One Life for Another

Chapter 7 Grell meets his match

"Man guys I can't believe you guys lost Sutcliff." Ronald frowned," You mean you lost senpai Eric!" He rolled his eyes, placing his arms behind his head," Big deal it's not like finding him was important anyway." Ronald glared at him," Try telling that to William; we're going to get overtime because of you and you know I don't do overtime!" Eric smirked," Actually it will be red's fault so blame him."

Ronald face-palmed," Earth to Slingby; he's not here so as second in charge you're taking the blame." His eyes widened in realization as Eric stomped his foot into the ground, cursing under his breath. Alan remained silent; he knew where Grell was, but there was no way he was letting Ronald and Eric know that.

The trio reached dispatch hoping not to run into William; evidently he was the first to greet them." Boys, I don't see Sutcliff with you?" Eric stepped forward, a hand rubbing his head nervously;" Sorry boss we searched everywhere in London he's vanished." William fingered his forehead once again that idiot would cause him more paperwork.

"That's impossible no reaper can vanish without a trace." Ronald nodded," That's what I said and besides his scent is too easy to detect since he started wearing perfume." They inwardly shivered recalling of when he first bought the overbearing vile; the scent was mixed of cherries and raspberries creating an unearthly combination.

"Is there a way Grell could be in human disguise; that would be a good reason if his scent is gone?" William fingered his chin, nodding;" True it took me months to find him disguised as a butler for one of the phantomhive's relatives. In that case, send more circuits to search the townspeople quickly without being seen." At his command, they left to gather the others including Alan who prayed Grell was strong enough to protect the child.

Undertaker pushed the cover off the coffin, stretching his muscles. Grell had spent the night with them because of this the mortician was forced to lay out a coffin for his companion; while Gem and Ryder occupied the bedroom. The mortician had a guest room, but Grell preferred the coffin since last time he recalled sleeping in one it was quite cozy at least that was partially the truth.

Grell wanted to keep an eye on Undertaker; wisely the red reaper knew he would never inflict harm on Gem or his beloved nephew but the retired reaper was a deserter, a rouge who left their strict society to live his own life. He admired his bravery for doing so but was still suspicious of him; to insure that Undertaker would stay where he was all night.

Grell placed his coffin on the ground underneath the mortician's whose was propped on a nearby table. Reapers generally do not need sleep, consequently the red reaper talked persistently until Undertaker out of absolute boredom fell asleep." Morning Undy! How did you sleep? Do you have any dreams you want to share?" He just stared at Grell mumbling something under his breath, then proceeded to the kitchen where Gem was making breakfast.

The reaper looked shocked that she was wide-awake and active at 6 am, but pushed the thought aside when her voice brought him out of it." Morning Undertaker she said not glancing in his direction." Morning Dearie, you're up quite early heh, heh." She spoke still concentrating on fixing breakfast," I'm surprised I was able Ryder was crying all night." Without warning, Undertaker spun Gem around trapped her to his firm chest; Gem eyes widened, she could feel his muscles through the cloak." Dearie, you should have told me and I would have been up to help." Gem blushed and pulled from the reaper back to the stove," I didn't want to disturb you besides I heard Grell chatting with you all night."

"That reaper was chatting all night because he was being overprotective of you making sure I wouldn't seek upstairs in the middle of the night." Gem's blush increased it was now at her ears," W-why would he think that you wouldn't do anything at all would you?" He chuckled," No but I don't blame him; he lost a brother losing the remainder of his family would kill him."

She nodded similar to her Grell had overcome an analogizing mourning period; the reaper probably felt that he had nothing left to live for." I feel his pain so much it hurts." Tears flowed from her eyes, Undertaker watched silently as Gem cried he somehow managed to wrap his arms around her and stroke her hair gently;" Dry the tears dearie it doesn't suit you." She looked at him, her eyes red," Thank you for all you have done many people would have turned us in to the authorizes but you didn't for that I'm grateful."

Gem leaned over placing a chaste kiss to his cheek; wiping the smirk off Undertaker's face as he stood emotionless trying to regain his façade." Hey you two guess who's awake!" Gem and Undertaker gazed at the door to Ryder settled comfortably in his uncle's hold. The baby giggled, kicking his feet slightly." Oh, you have those adorable eyes of Andrew's!" Grell cooed rubbing the baby's nose with his own; causing him to giggle even more.

"Well, well Grell I thought you hated children?" Undertaker stated, the red reaper frowned," I never said I hated them! Unlike other children Ryder's less temperamental." He shifted Ryder upright so the baby was leaning on his shoulder, once his eyes caught sight of his mother; he squirmed reaching out to Gem. She smiled, taking the boy in her arms;" Alright baby mommy's got you. Guys, breakfast is ready you can help yourselves." The two reapers gathered breakfast as Gem fed Ryder afterwards she allowed Grell to play with Ryder in the bedroom while she and Undertaker cleaned the kitchen.

