One Life for Another

Chapter 18 Phantomhive's Strike

Four days later, Ira exhausted from working at the London Gazette stumbled into the parlor locking the door behind her. It was quiet, but that was considered normal and she blamed herself for it. She tipped-toed to the back area where the bodies were held, Undertaker stood steadily working on the bodies. She noticed his gaze wasn't focused on the lifeless corpses as he accidentally cut his hand and proceeded to slam it against the coffin as it slowly started healing. The reaper usually enjoyed doing the bodies now she saw he was only working to forget the pain in his heart.

From where Ira stood she could sense sadness coming from his hunched frame, the angel decided to leave before the reaper could smell her presence. He wasn't violent in this state, but she knew Undertaker wouldn't bother talking to her either. Her wings stretched and Ira glided upstairs, but stopped in front of Gem's bedroom door to see how she was doing. The angel saw her best friend asleep with Ryder in her arms, tear stains decorated her cheeks. Guilt filled her and she retreated to her room shutting the door, leaning her head against it." What have I done?" Ira muttered her orange eyes sprinkling with tears." Yes, what have you done?" A voice said interrupting the angel's solitude. She looked from the door to her bed where a certain red reaper laid comfortably on his side, Grell's hair curved attractively over his stomach.

Ira noticed that the reaper wasn't wearing his jacket as he sat up his legs crossed over the satin covers." Grell!" she yelled flying into his arms, he skillfully caught the angel who buried her face into his chest. Grell held Ira tightly as she allowed her tears to run, one hand rubbed her back while the other wiped her tears." Thanks to me things will never go back to the way they were!" He frowned, gently grasping Ira's chin with his painted nails." Don't say that, darling." Grell muttered in a serious tone." It won't love, Undertaker made me promise not to tell Gem about our past relationship. And after his reaction to ours I…just..I don't know..lost it. Maybe we shouldn't be together." She stated before Grell slammed his lips against hers.

He pulled away and put their foreheads together." We are meant to be Ira darling! Don't let this bump in the rode get in between us, I need you and I love you my angel! I wish I had realized it sooner." Ira looked into Grell's eyes, her eyebrow arched as she buried both hands in Grell's hair. It was a new obsession she had grown accustomed to doing, the angel sighed as she inhaled the musky scent. True, Grell acted feminine sometimes but his hair care products weren't which confirmed the reaper knew he was a male." What do you mean?" the angel finally asked." Ira when we first met, yes I despised you so much but at the same time I felt an attraction which transcended into love. As children, we are taught that when finding our mates we grow attached to them then other feelings follow suit. It also applies when we dislike our mates."

Ira smiled, her hand playfully tugged on his strands." I thought you didn't like me that way, unpure one?" He pulled her closer, lips brushing the shell of her ear." I kissed you first remember brat." The pair nuzzled noses before sitting down on the bed, their hands intertwined." Grell I need to do something to fix this, a logical thing to do would be to confront Gem and Adrian. But Gem refuses to see him, she is convinced Adrian is still in love with me and it's not true. I have never seen him so happy, he rarely is because the reaper pushes any source of happiness away, since Adrian thinks he's a monster." Grell gazed at his love questioningly." If Undy thinks he's a monster and pushes anything that causes him joy away then why were you two together?" he asked sounding a little jealous.

"We were in the middle of a war, Grell it was horrible and I lost so many comrades. That is why I confided and fell for Adrian we used each other as comfort during the war despite being on opposite sides. We would constantly sneak away from our bases to see one another, Sebastian was there and helped us in any way he could. But it was only out of pity." Ira explained, a shocked look on Grell's face that Sebastian was not just an acquaintance to his friends but was practically the one who guarded their relationship. But now he was an immediate threat to their family." Do you still love him?" the red reaper muttered as his angel placed a hand on his cheek." Only as a sister would love a brother." Ira whispered giving a quick peck to his lips.

