Her Life

Chapter 9 Homeschooling part 2

Goliath and Elisa slowly walked into Xanatos Industries, they had received a call from the front desk reminding them about an appointment that they had not scheduled. Confused the pair journeyed to the industry leaving their daughter in Angela's care. Unaware of a flying figure circling the large building." There that window is Xanatos office." Emilie said tightening her grip on Angela's back." I can't let you enter in there Xanatos will see you." The girl frowned," Fine go to the other side of the building there is another window near the elevator." She muttered as Angela gliding slowly toward the window. The gargoyle pushed it open and hopped inside giving a silent wave to her sister who eventually flew away.

Emilie walked quietly down the hall, until she reached a part of the building that looked familiar. She peeked around the corner and smiled when the elevator was in view. Emilie slowly edged toward it, but froze when a small light on top of it landed on this floor. Panicking, the gargoyle hid behind a large cactus plant as the elevator opened revealing her parents." I wonder what Xanatos wants Goliath, I mean you didn't schedule an appointment and neither did I. Ugh! This is the last place I wanted to be on a day like this!" Elisa nearly screamed her arms waving wildly in the air.

Goliath gently rubbed her shoulders and leaned down to whisper in her ear." It's alright, love calm down." He said intertwining their hands and looking her in the eyes." Now what is this really about surely you're not angry over a simple unplanned meeting." Elisa frowned looking away from her husband as she bit her bottom lip. Goliath smirked and pushed her to his chest with his large wing. He connected his forehead with hers, causing a small sigh from her." It's about Emilie, I don't know maybe I'm being overprotective, but I don't like leaving her alone for long periods of time. She's so mischievous, who knows what trouble follows her."

Goliath chuckled," Is that all Elisa? Your just being a protective mother that is all. Have I ever told you that when I was young gargoyle I constantly got into a lot of trouble along with Brooklyn, Broadway and Lexington?" Elisa smiled," Obviously those three are trouble and if mischief was caused I am sorry you were blamed." She said leaning over and kissing his cheek. Goliath blushed," Actually I created the trouble playing pranks, going on midnight flights and setting farm animals loose."

"Well, someone was a troublemaker maybe that is where Emilie gets it from. Then again I was quite the handful myself, I remember tracking mud into the house, pulling my brother's hair and shaving the cat." Goliath eyes widened for a few minutes before placing a kiss to her ear." I guess we were both pretty bad, huh?" She nodded stroking the gargoyle's long hair." Yes but it makes us compatible." The pair laughed and slapped their lips roughly against each other. Emilie looked away from the scene, putting a finger in her mouth to symbolize how gross their affections were. When they separated Emilie turned around and watched them walk to Xanatos's office.

Emilie took this as an advantage and began using her talons to climb the walls. When she reached the ceiling, the gargoyle increased her speed toward the office then glided down to the doorway to hide in its corner. Peeking out, Emilie saw her parents along with Alex's arguing. All of their faces distorted with anger and confusion, each parent thinking their friends tricked them. She gripped her chest tightly," This is all my fault." She muttered." Yes you have caused quite a spectacle." A voice uttered Emilie jumped and saw Owen standing a few meters away. He stood straight, blue eyes concentrated solely on the girl in front of him.

Their eyes locked on one another as Emilie crossed her arms and displayed her small fangs." What are you talking about?" Owen knelt down to her level, to Emilie's surprise he gave her a small smile." Only nine and you act like an adult." Owen muttered before a brief silent surrounded the atmosphere." By the way, I knew it was you who called yesterday and scheduled the meeting."

Emilie's eyes widened as she stared at the man, maybe Owen was smarter than she thought." I just want to be homeschooled with Alex." She whispered." Then tell them that not me." He said pointing to the office. Emile took a breath and stepped from her hiding place." Mom, Dad." The adults paused, staring at the gargoyle girl." I am sorry I am the one who organized this meeting." The adults were shocked, Emilie flinched when she beheld the very disappointed faces of her parents.

"Don't be so hard on the girl." Owen said addressing everyone in the room, he stepped beside Emilie." I knew that when the appointment was placed, it was not Ms. Maza, but her daughter on the phone. I allowed this because I knew what she truly wanted." Goliath walked over to Emilie and kneeled to the little girl's height." My star what is it you desire?" Tears fell from her eyes," I want to be homeschooled with Alex Daddy! It's not fair, we know why we have to be separated from humans, but how come we have to be separated from each other?" she yelled breaking down in front of the adults.

Goliath pulled the girl to his chest, he rubbed her back gently encasing Emilie in his arms." Oh, sweetie." Elisa whispered reaching over and stroking her daughter's hair." If that was what you wanted, we could have arranged it." Elisa looked at Fox and Xanatos who were busy trying to calm down after the heated arguments." I'm not against Emilie coming to homeschool with Alex, its better if they are together. After all it is better to have two mythically descended children instead of one and besides dear didn't you say Alexander looked bored in his classes?" Fox asked.

Xanatos rubbed his neck nervously," I thought it was natural for him to be bored. I didn't know he was lonely." Fox sighed gripping her husband's hand." Dear Alexander is the son of the wealthiest man in New York, he is part fairie and contains powers that are incomprehensible. Alexander also spends most of his time training or in his room and lastly his only companion is your chief advisor! No offence Owen."

"None taken." The man said." But I agree with Ms. Fox, with the child schooling here we can further observe her abilities." He announced, this allowed a smile to widen on Xanatos's face. He was no longer evil, but the man wanted to know and make sure that Emilie would not become a Demona. Secretly, Xanatos even being on the opposite of Goliath observed Angela since she was biologically Demona's. Angela had a fifty percent chance to be like her, but when the time came she ended up following in her father's footsteps. Emilie was in no way related to Demona but she shared similar DNA with Angela and appeared to be stronger and stubborn.

Of course, he blamed her stubbornness on her mother the no-account detective who didn't know when to let sleeping dogs lie. She was extremely stubborn, but when Emilie was born she grew even worst." How does Goliath deal with it." His mind wondered, then again his wife was no angel. In fact, the woman had turned into a werewolf last time they met." Alright I agree Emilie will be home schooled with Alex starting next week. She will only need a backpack and a lunch since Owen will be providing everything else as her teacher." Emilie smiled fluttering her wings happily as she approached Fox." Can I go tell Alex?" she asked innocently. Fox patted the girl's hair gently." I don't see why not." Emilie then ran to the boy's room, after a few minutes cheering could be heard from down the halls.

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