One Life for Another

Chapter 3 Discovery

"Alright boys set it right there." The medics did as the doctor said they set Andrew's body on the examination table. The body fully covered with a thick white sheet, the doctor moved it slightly to check his face," Oh yeah that is him would you like me to stay Mr. Spears?" William stood emotionless near the table behind him were Eric and Alan who were leaning against the wall; both trying not to peek at the body.

"That will not be necessary Mr. Richards." he said fixing his specks," We can take it from here." The doctor smiled, then walked out of the room, William leaned over the table; he uncovered the sheet revealing Andrew's lifeless face. Eric and Alan slowly walked over a look of pity and sorrow resting on their faces," Poor Andrew; been dead 5 months and we only found him nine days ago." Eric said rubbing his fingers through his hair.

"Grell must be crushed; this was his only sibling after all." Alan whispered still staring at the body of his former comrade. William directed his attention to the two, his specks glowing faintly causing the two reapers to shiver; their boss could be scary when he wanted to be." Speaking of Sutcliff where is he? We need him in here for the investigation and he's the only one who knew Andrew best besides Ronald." Eric cleared his throat, his expression changing to that of a bored one" Red is still not taking the death well, so he's in the hall with along Knox."

William sighed in irritation," Get them in here." Eric disappeared into the hall, reappearing with an exhausted Ronald who was dragging a disheveled Grell." Why why must I go I can't bare to look upon the body! Oh, Will why must you be so cruel to me!" William closed his eyes, keeping his temper in check;" Look Grell we know you're not up to it but we need you." Alan said placing a hand on the red reaper's shoulder. Tears streamed down his face as Ronald handed him a box of tissues," Since everyone's present let's begin." William removed the cloth so it fell down to the body's waist everything else remained covered.

At the sight of his brother, Grell threw himself at the body; crying and wailing openly." Annnndddrewwww!" Eric and Ronald launched themselves at Grell, trying their best to pry the red reaper off the body;" Red give it a rest your acting like an unruly woman who just lost her husband!" Grell ignored him, gripping the body tighter he was determined to stay where he was." Grell please, Andrew's gone and there no changing that; but if your brother was here he would want you to move on and let go of him."

Grell sniffled," I guess your right I just wish he would have warned me! He said punching the body with his fists," Or have left something behind for me to remember him." William pounded his scythe against the rim of the table," If we are done with this late night drama; Sutcliff away from the body or I'll give you overtime." Grell huffed releasing his dead brother," Cruel." The reapers stretched over the body closely taking mental notes on the bruised and bleeding skin.

What caught their attention the most was a huge gaping flesh wound which marked their comrade's stomach. "From what we've seen Andrew Sutcliff was definitely murdered." William concluded the others agreeing in unison. Grell scanned the flesh wound recognizing what caused this, his eyes widened anger boiling." His scythe, the wound was made by Andrew's scythe! Someone killed my brother with his own scythe!"

The reapers remained silent; they had never seen Grell this angry before. They had to be careful if they said anything that sounded negative toward the situation, the red reaper would pull out his chainsaw and everyone would pay. True, Grell had come a long way since the Jack the Ripper murders, but he still had bloodthirsty tendencies that arose in his moments of extreme rage.

William bent down as well to the flesh wound, Sutcliff was indeed correct the wound was deep enough for a scythe. He turned signaling the reapers for their attention," Where is the scythe?" Alan stepped forward a file of papers in his hand, he read one of them aloud," Unfortunely the scythe was missing when they retrieved the body." Grell clenched his fist," So whoever has the scythe is the murderer." Eric sighed, yawning" Not necessarily our scythes resemble human garden tools anyone could have taken it."

William nodded, as Ronald used a reflection tool to see the bruises on the body closely," He didn't die right away; but he was continuously punched and kicked before the final blow. Also whatever he was fighting probably has the same amount of bruises because he fought hard to the death even." The reapers pondered this carefully," He was fighting a supernatural creature who was not a reaper then." Alan replied." Andrew fought hard but knew he would not survive; maybe he was fighting to protect something but what? The only he has is Grell." Eric added.

The red reaper shot him a glare," Its 10 o'clock since we could not figure this out overnight we will resume in the morning; Good night everyone." William walked out of the room, Eric following right behind him. Ronald yawned and made his way to his room; Alan on the other hand grabbed Grell's arm holding him back." Yes Alan?" He pulled Grell into a secluded area in the room, "I have something for you." Alan searched through his stack of papers pulling out a file and giving it to Grell.

"What's this?" he eyed the file curiously;" A new reaper record has just appeared and I wanted you to see it; I was afraid if I showed William he'd keep this from you. As you know reapers are either born or made; the file states that this one was born two days." Alan whispered," I suggest you read it quickly." Grell shrugged reading its contents; mouth agape. Fresh tears surrounded his yellow-green irises," I-I'm an uncle!"

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