice. This is Elisa Maza could you direct me to Xanatos's main office?" she said crossing her talons." Oh, yes it is nice to hear from you Ms. Maza, Mr. Xanatos is currently in a meeting but if you would hold I will connect you to his assistant and chief advisor of the industry."

The woman's voice was replaced by jazz music for a few minutes before the phone began ringing again." Hello this is Owen Burnett, and who may I ask is calling?" Emilie smiled widely, she recalled easily tricking and teasing Owen along with Alex, but would the gargoyle be able to trick him again? Emilie coughed twice and spoke." This is Elisa Maza, Mr. Burnett I would like to schedule a meeting with Xanatos, is there a time when he is available?"

Owen was silent for a few seconds then answered." Yes, he is available tomorrow at noon if that is alright with you Ms. Maza." Emilie breathed in relief, in that moment of silence she thought her impersonation had failed." That is perfect see you then." The gargoyle said hanging up the phone and skipping innocently back to the library.

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