Chapter 4 Second Freddy

Mike snuggled into his pillow a wide smile on his face as he dreamed." Oh deep dish pizza, ohhhhh so tasty! Come to papa extra cheese and yummy peperoni!" Mike unconsciously munched his pillow, his mouth struggling to devour the imaginary pizza. The moment was short lived when an animatronic screech was heard in the house." Ahhhhhhhhh!" Mike instantly fell out of his bed and rushed into the nearest corner. He looked around remembering him and Calvin were sleeping in a guest room in Leona's house. The sound of a screeching animatronic grew louder and he went into a fetal position, closing his eyes." After years of working at Fazbear's you think I would get use to that blasted sound!"

He heard noises from the other side of the room and saw Calvin sitting on his bed holding a baby monitor, the loud screech coming through it clearly. Mike sighed it wasn't an animatronic, no it was the baby. Calvin stood and walked out of the room with Mike hot on his trail as they slid inside the baby's room. Looking in the crib, the two saw that the baby was moving its arms wildly as if it was attacking someone. Her blue eyes were solid black with a low white light inside indicating she was upset. Calvin quickly picked her up and bounced Eden gently against his chest until her cries subsided.

"Here take Eden while I go and wake Leona." Calvin said attempting to hand Mike the baby. He stepped back looking fearfully at the little girl now sucking her small fist, blue eyes staring straight into his hazel ones." Um say here's a good idea take her to Leona that way I can go back to sleep." Mike stated smiling as Calvin slowly frowned and looked at the baby." You're afraid of her aren't you?" Mike shivered a bit which did not go unnoticed by Calvin." It's just Eden looks similar to an animatronic when she was having her fit." He said nervously making Calvin groan in annoyance." Do I have to remind you who her father is, you know him Freddy Fazbear. Ruthless leader of a group of intelligent walking and talking animatronics who make a habit of slaughtering night's guards minus you and Leona."

Mike gritted his teeth," I know already! No need to mention him!" Calvin smiled positioning Eden carefully on his shoulders." Oh, now I see what's wrong. Your still afraid of Freddy Fazbear even if you guys are on good terms, the bear animatronic still freaks you out! And you're worried Eden meant become a second Freddy or worst?" Mike clenched his fists before finally relenting, "She's half animatronic there is a chance that she'll end up being just like him!"

"No Eden will not." Mike paused and turned to the door way. Leona was in a dark pink nightgown with matching slippers, her gown covered by a thin robe." I am raising her not Freddy therefore she will not be completely like him Mike. And it doesn't matter if you're still afraid of Freddy, don't be ashamed I am too." She admitted taking Eden from Calvin and placing the baby in her arms. A purr left the baby and she reached out her small hand to Mike's giggling.

His fear slowly melted away at the sight and took the baby's hand gasping at the familiar touch. "Her skin is metal?!" Leona smiled," Only temporarily." She uttered touching the baby's hand causing the mental to turn back into soft human skin." It's a new ability, she's working on. Now boys if you will excess me I need to feed this fussy little girl. You two can go back to bed, goodnight." Leona said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a pot. She filled it with olive oil, a little water and motor oil. Boiling for a few minutes, Leona poured the strange mixture into a baby bottle giving it to Eden who happily began consuming it.

Leona kissed her forehead," You won't end up like Freddy not if I have anything to say about it." She whispered as bright blue eyes stared curiously into her brown ones. Unaware of a golden figure with its mouth gaped, staring into the window then disappearing quickly into the night.

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