One Life for Another

Chapter 13 Posioned

"Bassy? You saw bassy! Oh I shouldn't have went shopping I missed seeing my darling!" Grell squealed bouncing lightly as the wagon neared Undertaker's parlor. "Excuse me but your darling?" Ira said gazing at Undertaker for the answer. "He's means Sebastian." The reaper stated parking the wagon in front of his shop; the angel's orange eyes widened in amusement." He's a butler now; how the mighty have fallen!" she said dramically positioning a hand on top of her head causing Undertaker to chuckle at the display." The demon disappears a seven centuries and I finally find him serving tea to a thirteen year-old what a maroon!" Ira said laughing with Undertaker.

Both unaware of Gem's condition; her hands were trembling and she could barely speak. The woman was in a mental state of disarray which was not noticeable until Gem felt herself lose balance as the woman moved to jump out of the wagon her eye lids began to close." Gem!" Grell yelled before catching the brunette in his arms. He placed a hand on her forehead relieved when there wasn't a sign of a fever; the reaper turned to Undertaker and Ira who had witnessed Gem's plummet.

"I'll get her inside one of you grab my darling nephew!" Grell yelled running inside he put his sister on the couch and went back outside to assist in bringing the supplies to the kitchen. Eventually when Gem awoke from her involuntary slumber the first thing she saw was Undertaker's uncovered face; the reaper was on his knees in front of her as he slept. The woman smiled feeling that the reaper had comfortingly intertwined their hands while she was in her unconscious state. Gem scanned the room for the rest of her family; Ryder was napping in his coffin while Grell and Ira were abnormally positioned on the other sofa as they slept.

The woman covered her mouth preventing laughter from interrupting what she was seeing. Grell was laid outstretched on the sofa an arm behind his head while the other was dangling to the floor. Ira was on top of him her head settled perfectly in his neck while her arms were wrapped around his abdomen. Gem silently smirked quietly she poked Undertaker who immediately woke his eyes showing compassion and relief as he met the woman's crimson gaze. She stroked his hand to let the reaper know that she was in good condition and pointed to Ira and Grell who were slowly awakening.

The reaper and angel's reactions were priceless with loud screams they separated from each other glaring daggers at their opponent." Glad yous two are getting along quite nicely almost like love birds." Undertaker commented setting next to Gem on the couch. The two frowned at mortician;" We are not!" they said before going their separate ways in the house. Ira escaped to the kitchen to make tea while Grell slipped into his coffin bed wanting so badly to forget from that awkward situation.

" How long was I out?" Gem asked; the reaper tightened his hold on her hand." Two hours, love you fainted from shock. I believe it was the butler who caused it; I should have taken you to the parlor sooner than later." He said his glowing eyes glaring at the floor. She gently kissed his cheek and stroked his long hair; "Hey it's alright this is not your fault besides this is normal for me anyway. Sure the butler made me a little uncomfortable but it probably was stress."

Undertaker looked into the woman's eyes; he knew she was lying but let it go. By instinct, he knew feelings all too well those of humans and supernatural creatures. The mortician hid his under a minuscule disguise but it was necessary emotions were a distraction to a reaper especially one as powerful as him and yet this woman made the reaper feel more than he had in several centuries. And for that Undertaker was grateful;" Undertaker are you alright?" His eyes went to the woman without hesitation; he pinned her onto the couch and slowly crawled on top of the beauty.

Undertaker smirked engulfing her body in his arms; he leaned to whisper in her ear." Gem, I-." Before he could finish his sentence a strange scent filled the air; immediately Grell opened his coffin and Ryder awoke from his nap. All three inhaled the strange scent soon a choking sound was heard coming from the kitchen;" Ira!" Undertaker shouted as he rushed to the kitchen with Grell and Gem following behind him. They found Ira breathing heavily, huddled in the corner of the room. Undertaker pulled the angel into his arms; cradling her head in his chest.

"Ira what happened." She said nothing only pointed to the kettle on the stove. Grell opened it inhaling the scent, his eyes went wide in shock." The tea its, its poisoned!" Gem grabbed the kettle and the teabags throwing them all outside in the alley way then she rushed back inside. Her heart filled with worry Ira was very pale and there were black rings around her eyes and lips." Will she be ok?" Undertaker remained silent his narrowing eyes stayed on Ira." The poison wasn't lethal it was mostly for sensing purposes so in other words she'll only be sick for a few days until it passes from her body."

"What do you mean sensing?" Gem asked as Grell cleared his throat." The poison is used by demons to track humans or other supernatural beings. The tea gives off a scent that can only be detected by the demon who created it but reapers also have the ability to detect the poison's scent. It doesn't kill but weakens the prey." The woman's eyes widened." In other words we are phantomhive's prey." She stated as Grell nodded." Well what do we do now?" Gem said placing Ryder in her arms. Undertaker stood an unconscious Ira in his arms, a spark of jealousy ran down Gem's spine as the reaper's grip on the angel grew firm.

" First we rid my parlor of this horrible stench then prepare plans to trick the earl's demon butler and the little reapers. If we are the rabbits we must be clever to mislead the hunters' trail, we wouldn't want them finding our den now would we." He said allowing a sinister smirk to mark his lips.

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