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Drama / Fantasy

Chapter 6 BookClub?

Mike whistled as he slid a key into the lock of the pizzeria, he skipped inside closing the door behind him. It was 1:00 a.m. usually he would get there at 12:00 a.m. but the animatronics weren't a threat to him anymore so there were no worries and he knew they were mature enough to take care of themselves after all they were twenty years old. Mike only knew this because Chica had told him, the only thing the chicken hadn't mentioned was the fact that they were once human. Leona and Mike already knew thanks to a little digging in Fazbear filing cabinet, after finding out the truth the pair knew why the animatronics had been so ruthless and bloodthirsty. They had been forcefully been taken from their families and had no choice, but to live in the creepy pizzeria.

"It must have been horrible, to die without reason." Mike thought as he spotted Foxy and Bonnie sitting at one of the long tables having a conversation as Chica came out with a large deep dish. His eyes widening." Just in time for dinner! Oh, deep dish my love it's been too long!" he whispered eyes closing to inhale the sweet smell." Hey Mike!" He opened his eyes and saw Bonnie giving him a wave. Mike smiled and proceeded to walk in their direction." Hey lad good to see ya!" Foxy said already munching on a slice. Mike opened his mouth to greet Foxy, but was dragged into the arms of a certain chicken." It's so good to see you, how's Leona is she alright? It's been so long since we have seen her!" Chica shouted.

Mike gagged, struggling against the animatronic chicken until Bonnie lifted her away from Mike who breathed a sigh of relief." Thanks Bon." He said." Your welcome." Bonnie replied his voice had a hint of sadness as he stared down at Chica who had her face buried in his chest. Oil sliding down her cheeks as Bonnie gently rubbed her head." Don't put too much blame on her she misses Leona badly. And so do I." the bunny whispered undoing his grip on Chica. She looked at Mike." I am the only female around here, it was nice when Leona was around. I finally had some female bonding something I only had when I was alive. When I was Rebecca Tanners."

"You are not Rebecca anymore lass, your Chica. Just as I is no longer Andrew, Bonnie isn't Charlie anymore, Freddy is couldn't be Michael again and Goldie will never be Isaac no matter how hard he tries." Foxy said rubbing his head, the last thing the pirate wanted was to remember his time as a human or else he would recall the day he was taken from his family. Every thought made him angry and sorrowful, it was bad enough he couldn't perform anymore." Sorry Foxy to make it up to you how about I make some anchor shaped cookies. My treat!" she said her eyes pleading with his own. The fox smiled and nodded as the chicken skipped into the kitchen.

Mike looked over at the deep dish and took a slice, savoring its taste." Yum, I'll take this slice to my office." He said attempting to leave when Chica's voice from inside the kitchen stopped him." I wouldn't do that, Freddy's in your office." His eyes widened in confusion." Doing what?" he asked." Checking the cameras, he is still in a bad mood since Leona left and needs something to distract himself from breaking into a fit of rage. So he's probably looking at us as we speak." Bonnie stated as Mike and Foxy stared at the camera.

"But I need to be in the office it is my job! If I get fired again Mr. Fazbear won't rehire me and I've already been fired three times!" Mike yelled. Foxy patted the man's shoulder with his free hand." No worries, lad when the captain is done he'll erase the camera footage so the manager won't know you weren't in the office. Now come sit, there is nothing you can do anyways." That was when an idea popped into Mike's head." Or is there?" he quickly grabbing Foxy and Bonnie pushing them forward toward the office." Uh, Mike what are you doing? Mike?" Bonnie asked as he looked in the direction him and Foxy were being pushed." Lad this is not going to work, I assure you no matter what Freddy's not coming out of that office." Foxy stated as they approached the right entrance.

They saw Freddy sitting in Mike's rolling chair his head shifted forward as his eyes remained glued to the tablet. Without even a glance in their direction, the bear pressed a button on the tablet shutting the doors. Mike was shocked." I can't believe this!" Bonnie and Foxy stared at each other before the bunny spoke." That he's doing your job?" The security guard shook his head." No that there is a button on the tablet that enables you to close the doors! If I had known that it would have saved me from walking over to the walls and pressing the stupid buttons!" The animatronics face-palmed before walking back to the main room, with Mike following behind asking if he had said something to offend them.

In the Office….

"Good they're back in the main room." Freddy uttered staring at the three with the cameras. He had heard their conversation earlier and a spark of guilt coursed through his wires. His fist clenched and unknowingly he striked the desk with a hard thud, oil sliding down his cheeks. Freddy gathered the oil in his hands, it had been a long while since he allowed himself to shed tears. As a leader, it was his job to remain indifferent only showing emotions when they were truly needed. When his life was taken from him, the only emotion present was anger and the need to take revenge which was what drove him to murder the guards. His comrades had thought they had been led to do it because of the puppet but it was really because of Freddy's anger.

Out of the animatronics, He was the only one who remembered all aspects regarding his human life but similar to Foxy chose to push the memories away because he didn't want to recall his death. The bear flipped from camera to camera on the tablet as the memories came back. Freddy as the leader was the last one killed. He recalled the pain and horror witnessing the guard murder his friends one by one including his little brother who had been huddled on his knees with his eyes closed. Freddy gazed at the bodies as he stood in front of the locked door, from inside he could hear the faint sounds of parents searching for their missing children. He knew they wouldn't get in here in time to save him and as the murderer edged close with the blade, Freddy closed his eyes accepting death.

"Calm down, Calm down. Breath it's all in the past." The animatronic whispered as his thoughts moved to Leona, how he missed and strangely enough longed for her presence. He would never admit this out loud, but the woman had been his comfort and had miraculously soothed the beast inside the metal suit. If only he knew where she was, then the bear could apologize. Yet, if he saw her how would the bear make it up to her? Freddy had taken away something precious and had violated her in the cruelest of ways. The bear could still recall her face frozen in fear and she sobbed violently, he had no control over his actions.

If only he had the power to turn the hands of time to stop himself then their friendship could have been saved and maybe they could have been something more.


Leona's eyes sparkled as she looked at Freddy. They were in his library reading their own books, he was seated in his loveseat glaring intensely at the contents of:" To Kill a Mockingbird." While she was busy reading:" The Wind in the Willows." It was a little cheesy, but something she enjoyed her eyes lingered back and forth from the book to the animatronic bear. She bit her bottom lip and leaned a little from her position in the chair," Freddy?" The bear didn't bother to look at the woman as he sighed, she stood coming behind his chair." You have been staring at me for a while what do you want?" he asked as Leona laid her head near his." I want us to start a book club." She said.

He barely flinched and turned a page in the book." No Leona." The woman pouted." But why not it will be fun!" Freddy slammed his book in his lap, his blue eyes bearing into her brown ones." I will not have them infesting my library!" He shouted the walls shaking a bit. Leona chuckled." Oh you meant-Freddy I wanted the book club for just us." She whispered her fingertips trailing gently across the bear's ears." I know how you want me all to yourself." Leona said rubbing the ears causing Freddy to grit his teeth and close his eyes." T-that's not true, now l-let g-go." He stuttered trying to gain some self-control.

"Nope, I like teasing you." She added a hand going to rub his nose." Enough! If I agree will you stop?" the animatronic asked she nodded and stopped her teasing." Good! Now I can finally read "Gone with the Wind!" The woman yelled happily charging through the bookshelves leaving a flustered and breathless Freddy behind." Vixen." He whispered going back to his book before Leona called for him." Freddy where is the drama and romance section?" He frowned, getting up from his seat and slowly walked toward her voice." Its under the words useless junk."

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