After she pulled away, Grell's tongue ran over his lips savoring the taste." So Grell what do we do about Adrian and Gem?" the angel asked as Grell cleared his throat." Its simple darling, send them both a note stating you want to talk with them. I suggest meeting in the gazebo at the park, it's secluded and there are no events scheduled today. You meet them there and explain everything while I stay here with Ryder. It's an absolutely brilliant plan!" The reaper squealed, smiling from ear to ear as he jumped happily on the bed.

Ira chuckled her wings fluttering." It is brilliant, good plan honey." She gave him a kiss before gliding down stairs to find some paper and the quill.


William put on his shoes and reached inside his closet to get his blazer. He took a clipboard from his desk along with his death scythe." I'm going to find Grell if it's the last thing I do." William whispered unlocking his door and walking into the halls of Dispatch. To his relief, there was barely anyone around and he couldn't waste this opportunity not when the reaper still had some sanity left in his body. He walked causally to the corridor and prepared to summon a portal before anyone knew what he was doing.

William was taking a big risk and he knew it would probably cost him his job and status. But did Spears care? Yes and no." Hey William is that you?" a voice asked. Without wasting a second, William pinned the witness down, his scythe positioned at the witness's throat." Whoa, calm down William it's me Ronald!" The reaper repositioned the scythe allowing Knoxs to get up as he eyed his boss curiously." Aren't you supposed to be resting?" the young reaper asked attempting to erase the soreness from his neck. Spears only stared silently at Knoxs before the portal appeared behind him, Ronald's eyes widened knowing immediately what William was doing.

"Are you crazy! You have no idea where Grell is plus you could lose everything if you do this!" Ronald stated almost yelling at his superior." I've already lost my sanity, other than that I have nothing else really to lose." William moved in front of the portal and looked back at the young reaper." I suggest you not tell anyone of this or I will make sure you are so knee deep in paperwork that social life of yours will became nonexistent." Ronald frowned, but said nothing as William disappeared into the London portal.

With Ira….

The angel put the finishing touches on the table she had prepared in the park's gazebo. Ira had a nice pot of black tea and different arrays of sugar ready, all she needed were the participants. As planned Ira had sent two letters, one to Undertaker the other to Gem. They were both to arrive in two minutes and she knew that this was probably the only chance the angel would get to fix things between her friends. Her thoughts slowly went to Grell who was back at the shop watching Ryder. As much as Ira would have wanted him to be here by her side, the angel knew the red reaper wasn't needed or involved in the situation. Besides Grell would have easily found the whole confrontation boring and suggest that the pair fight each other to make things more interesting for him, but fighting is what got them into this mess. It was best to just talk things out instead of stooping to physical violence.

"Good evening Ira, I got your message." Gem said a small, but sad smile on her face. Ira watched as her best friend took a seat, the angel wanted to crawl into a hole. Gem's pain was completely written on her face and bodily movements, the angel gazed at the very noticeable dried tear stains on the woman's cheeks, wondering how long Gem had spent crying her pain away." Glad you could make it, how about some tea while, we wait for our last guest." Gem gave Ira a questioning look before taking a cup and sipping it. A sigh of relief, left the human woman's mouth. The pain she felt quickly disappeared in one sip." Thanks I needed that."

She saw an arrangement of cookies and attempted to grab one, but stopped glaring at Ira." What are these?" Gem asked. Ira smiled innocently." Cookies silly!" the angel said in a playfully voice." Bone-shaped?" she asked fearing who was arriving to join them. Ira giggled nervously as Gem's crimson eyes widened. She stood quickly gaining Ira's attention." Now Gem I did this for both of you." Just as the words spilled from Ira, Undertaker appeared his facial expression one of somber and shock as his yellow-green eyes landed on the object of his affections." Gem?" he uttered stepping into the gazebo, this caused Gem to back away from the reaper in fear." I need to-." The woman began to say before an unknown force pushed her back into a chair." No you don't, I brought you two here for a reason and now you both are going to sit down and listen instead of running off like cowards!" Ira yelled as Undertaker took a seat a few inches from Gem.

