One Life for Another

Chapter 5 Clues

Grell Sutcliff bolted from his room, skipping down the hall merrily singing a tune he conjured up overnight," I'm an uncle, I'm an uncle!" As soon as the words left his lips, the red reaper was tackled to the ground by nonother than Alan." Grell I told you not to mention the file, as I said before William has no clue and if he finds out the entire division will be hunting down the newborn."

Grell's eyes widened in realization, he couldn't let Dispatch get their hands on the baby if they did; then the red head meant never see his nephew." Understood Alan." The brown-haired reaper removed himself and proceeded down the hall with Sutcliff on his tail. When Grell and Alan reached the end of the hall they were met with a cold glare from their boss," Sutcliff and Humphries you're both late."

The two apologized as a portal was opened, quickly transporting them to London. They landed in front of a medium-sized town house, on a small block that seemed to be abandoned." What are we doing here boss?" Ronald said wiping dirt from his uniform;" According to the weapons department this was where they sensed Sutcliff's scythe." The group of reapers stared at the building unconvinced;" Your kidding Will, this drafty old building I highly doubt my dear brother ever came here."

William ignored Grell's comment and walked into the building, with the rest following. When they entered everything was covered in yellow tape for investigative purposes; the reapers pushed passed the tape and began searching the house. It was not bad looking just dusty and quite dirty for Grell's liking;" Hey guys over here!" The reapers turned to Eric's voice and were shocked when they found Andrew's circular saw neatly huddled in a broom closet.

William shot Grell a look stating," I told you so." Grell huffed gaining the other reapers attention," Alright so the scythe was here but what was it doing in a human home?" Eric cleared his voice," Maybe it's because Andrew associated with humans; Red." Grell frowned, shaking his violently;" No I was with Andrew almost all the time and he has only associated with a human once other than that I made sure he was always in my sights!" This caught William's attention," He associated with a human when?"

All eyes were on Grell, who gulped nervously;" About six years ago we saved a girl and her friend by killing and gathering the souls of two robbers. When we were done, Andrew stayed to talk with the woman for quite a while then left with me to dispatch." William absorbed the information while some of the reapers continued searching the apartment," So what were they saying?" Grell fumed," How the heck was I supposed to know! After the soul collection I jumped on a roof to powder my nose!"

"Why?" Grell sighed," Well Alan you see the moonlight was making my skin a bit pale so naturally I..." Eric shoved a hand over the red reaper's mouth;" Not that, Alan meant why would Andrew stay to talk to a moral woman. Unless, Red did Andrew come to London all the time?" Grell removed Eric's hand from his face, leaning against a nearby wall," Yes as far as I know." He said looking completely bored playing twenty questions." Guys come see what I found! Seriously look!" They rushed to Ronald who held a black and white photo of Andrew and next to him was a beautiful woman in a wedding dress." That sly dog, went and got himself married!" The reapers huddled closely observing the photo," I thought it was against the rules to marry a human?" William shifted his scythe to his right hand," Actually Eric there is no rule against it; it's quite common for reapers and humans to interlope."

Grell moved closer to the group, gasping" That's her the woman he spoke to six years ago! I can't believe he didn't tell his own brother that he had fallen in love!" William smacked Grell with his scythe," Now that we have the scythe and know a little more about Andrew's private life we must locate the offspring by first finding the mother." Alan and Grell became nervous, Ronald looked to William questioningly," Offspring you mean his kid?"

William straightened his specks," As Sutcliff has stated Andrew met this woman six years ago from the point they were married to now; I can guess he impregnated his human bride creating a dangerous hybrid. When we find them we must take the child for the mother's sake; a human has no idea how to raise a divine child." He held his scythe making a portal, all the reapers went through expect Alan and Grell.

Alan grabbed the red reaper by his shoulders," Change of plans; Grell at all cost you need to find that baby before Dispatch does. Hopefully when you find them protect your sister and nephew with your life." Grell smiled his sharp teeth glistening," I have already been demoted once; it matters not whether I do if it's for my darling nephew! Andrew gave him to me and I am sure not going to let anyone take him from me!"

The red reaper leaped to a nearby rooftop giving Alan a wave as he darted across London." That's what I hoped you say." With that the brown-hair reaper disappeared into the portal.

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