One Life for Another

Chapter 16 Remaining in the Dark

It was now 8 in the morning, Gem had just taken a sick Ira her breakfast while she sat watching Ryder eating his oatmeal with his fingers. He giggled, licking every delicious bite off his hands. Ryder looked to his mother and smiled, continuing to feed himself. Gem sighed, looking from her baby to her plate still piled with food, the woman had yet to touch. Gem pushed the plate aside and gently stroked her throbbing head. Ira had been sick for three days and her fever seemed to get worst. When she asked Grell about it, he said it was normal and that the angel would be back to her annoying self in a few weeks.

But that was not the reason for Gem's worry. It was about Undertaker, she was confused about their relationship and wanted to know if they could have a future together. At the same time, she grew jealous and scornful of Ira since the day she saw Undertaker holding the angel like she was his. Tears slid down the woman's face, Gem loved Ira and in no way wanted to hate her. But she needed to know what Undertaker's past relationship with Ira was. Her mind would state that the pair were only friends, but the woman's heart said otherwise.

The question continued to haunt Gem even in her dreams because of this she planned to ask Undertaker this morning, but unfortunately him and Grell had gone leaving her to care for the sick angel and the baby. Gem was upset, even more so since Grell was assigned to care for Ira during this time. After a moment, she let go of her anger towards her brother in law and prepared breakfast. Right now, Undertaker and Grell's food sat on the counter waiting for the two to return." Ma!" Ryder yelled clapping his hands to get Gem's attention." Oh Ryder sweetie look at you!" she yelled taking the baby and putting him in the sink.

Ryder was covered in head to toe in oatmeal, there was even some glops on top of his thick brown hair. Gem quickly took off his pajamas and turned on the water, as Ryder began splashing in it. She rubbed soap in her hands and rubbed it over the baby's hair and body." There baby mommy's gonna get you all nice and clean!" Gem said pouring soap inside of the water to make bubbles, this made Ryder happier as he gathered them in his small palms. Gem remained preoccupied with Ryder until the shop door opened, immediately she wrapped Ryder in a towel and held him to her chest while she dried him off.

Grell burst into the room and engulfed them in a hug." Oh you will never believe what we did, go ahead guess! Actually I'll just tell you! We got rid of dispatch and they won't bother us for a long time thanks to Undertaker's plan!" He said gently taking Ryder and lifting the baby into the air as Undertaker walked in. His bangs were moved so his eyes were displayed to the world, for a brief moment they met Gem's before retreating to his workshop. This left Gem hurt and confused Undertaker had never just gone without saying a word to her. She held back unrushed tears and turned to Grell taking Ryder from his hands. "Breakfast is on the counter after your done eating tend to Ira."

Grell groaned and went into the kitchen while Gem set Ryder on the floor with his toys. She walked slowly upstairs to the guest room, where Ira laid still on the bed. The bed sheets were scattered on the floor and she was sweating. A hand covering her mouth as she coughed, black circles around her eyes and lips were present but fading fast. Gem approached the bed and checked Ira's temperature it was almost gone." Good." The woman whispered gaining her friend's attention." Hey Gem." The angel said weakly relieved that her sore throat had gone away allowing her speak clearly to Gem." I feel horrible." Gem smiled." Grell says you'll be better in a few weeks." Ira frowned." What does he know, well the one good thing about being sick is not seeing him." She uttered before coughing again. Gem started gathering the sheets from the floor and folding them neatly. Gem hummed a tune as she did this." By the way, he is taking care of you for as long as you're sick."

Ira's right eye began to twitch, Gem knew from experience she was far from happy." I do not want that red-haired, Sebastian-obsessed and poor excuse for a reaper as my nurse! Why can't you care for me instead?" She whined adding a pouting face." I have an article to write, clothes to wash, lunch and dinner to make and a fussy baby to keep out of trouble." Gem said." So how are things with Undertaker?" Ira asked sitting up on her pillow. Gem stopped folding and sat beside the angel, her head turned in the opposite direction. Unknown to her that Ira could see Gem's lip quivering and small tears falling.

"I don't know if there is anything between us, I'm struggling Ira I've been feeling jealous and uncertain about what my future holds and if it includes Undertaker. But when I see him with you…. I don't know." Gem then turned to Ira taking her hands and looking into her eyes." Ira tell me the truth in all honesty as my best friend and comrade. In your past, what was your exact relationship with Undertaker?" Ira smiled and giggled." If that's all you wanted to know well during the war period Undertaker and I…." Before she could finish, Undertaker walked in and stood near the bed. Gem didn't dare make eye contact." I need to talk with you, Ira alone." The reaper uttered not willing to acknowledge Gem presence in the room.

He was serious, his yellow-green focused solely on the angel. Gem released Ira's hands and left without a word or glance behind her. Undertaker took a breath and sighed in relief when the woman fled. Ira giggle crossing her arms." She's makes you that anxious?" Normally Undertaker would have laughed if he was in character, but right now he was not." That is why I came Ira. I care about Gem very deeply in fact I think I fallen for her and no matter what don't want to hurt her. I am aware of Gem's jealous and conflicting emotions, I don't want her to be anymore conflicted than she already is." Ira placed a hand on Undertaker's shoulder." Adrian that is why it is necessary to tell her. Then she won't be in this state." He shook his head violently." No, then she'll never want to be mine!" Ira frowned." Well is it better she remain in the dark and suffer. And let someone else tell her the truth, you said that Sebastian lives and works in the Phantomhive manor. You want him to tell her because I know he would, Sebastian being what he is loves to create chaos!"

The two sat on the bed fuming in anger." I understand Undertaker you've been alone for a long time and have finally met someone you want to be with and I am happy for you. I myself have yet to find that someone and you did. But let me say this if you want to be with Gem you can't hide things from her. Our secret for instant, is one. But for your sake I won't tell." Ira said hugging him close. Undertaker returned the embrace, but released her when he heard footsteps coming down the hall." Sorry to burst in but I have to care for this thing." Grell stated making Ira growl and cling to Undertaker's sleeve." Adrian don't you dare leave me with that!"

He chuckled," Sorry dearie." Undertaker said walking out the bedroom." Have fun try not to kill each other or break anything!" he uttered cheerfully before disappearing downstairs. Grell slammed the door and stomped over to the angel, his heeled boots stomping against the wood floor." Let's get this straight missy, I don't like you and you don't like me, but I am forced to care for you because a certain someone was foolish enough to drink poison." Ira clenched her fists." It's not like I did it on purpose ya creep!" Ira yelled leading to a fit of coughing. Grell rolled his eyes and pulled her close rubbing the woman's back." What are you doing?!" Ira yelled attempting to escape his hold, but failing.

"I'm soothing your coughing, I use to do this to Andrew when he was sick." Grell said his hands gilding gently across her back making Ira lean more into his touch as she started to yawn. He noticed and laid her on the bed, her wings spread from her back and the reaper carefully folded them back in place, fingers stroking the bottom feathers. Grell's eyes widened at his actions and he quickly removed his hand from her wings watching as the angel's eyes fluttering open and closed for the first time noticing her pretty long dark lashes." Grell." She muttered as he went to stand." What?"

"Thank you even if you are hopeless, worst and poor excuse for a grim reaper." Grell opened his mouth to protest until Ira leaned forward and kissed his cheek. Her soft lips grazing against his skin leaving him stunned and flustered. She then laid back down and went to sleep, Grell on the other hand walked out of the room thinking." Maybe I should start visiting Bassy more."

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