One Life for Another

Chapter 8 Unexpected

Four months had passed since, Gem and Ryder had come to live with Undertaker; it was now a cold September. Gem bundled her new coat close to her body her thoughts wandering; as she thought of her infant no toddler. Ryder was out of his suckling stage instead he was crawling and teething it was quite a burden especially for Grell who watched him most of the time since Undertaker similar to her was swimming in a workload.

He had fallen behind on the bodies when he had to watch Ryder; but since the red reaper took over that task Undertaker could focus on his work. But she knew the mortician missed spending his hours with the boy and promised that after he finished preparing the bodies Ryder would be his for the rest of the day.

Her proposal had earned Gem a smile from the reaper who made sure to finish his work early to relieve Grell of the child. Speaking of the red reaper, he was taking temporary residence with them which no one expect for his new rival. Ira when she could visited to amuse the baby and quarrel with Grell; on these days Gem beforehand made sure ear plugs were in clear view for her and Undertaker.

She giggled at the thought as walked, pulling a scarf around her face and neck. The police were still searching for her, but by this time they were practically on the verge of giving up any day; dispatch on the other hand was a different story. Undertaker, Grell and Ira had seen groups of six to eight all across London confirming that the child and its mother were still in danger. The group started taking extra precautions by placing black curtains on the widows and lit heavily scented candles to block out Ryder's irresistible scent. Honestly, Gem disagreed with candles since their aroma overwhelmed the entire house; but was convinced the reapers and angel that it was necessary if the boy was to stay hidden.

"Welcome back dearie." Gem smiling hanging her new coat on the rack. She walked toward him hands are her hips," Are you done working?" He chuckled nervously, Gem leaned forward gently grasping his chin." Undertaker?" her voice was serious. He sighed in defeat;" I'll go finish." The reaper stumbled to the backroom while Gem walked to the living room.

The scene before her was Grell and Ira fighting as usual on the couch; she observed Ryder in Grell's lap as he sucked his thumb unaffected by the bickering adults." So this is why Undertaker's not done with bodies." At the sound of her voice, the reaper and angel nervously gazed in her direction; Ryder on the other hand held out his arms as Gem settled him on her hip. The two opened their mouths to speak, but she interrupted;" Let me guess she started it, he started. Give it a rest you two and by the way its Ryder nap time."

As if on cue, the boy yawned. Gem carried him over to his small coffin bed and tucked him in." Did you see any of my co-workers while you were out?" Gem turned to the pair on the couch." Not this time, I will make sure I get home sooner." She gazed at her sleeping son's form and stroked his tuff of brown hair," How was he?" Grell threw himself aimlessly on the arm of the couch;" Exhausting that little dickens teethes everything!

Ira rolled her eyes, wings folding against her back;" That's the point genius!" He ignored her continuing," As we speak my precious jacket and vest are in the wash!" the reaper let out a dramatic sigh while Gem came over and kissed his head." I'm so sorry darling but when you decided to stay with us you automatically volunteered as a babysitter!" she said mocking his voice. He huffed and glared at Ira who was giggling loudly;" It wasn't that funny!" Grell pouted." Yeah, yeah you diva!" Ira replied gliding her fingertips across her wings.

"If there is nothing else I'm going to go take a bath; I need it after a long day." Gem declared moving toward the steps when Ira stopped her." Actually there is one more thing; Undertaker will allow you to outside to tasks such as shopping or retrieving things from your house on one condition."

She gazed at the angel," And that is?" Ira smiled nervously revealing a floral bright pink bonnet from under her wings. Gem eye twitched, the bonnet was so girly and covered in flowers the entire hat made corpses more appealing." No, no, no, no, no! I refuse to wear that repulsive excuse for clothing!" The woman then ran upstairs mumbling under her breath." Thank goodness! She refused that horrid thing, for second I thought I would have to bring out the matching dress!"

Gem dipped her toes into the warm water slowly but all at once; she slipped in the tub breathing a sigh of relief. "Just what the doctor ordered." She laid her head back until all of her hair was dripping wet; her dark brown lock flowing unreserved in the water. She began washing body then switched to her hair; her thoughts moving to Undertaker." How can someone be so infuriating yet alluring at the same time, it's so confusing I shouldn't be feeling this way. Andrew is gone, I know but I can love another; yet he did want me to be happy."

She sighed, trailing her nails through her hair with noticing the door flung open to relieve a red faced Undertaker." AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" They both stared at one another shock, Gem moved to cover herself with towel; but it was no use the reaper had seen everything. She avoided his eyes and looked to hands instead; Gem saw a towel and duck in his hand; he was there to take a bath too. "A certain reaper and angel must have been too bust arguing to let the guy know that she was in the tub." Undertaker stood frozen almost lifeless; until Gem cleared her throat knocking him out of his stupor," Um I kind of have to change so could you-."

He nodded before slamming the door shut, Gem leaning against allowing her body to slide to sit on the floor; struggling to control her heartbeat. Little did she know, Undertaker was on the other side doing the same thing. "I'm in trouble." Their minds echoed simultaneously.

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