By BLotusflower24

Drama / Fantasy

Chapter 7 Childhood

A few years later….

The little girl stood blankly staring at the large shelf of books in front of her. Radiant blue eyes caught sight of a pop-up book on the top shelf. She looked to the front of the store to her mother who was busy talking and piling tons of books in a row on a gray cart. Her eyes went longingly to the pop-up book and she whined softly tucking her blond hair inside her black top hat. A pair of claws shot from her fingertips digging into the wooden shelf, the girl took a breath and proceeded to climb toward the book. As she reached the book, an outcry was heard from the front desk and footsteps ran in the girl's direction." Eden!" A voice shouted.

Causing the girl to grip the shelf tighter, her hat falling in the process exposing her cream-colored ears. Eden looked to where her hat had fallen, ears flattening when she saw the hat in her mother's hands. Leona's brown eyes were narrowed at her daughter in fear and anger." Eden Peters how many times have I said not to climb on the shelves!" Eden whined." No one's in the store and I was only trying to get my book." She replied ears pinned to her hair. Leona sighed." That's no excuse, now come down sweetie." The child obeyed and carefully climbed half down, so her mother could grab her.

Leona gathered Eden in her arms positioning the hat to cover her ears once more." Eden sweetie I know you meant well, but you have to keep your abnormities hidden because-.." she stopped waiting for her seven-year old to finish the sentence." I'm special and other kids don't have my abilities. And if anyone found out bad things happen." She finished as Leona kissed her cheek." That's right and it's to protect you because I love you so much my little bear cub!" Leona said placing multiple kisses on Eden's head and face. The child giggled, trying hopelessly to push her mother away.

"Mommy! Stop it!" Eden whined as her mother removed her hat to rub her ears." Leona could you stop torturing the poor thing." A woman with soft violet eyes said. Her hair was pinned into a long twisted braid." Fedele since when does showing my daughter affection count as torture?" Leona said placing Eden's hat back on her head and letting her go." It counts in the way you show affection miss single mother." She stated putting books in their proper places." It doesn't bother me anymore I have accepted the title." Leona said helping her with the books." That's great and it only took five years." Fedele said laughing uncontrollably." You're a real card, I loved to meet the man who marries you."

Leona went to say more, but was stopped when she saw a red stamp mark on her forehead and the tool that caused it in Fedele's right hand." Hey!" Leona took the stamper from her and made a mark on her arm." Now we are even steven!" she said before the two women burst into a fit of laughter. Eden had witnessed the exchange and rolled her eyes, since she couldn't get her pop-up book the girl was busy reading a dictionary. The women saw this as they walked over to the front desk, Leona walked to the door switching their closed sign to open." Wow, amazing I have near seen a kid just seat down reading a dictionary without pulling their hair out. It its kind a different, but in a good way. " Fedele stated, Leona lost in thought for a moment." Yeah she's just her father that way." The woman muttered going to the back room with Fedele following." Yeah still haven't told me who Eden's father is." Leona frowned opening a large box." He's a man who was once good friends with me that's all you need to know Fel."

The brunette moved in front of her friend, positioning hands on her hips." Leona when will you stop lying? Eden has retractable claws, furry bear ears and can harden her skin into metal. I'm not stupid, I know her father isn't human and I'm dying to know what he is!" she pestered making Leona groan." Now is not a good time Fel. Look I will tell you someday just not today. Besides I have a lot on my mine, Calvin is coming to take Eden to one of her friends' birthday parties."

Fedele looked confused." Why are you afraid her abilities will be seen?" Leona shook her head violently." Then what's the problem, girl?" The mother sighed." It's at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria." Fedele rolled her eyes, she knew Leona had loved that place and now she absolutely despised it." What is with you and the pizzeria anyway, food make you sick?" she asked seeing Leona now looking at a nearby wall." That place was close to Eden's father and me, you can say its where my heart was broken and my trust was betrayed."

Her friend nodded." I understand, break-ups are tough! I've had four boyfriends every time I though each was the one and turned out not to be true. Now I'm single doubting I'll ever find the one, but you're lucky Leona you did." She added as Leona frowned." No I didn't." Fedele placed a hand on Leona's arm." If you didn't then why is Eden here?" Leona said nothing, just stood quietly until a familiar voice echoed in the store." Uncle Calvin!" The women heard the commotion and went out of the backroom, a smile on their faces as Calvin twirled Eden in the air.

"Ready to go." He said receiving nod from the child. Eden jumped from Calvin's arms to her mother's, giving her a hug and kiss." Bye Mom!" she shouted as Leona put her down." Bye Aunt Fel." Eden said taking Calvin's hand and walking out of the store." I can't wait to get to the pizzeria! Carly said it has food, arcade games, a ball pit and animatronics that perform on stage!" Eden yelled excited." Whoa careful Eden don't get too excited, last time you turned to metal and almost short circuited." He stated as the girl brushed off his words." I was four when that happened, I have a much better hold on my powers thanks to Uncle Goldie."

"Alright little spark, now I am dropping you off okay? Mike is in the office if you need him and remember what your mom said, do not get too close to the animatronics. It will be hard since your half-animatronic and you feel a strong connection to them, but you must resist. If you find that you can't get Mike, go play an arcade game okay?" Eden nodded and happily kicked her feet as the car neared the pizzeria. She quickly kissed Calvin's cheek and ran inside locating her friend Carly." Guys! Eden's here!" she shouted as seven kids and two parents came greeting the girl.

"Good Eden is the last guest." She heard Carly's father say as he handed Eden a party hat, she joined the other children in the arcade. They played there for a few minutes before everyone ran to the stage, Eden stopped remembering Calvin's words and decided to sit back at their table. She grabbed a slice of pizza and chewed it enjoying the favor while watching the curtain open to show three animatronics: a bear, a chicken and a bunny. The bear was the one that caught Eden's eye first, he was over seven-feet like her Uncle Goldie and had a strange resemblance toward him.

Only difference was he was brown with blue eyes and looked almost sinister in her opinion. And truthfully her favorite character was the chicken that was holding a cupcake, she watched as they entertained her friends who were cheering in glee. Eden wanted to join them, but knew she shouldn't. Even from where she sat the girl felt the connection her uncle had talked about. It was strong almost irresistible, suddenly she felt a heavy feeling in her heart and a question came into her mind." Who was her father?"

Eden had asked Leona this question before, when she did her mother would leave the room to cry her eyes out, then wipe them quickly when she reappeared. After witnessing that, the girl never asked her mother that question again. The girl had tried asking Calvin and Goldie, but each time they would pretend she never said anything and went about their business. Eden grew angry that she wasn't getting the answers she wanted and decided to ask her favorite Uncle Mike. It took a lot of begging and pouting, but this was how Eden discovered her father was an animatronic.

Yet Leona was the only one who knew where he was and what he is like. Her mother had said that she had his eyes, ears and most of his traits but Eden needed to know more. And she believed this place had the answer, it was a good thing her Uncle Mike was the security guard wasn't it?

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