One Life for Another

Chapter 14 Rabbits vs Hunters part 1

Undertaker gently slipped on his long black cloak quietly he opened the shop door. A cool gust of wind whipped through his silver strands; it was dawn and the grim reaper could sense a portal ascending on the other side of town." Heh, heh and the hunters approach. "Come on Grell." Undertaker looked around seeing that Grell was fast asleep on top of the front desk. The reaper frowned he knew that the younger slept without breathing and this would make him harder to wake. Undertaker learned the hard way when Grell accidentally ended up in one of his coffins. He stared at the younger reaper's frozen form then without having to lift a finger, the mortician with a wide chuckle pulled a small piece of rope hidden carefully above the door. Immediately the desk shifted to the right knocking the reaper to the floor; he bolt upward glaring murderously at Undertaker.

"Good you're awake finally!" The older reaper said taking Grell but his collar and placing him on his feet. The red reaper continued to glare at him before allowing a yawn to escape his mouth." Did you have to wake me so rudely! I spent all night tending to that sick beast upstairs!" Grell whined as Undertaker wiggled a finger in front of the reaper's nose signature smile gone replaced with a wild evil grin. "Enough, solve your petty squabbles with Ira later! We have some guests to entertain soon. Now go fetch the tea Gem tossed in the garbage yesterday we will need it." He said moving his bangs completely out of his face. The red reaper gagged." No way! I am a lady and ladies do not toil in garbage besides I just did my hair!"

Annoyed Undertaker flung Grell into the trash can; his legs moving wildly as he stood inside the debris. He crossed his arms and huffed in the mortician's direction;" I still won't do it no matter how many times you torture me!" Undertaker sighed if he didn't hurry they wouldn't be able to put his plan into motion. He didn't show it but the former reaper was worried for Gem and Ryder's safety; Ira was sick so that left him and Grell to protect everyone. And red was a powerful reaper when he wasn't acting like a beauty queen." Grell don't you sense the portal?" he asked as the reaper paused slowly panic rose within him.

"You see we need to hurry little reaper now dig down there and find the tea!" Undertaker shouted losing patience, the madness inside him slowly beginning to rear its ugly head. The former reaper mentally thanked his lucky stars that he in time learned to control it." I've found it!" Grell squealed in his feminine voice; he handed the tea to Undertaker who placed the entire batch in two small black caldron pots. He then added some power and other unknown substances then lit both on fire so they resembled torches. Grell sniffed one of the flamed caldrons wincing when he realized it smelled like the awful tea Sebastian gave them.

"Revolting! Why did you light them on fire? It didn't eliminate the stench of that blasted tea!" The red head stated covering his nose with his jacket." Heat makes any smell spread faster. You and I will each take one and run around the town with it that way when dispatch tries to locate where the scent it coming from. Heh, heh they will be chasing their own tails!" Undertaker laughed sinisterly as Grell smiled a Cheshire grin smirking alongside the mortician.

"Where do we begin?" Grell said clapping his hands happily." Grab a caldron and follow me." Undertaker whispered as they disappeared into the dimly lit streets.


"Come on everyone, hurry up and get in formation!" Eric yelled as all eighteen reapers stumbled wearyingly out of the portal; they formed a line standing straight with their death scythes to their sides. Eric and Alan went down the line making sure all were accounted for; Alan held a clipboard checking off the names while Eric corrected any flaws on the uniforms." Everyone is here minus Knox." Alan commented." There's a reason for that don't mark him yet the guy has the hardest task to deal with for this mission." Eric said allowing his rustic saw to hit the ground." And what is that?" Alan asked the clipboard positioned flat on his chest.

"Babysitting our recently, mentally insane boss." Eric said closing his eyes and bowing his head in gesture as if to indicate that William had somehow died." Wait, what are you talking about? William's fine you're making a mountain out of a mole hill!" Alan replied frowning in retaliation. William was their strict, collected and fearless leader; there was no way he could end up being crazier than Grell who on causal Friday wore a skirt with high heels until he was told to take those off." Alan you haven't seen the boss in a while not since our hours were doubled due to red's absence. By the way, do not under any circumstances mention that ticking time bomb; Ron says he'll go crazy if he hears the G-word." Eric whispered as two familiar figures came out of the portal.

Alan and the other reapers stared in shock, there was Ronald Knox pushing a foaming mouth William .T Spears who was leather- strapped to a gurney and still wearing his pajamas instead of the required uniform." Sorry we were late, I had to take the boss to the infirmary first." Ronald said stepping from behind the gurney and rubbing his head nervously like a student who is tardy for class." Well that explains this." Eric stated pointing to the gurney and to his surprise a tranquilizer gun strapped to the youth's back." Oh that's for when he goes nuts." Ronald said before the other reapers burst into a fit of laughter. Eric sent a cold glare there way; his demeanor sending the group into silence." Do not laugh! If you do then you'll be next in a gurney!" he shouted as shivers ran down everyone's spine. Eric then walked closer to the gurney signaling William to give orders.

He wiped the foam from his lips and gazed wide-eyed at the environment before shouting:" Move out!"

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