One Life for Another

Chapter 15 Rabbits vs Hunters part 2

The reapers walked silently into the dimly lit city, grouped closely together in twos. Eric and Alan were positioned in front of the first group, while Ronald who was carefully pushing William in the gurney was in front of the second." Keep your eyes peeled for anything suspicious!" William shouted as his head bobbed back and forth. The reapers obeyed looking in different directions, many were fortune for their glowing eyes that were able to see clearly into the dark alleys of the sleeping city.

All of them unaware they were being watched from a far. "Oh my, it looks as if almost half dispatch is out here and all this for one baby?" Grell whispered his gaze focused on Undertaker's face trying to figure out what the retired reaper was thinking at this moment." It seems with their large numbers it will only make the plan more difficult." He added only to hear Undertaker chuckle." Numbers do not win wars little reaper. The more of them, the more fun this will be!" he said suddenly changing his expression into something serious and dangerous, it made Grell shiver.

"Do you remember what to do?" The retired reaper asked cracking his knuckles and narrowing his eyes at the other reapers. Grell nodded displaying his overly sharp canines." Then I will see you after this is over." With that Undertaker disappeared and Grell did the same." Guys do you hear that?" Ronald asked as Eric kept a close watch over the group, not noticing Alan's nervous behavior. He was taking deep breaths, while rubbing his fingers against the palm. Alan was worried, not about the group but about a certain red reaper. He didn't want him to be found or else he would probably be demoted or punished severely.

"You alright?" Eric asked looking very concerned for his friend." N-no I'm fine, right as rain!" he replied giving Eric a fake smile and thumbs up. For now, the reaper believed him and walked over to William who was fighting insanity." Sir this is pointless if we are standing here group together. I suggest spreading out to cover more ground, we'll have better luck finding them this way." William shook foaming a little at the mouth, Ronald reached over quickly wiping it." Yes do it, whatever you can. Grell and that baby must be found!" he yelled alerting the rest of the reapers behind him.

They split the groups, the first went on the northern side of the city. While the second went to the southern part of city, their noses trailed into the air attempting to locate supernatural creatures. Sir, I've picked up something!" one of the charges from the first group shouted as Eric and Alan walked toward him." I sensed two beings their location is a huge mansion. Heavily guarded by the servants, one being a demon." Eric faceplamed, narrowing his eyes at the recruit." Moron! That's the Phantomhives! We are looking for a half reaper infant!"

The reaper apologized and went back to work. The second group similar to the first was not having much luck either. A reaper in their group sensed a supernatural presence as well, only it was the Trancy manor's household servants who were also demons. Everyone was tired and was close to quitting until…" Sir, I am sensing two reapers, a half-reaper, a human and a half-angel!" the recruit named Herald said causing William's eyes to widen." So all four protecting the baby. Regroup everyone!" he shouted as William turned back to Herald. "Lead us."

He nodded and everyone followed, before a new scent filled the air and a flash of red wisped pass them. William began moving wildly in his gurney as Ronald tried to hold it steady." Its Grell get him now, now, now!" Without hesitation every reaper minus Eric, Alan, Ronald and William ran pressingly toward the speeding red figure." Guys, guys! Great there gone! We have to find them, Ron take William to the center of the city we'll meet you there!" Eric shouted as him and Alan ran full speed to find their charges.

"Quick he went this way!" One of the recruits shouted as all of them chased Grell. The recruits reached a fork in the road, they knew the reaper had gone left and were prepared to follow him. But, a dark cloaked figure sprinted in front of them, the same scent from Grell was also on him." What do we do now, our leaders aren't here." The group stood thinking when one reaper named Evan stood in front." If Eric were here, naturally separate each group to chase traitors. So group two follow the cloaked figure right and first group follow me left!" he said and the groups did just that not knowing they were falling right into Undertaker's trap.

"Ok William we'll stay here for now." Ronald stated exhausted, it was a lot of work caring for William." No, no Grell's out there I must find!" Ronald sighed. "With all due respect sir, the recruits will catch red so you stay put." He said patting the tranquilizer gun on his back. He had special permission to use that thing and Knox would if Spears got too unstable. Meanwhile, Eric and Alan reached the fork in the road. The pair looked right and left seeing footprints from their recruits." The groups split without your permission." Alan muttered, Eric clenched his fists very frustrated with this turn of events." Follow the left, I'll take the right." Alan did as instructed and followed the prints." Grell wherever you are don't get caught!"

Both groups proceeded to chase their assigned target, smiling when they realized the targets were heading to the center of the city." We'll trap em here, perfect." Evan said as each group picked up their pace closing in on Grell and Undertaker. But as the groups met, Undertaker and Grell ran faster, causing dust to form, the dust transforming into a thick fog with help from the cauldrons. This confused the reapers as all of the members ran in different directions, none able to see a thing in front of them.

Ronald and William were stuck in the middle of the chaos, Ronald tried to see through the fog, but it burned his eyes. To make matters worse, William was screaming for Grell, while moving the gurney back and forth." Grell, Grell I can smell him. I can smell him!" The reaper yelled as he moved even more allowing the gurney to lean forward and his feet were touching the ground." Grrreeeelllll!" With the gurney on his back, William slowly walked into the chaos." William!" Ronald screamed as he ran into the fog with the tranquilizer gun to find him.

Eric and Alan met in front of the fog, they could barely tell what was going on since everyone was yelling and running in circles. The reapers looked at each other and dove into the chaos hoping to at least find Ronald." William, William!" Ronald was running blindly into the fog, he stopped looking everywhere. Until, he saw a faint shadow in the distance." William, ah finally! That's it you've caused me enough trouble today!" Ronald aimed the gun and shot his target who immediately fell. He went right where the reaper lay only to discover, that it was not William on the ground." Eric? Oh, I am so dead when he wakes up." Ronald uttered nervously attempting to put the gun away, but another figure came into view and on instinct he shot at it. Again it wasn't William." Alan not again!" Suddenly someone shoved him, while his finger was on the trigger, soon one by one recruits piled onto the ground unconscious. All of them accidentally hit by William's tranquilizers. One of the tranquilizers, bounced off a trashcan and hit Knox, who fell to the ground in seconds.

After that the fog cleared, everyone was on the ground unresponsive all except William who was yelling his head off and looking frantic. In the distance, Undertaker and Grell stood having watched the entire ordeal." Oh, what fun that was heh, heh!"

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