"First off, I want to apologize to you Adrian. You told me plainly that you didn't want Gem to know about our past together and I'm sorry but I feel you should tell her yourself. I know you don't like mentioning the past, neither do I. But Adrian, if you want a future with Gem you need to be honest with her." Ira stated turning to address her best friend." Gem I'm sorry this is my fault. Your my best friend and I never wanted to hurt or cause you pain. Yes, Adrian and I were a couple but it was in a distance past. My heart belongs to Grell and you know it to be true. What you saw in the kitchen was anger. Adrian and I are like brother and sister, seeing that he didn't accept my love for Grell resulted in what you witnessed. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me."

Gem took Ira's hands." I do you will always be my best friend no matter what. But I fear his affections are stronger with you than they are me." She muttered sadly forgetting the reaper was present." That's not true dearie." Gem's gaze met Undertaker's, he moved his seat closer to her." My affections are true, they weren't in the past." Gem raised an eyebrow while Undertaker met Ira's gaze." Can we have a moment?" The angel nodded grabbing a book from underneath the table and walking over to a bench in the distance.

Once gone, Undertaker took Gem's hands in his own." Gem thousands of years ago there was a war between supernatural creatures. Naturally being a legend among my kind, I took part. The reapers were fighting against the angels, the other creatures such as demons became neutral choosing not to participate unless they received something in return. I met Ira when she was wounded in battle, instead of killing her I tended to her wounds and had Sebastian send her back to the Chamber Sanctuary. We met again off the battlefield and became friends, promising to help each other survive the war despite being on opposite sides."

Gem absorbed the information and urged the reaper to continue." The war grew worse as days transcended into weeks. Both sides lost many valiant creatures and close comrades. In that time, our friendship turned to infatuation to which we perceived as love due to the pressure of the war. Sebastian knew and only helped us if I sneaked him a few souls. I did so in order to see Ira, I would be lying if I said we didn't kiss, cuddle or speak sweet nothings to one another. It was comforting for both of us, but we never truly loved eachother. We realized that once the war had ended and we went our separate ways, but we remained friends nothing more. Gem you are precious to me if there is anything in my life I can't live without its you."

The woman blushed, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks." U-undertaker." The reaper stared at Gem who leapt into his arms and cried in his shoulder." I'm sorry I accused you of not loving me, for being jealous, for acting coldly and keeping you from Ryder!" she said continuing to shed tears." It's alright love." He muttered stroking her back." No it's not your precious to me too. You're the best friend I've ever had." Undertaker smirked." Just a friend dearie?" Gem leaned forward until her lips rubbed the shell of his ear." And more, now let's get Ira and go home." He chuckled as Gem held his hand, they were joined by Ira as they skipped out of the park.

"When we get home Ira can you make some more of that tea it was good." Gem asked leaning her head on Undertaker's shoulder, he placed a kiss on her forehead as the three walked home." Sure actually that was some of Grell's brew so you'll have to ask him." She replied before a look of terror crossed their faces as the shop came into view, the group saw that the door had been kicked opened and the windows were smashed with rocks." No." Gem whispered, all three ran inside calling Grell and Ryder's names in panic and fear. Ira gasped when they reached the kitchen, Grell was lying unresponsive on the ground his face, hands and arms covered in cuts and bruises.

The group went over and positioned him on the wall, while Ira attempted to revive her injured love. Gem and Undertaker ran around the nearly destroyed house searching for the baby, after a few minutes they returned to the kitchen. Grell was conscious, but was moaning in pain as Ira placed a washcloth on his bruises. Gem was in tears as Undertaker held her assuring the woman they would somehow find Ryder." But someone took him, but who? Who would want my baby?" she asked Grell moved his lips uttering noises to get their attention." S-Sebastian." The reaper muttered through the pain. The retired reaper, human woman and angelic hybrid gazed at Grell in shock." Sebastian took him."

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