"I have to say dearie you are sure are handy in the kitchen with preparing meals that is heh, heh." Gem turned to Undertaker, "after living with a reaper for a husband I picked up a few things especially how your world works compared to ours. If you don't mind me asking but is it really that strict?" Undertaker moved closer to her;" Yes during the time I was there; but they have lessened the rules a bit."

"I'm sorry but can't imagine living in such an enclosed environment." Gem stopped when she realized her outburst could cause a nerve to shatter." I'm sorry it's none of my business." He chuckled," Your right after all you are human you see yourself inferior to us even though in my opinion it's the opposite." Her eyes widened," What you don't see me as a creature below your kind."

"Dearie I don't consider myself a reaper anymore and no. Yes, reapers are more advanced but I wouldn't say they were better than anyone else. He said then whispered," Especially someone as kind as you." His arms were on her waist as Gem was pulled closer to him; body heat combining with other as her hands touched his chest feeling an irregular heartbeat.

The moment was short-lived when a ring of the door alerted them to a customer; Gem smiled nervously pushing him gently away from her as she went to answer it. Undertaker's gaze followed Gem until she disappeared into the shop his heart pounding violently" What is wrong with me, I shouldn't feel such weakness." She opened the door," Ira, You're here! How did you find me?" The woman smirked, orange eyes glowing;" Mr. Crowds informed me that you had the day off because of a guest and I came to check on you." Gem crossed her arms, eyebrow arched;" And you came to see your newborn god-son." Ira nodded quickly, shutting the door; "By the way the police have sent detectives to your house so any belongings you require I can get without being seen."

"Thank you but that won't be necessary I can go get them later." She replied almost lost in thought. They left the parlor to the living room where Undertaker sat a large grin on his face as he saw Ira," Why if it isn't princess Heliostat of the Chamber Sanctuary Palace; nice to see you again heh, heh,heh." He stood as Ira tackled the reaper in a hug which he affectionately returned;" I abandoned my status a long ago you silly reaper! I go by Ira Lampard now; Adrian I have heard from Sebastian that you prefer Undertaker, how fitting."

Ira said gazing around the room which was quite homely compared to the dimly lit parlor." Heliostat?" Both turned to Gem, she appeared nervous and confused not just from the exchange but also what happened with the mortician a few minutes ago." That is her real name dearie, she is an official of the angelic sky kingdoms and she lived for a hundred years now." Gem stared at Ira shocked, she knew about her best friend being a supernatural creature but never had she imagined that the young woman was a hundred years old.

Ira lightly bumped his arm," Your one to talk Adrian; your age is tripled." He laughed gently shoving her as Gem smiled, they must have been best friends as her and Ira are." What kind of creature are you Ira?" she asked curiously; the woman took of her dusty brown coat unveiling a pair a large white wings with gray tips on the ends." My mother was an angel of great hereditary and beauty; my father a handsome and humble human."

Ira stated flapping them as Gem placed a hand on the soft appendages on her friend's back." With this settled, where is the baby?" Undertaker pointed upstairs to his bedroom; Ira flew to the stairs and walked hastening to the top." So you two were friends long ago?"" Heh, heh you can say that dearie." She noticed the tone in his voice and arched an eyebrow; slowly walking over to him when a scream made her freeze.

Grell ran full speed down the steps, until he reached the pair. Immediately, he jumped in Undertaker's arms trembling." There's a horrifying creature upstairs and she's come to take the baby! Quick Undy use your scythe!" He chuckled as Gem spoke," Grell that is my friend Ira; she's Ryder's honorary god-mother and like you is here to protect him."

The red reaper frowned jumping out of the mortician's arms," That angel?" "That's half angel you overdramatic diva." He looked toward the stairs to Ira, a hand on her hip as the other held Ryder gently. Grell crossed his arms," No way am I sharing my darling nephew with an angel!" Gem sighed, while moved closer to the group;" To bad curly sue whether you like or not we both have ties to this child and if you think you can keep him from me your dead wrong." She stated her tone sending shivers down his spine, instinctively he knew she was not a forced to be reckoned with.

Undertaker smirked," You haven't changed a bit dearie." She smiled at him warmly;" By the way I thought I recognized you, your Andrew's brother. Ira said looking him over;" So would you like me to call you Ms., Mr., or it." The red reaper fumed his death scythe appearing his hand; Ira saw this and a large glowing sword was summoned to her. Gem knew what was coming next and quickly stood between the two stubborn creatures," Stop it! You both will get along or else none of you will be allowed to see Ryder."

Their eyes widened at her words, the baby was the only thing was a worth living for, with a sigh both put their weapons." Thank you; Grell how about to assist Undertaker with his guests while Ira and I have some to ourselves. I will call you when lunch is ready." Grell nodded looking back at Ryder who cuddled into Ira's chest, he glared at the angel who stuck her tongue out at him and nuzzled the baby's head as she followed Gem to the kitchen.

"That woman will pay!" his mind yelled before he disappeared into the backroom of Undertaker's parlor.

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