One Life for Another

Chapter 12 Phantomhive

"Will move over your on my side of the wagon!" Grell shrieked. Gem rolled her eyes and looked into the wagon where her son, Ira, and Grell were since there obviously was no room in the front where she and Undertaker sat. Gem nearly pulled her hair out at what she saw; Grell was seated on the right side of the wagon while Ira remained on the left a white chalk line divided them." First of all I'm clearly on my side if you would take off those funny looking glasses you would see that ya dirt bag!" Ira stated plainly as she rocked Ryder in her arms.

Grell clenched his fists this girl was absolutely infuriating now he knew how William felt." Why you brat I uta-"before the reaper could finish Ira retaliated." What change your name because Grell sounds like a crow throwing up its lunch." That comment earned a chuckle from Undertaker and a hand-clap from the baby." Alright you two give it a break." Gem said repositioning herself next to Undertaker. Grell shrugged and casually laid down in the wagon; he sent a glare toward the angel." Wrench." He whispered closing his eyes. What Ira said next pushed him over the limit." Unpure one."

It wasn't long until Grell was attempting to choke Ira; he only stopped his advances when Gem tackled him." Grell calm down or else you'll hurt my baby! And Ira for the twentieth time stop patraizoning him! Honestly I wish you would get along!" Gem shouted. She took a deep breath and placed Ryder in her arms;" We are approaching the market so get your cloaks." The angel and reaper nodded reaching for a box that was filled with colored cloaks. Ira took one that was a dark purple and enfolded her wings inside it; Grell took a black one since there was no red cloak. Gem put on her veil covered hat and positioned Ryder in the stroller as Undertaker halted the wagon in a nearby alley.

"All right dearies we can split up but try not to get caught I have a feelin some other reapers may show in other words we will make this trip quick heh, heh." Undertaker said carefully putting the stroller on the ground and covering it with the veil." Whatever as I was saying I need a new jacket so I'll see you darlings later!" Grell then used his reaper speed to push through the crowd. Gem sighed and turned to her best friend." Follow him and make sure he stays out of trouble." Ira frowned, she moved to protest but a glare from Undertaker and the angel shut her mouth." Yes." Ira quickly scampered to where she knew Grell had gone.

"Shall we?" Undertaker said taking Gem's hand and the stroller in the other." So let's see I think we need milk, eggs, fruit, bread, sugar, some vegetables, maybe meat, and finally tea." Gem stated committing everything they needed to memory." Whoa dearie I don't think we need that much food." Undertaker replied his concealed eyes gazing at Gem who was examining and placing fruit inside a basket." We have no choice there are four of us in the house and no offense but secretly Ira eats like a pig." He held his side laughing;" Heh no arguments here but she's always been that way even when we were-".

Immediately paused in his sentence; Gem noticed and was more curious than ever about Undertaker and Ira's previous relationship." When you two what?" He remained silent and continued pushing the stroller to another stand in the market." Undertaker you haven't answered my question." She said taking the stroller from him. The mortician only smiled wrapped his sleeve around a confused and flustered Gem;" I promise it's nothing dearie now we have three fussy children to shop for remember?" Gem chuckled and handed the stroller back to Undertaker. A few minutes passed and the pair had almost everything they needed." Good the tea is the last thing on the list and with time to spare!" Gem declared relieved that they had not run into any reapers during their shopping.

"By the way where in the world did Ira and Grell go?" she asked scanning the crowd." Over there heh, heh." Undertaker pointed to a dress shop in the window was the pair. Grell was hugging his new dark red jacket while Ira was throwing is insults at him but the reaper didn't seem to notice. Gem smiled "We can retrieve them once we get the tea." Undertaker nodded in agreement as they approached a stand close to the shop." Undertaker is that you?" The two looked behind them there stood a young boy about thirteen years old. He carried a gold tipped cane and had an eye patch next to him was a tall handsome man covered in a dark black over coat." Heh, heh well hello young earl fancy meeting you here." Undertaker uttered chuckling in a creepy manner.

Gem's eyes widened a degree no way she would have known this kid came from wealth." Oh, Gem allow me to introduce Ceil Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian Michalis. They come by my parlor every so often." She gazed questioningly at the mortician." I didn't know you worked for the Queen's watchdog Undertaker." Gem said. The butler stepped forward taking her hand gently." He only works part time not fully it is nice to meet you Ms. Gem." Sebastian said eyes glowing. She stared nervously between the earl and the butler her motherly instincts were telling her that there was something dangerous about the strange pair. Out of protection for her son, Gem gripped the stroller handle tightly; the butler smiled noticing her sudden fear.

"Do I frighten you my lady?" Sebastian asked narrowing his eyes on her and the stroller." No, sir it's just very cold outside and I don't do well in a freezing environment. Any way I think it is best to leave we can just go without tea for a while." She said gripping Undertaker's hand, he immediately knew that something was wrong." You came to buy tea well we have some if you want." Ceil said taking out a canister from their basket and gave it to Gem." That's not necessary you need it more than us." She commented trying to give it back but was stopped by Sebastian." It's fine my lord only drinks earl grey and a lovely lady such as yourself shouldn't be without tea." He said making her uneasy again.

"Then thanks." Gem said as Undertaker took her and Ryder back toward the alley where Grell and Ira stood waiting for them.

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