One Life for Another

Chapter 11 Madness

An exhausted Ronald hauled himself from the portal, the reaper was barely able to breathe and his strength was waning; he didn't even enough energy to carry the mower on his shoulders and settled for riding it in the halls. The reaper sighed he spent the last six hours searching for the child and Sutcliff; the child was bad enough but the red reaper had been missing for three months now.

Personally Ronald was worried that the same fate that had awaited Andrew was also bestowed upon Grell but tossed the thought aside as he swiftly reached William's office. Ronald straightened his tie and took a breath; he had been sent by Eric to report their findings which as usual was nothing.

The reaper knocked on the door hoping to receive an answer, but got nothing. He waited and yet William still did not answer; giving up on patience the young reaper stormed in not mentally prepared for what he witnessed. The room was dark and unorganized; papers and office supplies decorated the floor. Clothes lines hung across the walls all piled with his boss's garments. Ronald took in the atmosphere shocked he had not expected William to be this scatterbrained.

Remembering why he was there in the first place, the reaper crept into the room his glowing eyes scanning the dark for his superior. He eventually found him behind his desk huddled in a fetal position wearing his stripped pajamas since his uniform was on the clothes line. "G-Grell?" the older reaper uttered only seeing Ronald's shadowy figure.

The younger kneeled down to him," No sir its Ronald Knox his apprentice." He stated shaking his head; William wouldn't admit it but without Grell around the head was in turmoil to the point of madness. If the red reaper stayed away any longer than William would end up crazier than Undertaker and that was saying something." O-oh." William coughed clearing his throat." That's better he stood desperately trying to maneuver himself to his desk." Did you find the child and Grell?" his asked in usual voice.

"Sorry Senpai we searched for six hours and still no sign of red. He's-uh disappeared." William slammed his fist on the desk," No he's not its impossible and you know it!" He seized Ronald by his tie forcing him near the crazed William. "Wait- you have found him you're just not telling me! Where is he you ruffian! Where is Grell!?" Immediately Eric's saw landed in between them cutting Ronald's tie and causing William to huddle against the wall in fear.

"Come on man that was my best tie!" Eric rolled his eyes and returned his attention to the head." We're not hiding Grell William he's gone as Ron stated." He closed his eyes going back to his desk pushing his insanity on hold. "I see now there is only one thing to do. We must disguise ourselves among the humans to find Sutcliff. My suspicions have been conferred where we find Grell then we find the child."

With Gem and the others…..

"And here we are little one heh, heh you look so cute!" Undertaker finished tying a nice gray bonnet on top of Ryder's head. He fussed wanting to get the embarrassing clothing off of him." Now, now you must wear that or Undertaker won't give you a bone shape cookie later." Gem said walking into the parlor. The stopped fussing and reached for Undertaker who put him in a small baby carriage with a long black veil so no one would see the toddler.

"Grell, Ira come on!" Gem shouted positioning a hat matching Ryder's bonnet with a black veil on it. The hat was a dull color but it was better than that pink bonnet Undertaker suggested." You look lovey dearie." He said before sneaking Ryder one of his bone shaped cookies. Gem frowned" Stop it if he eats sweets now it will spoil his dinner!" She took the basin from Undertaker and sat it on the front desk just as Grell and Ira appeared." Ready darlings! I can't wait to go dress shopping! I need a jacket by the way since someone ruined mine!" he said pointed to Ryder who only giggled at his uncle's funny voice.

Ira stood disgusted," You know if someone where to look up crazy it the dictionary I swear your name would be in there right next to Adrian's." Undertaker chuckled while Grell attempted to punch Ira but was stopped by Gem." We don't have time for this everyone in the wagon." Grell huffed before stomping out of the door with Ryder's carriage, Ira followed behind silently." Ugh, they act like children!" Undertaker placed a hand on her own." That's not such a bad thing heh heh. A baby, two bickering and a perfectionist mother. Heh, heh it's like I have my own family!"

Gem glared at Undertaker her hands placed firmly on her hips. "I am not a perfectionist! Now straighten your hat and let's go!" Gem stomped outside to the carriage a smirking Undertaker behind her.

To be continued…

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