One Life for Another

Chapter 9 Family

That night everyone collected themselves into the kitchen; Gem and Undertaker sat as far away from each other as possible the earlier epidemic still fresh in their minds. The retired reaper and human remained silent not saying a word to each other of course if they wanted to their conversation would be easily drowned out by Grell and Ira's petty-minded argument.

" Red is a more suitable color than purple!" Ira yawned glaring at the red reaper in utter boredom. "Oh, really I disagree diva. Purple is the symbol of royalty but you wouldn't know that considering you're from a poor social class."

Grell stood from the table his eyes locked with the angel's orange ones. "I am not low class wench! In fact I'm a deadly efficient prince!" he stated making the symbol with his gloved hand. Ira gave the reaper a disturbed and somewhat confused glance." What did you just do with your hand?" Grell smirked sharp teeth gleaming. " That's my sigurature trademark! It let's all the reapers know how deadly I am and not to pick a fight with this reaper!" he said twirling wildly. "It also lets them know that you're a total idiot who enjoys wearing women's clothing and causing trouble for everyone!" she added.

Grell growled before lunging at the angel pinning her against the nearby wall; he pushed her creating a large dent. Ira responded by punching and kicking his face relentlessly. Their fight ended with Undertaker grabbing Grell and Gem moved Ira toward the stairs. Both shoved forward trying to escape their captors; they were bent on destroying the other." Stop it! Now is not the time to kill one other. Look we are a family united in one purpose to protect my son if our family crumbles because of your petty feud then Ryder is doomed!" The angel nodded, allowing her temper to clam. " Your right Gem we are a family even if I can't stand that diva. I promise I will not physically fight him anymore for Ryder's sake." She declared as she flapped her wings softly.

Grell huffed gaining the room's attention; Undertaker had released him and the reaper stood arms crossed against the wall not gazing in their direction." Grell." Gem stood in front of him, her eyes pleading with his own." Oh all right! I'll cooperate with that beast, only for you and my nephew's sake!" Gem smiled tackling him into a hug." If we are a family darling we surely are a messed up one." He said before retreating to his coffin bed.

Ira followed suit using whatever energy she had left in her body to drag herself upstairs to the guest room. Gem however cleaned the kitchen before carefully carrying the sleeping baby to Undertaker's room settling him in the small coffin bed. Before long she decided to quietly check on Ira in the next room the angel was fast asleep without a care in the world. Her wings largely outstretched covering the entire bed as she nuzzled into a large feathered pillow mumbling the one name Gem was shocked to hear from her friend's lips.

"Undertaker." Ira muttered dreamily; the woman gazed questioningly at the snoozing angelic being." Undertaker why would she be mumbling his name in her sleep…. they were friends a long time ago right?" Gem stayed longer hoping the answer would escape the brunette's lips but unfortunately nothing else did and she left still curious.

As she walked back into the room, the woman was shocked to find Undertaker sitting on her bed watching Ryder sleep. He brought his hand over the baby's head stroking the small brown strands the sight making Gem's heart melt for a moment she imagined what it would be like if Undertaker became Ryder's father.

" No Gem you can't be feeling this way he's your friend! There is no way he can be anything more!" her mind screamed. Sheignored it continuing to observe the moment before walking silently over to him. "Undertaker." Gem said smiling. "Heh heh hello dearie." He said still concentrated on the boy. She took the opportunity and sat beside him her eyes centered on her sleeping son. "You're so good with him."

Undertaker chuckled his eyes glowing faintly beneath the bangs. "Thank you dearie he's just a joy to look after! A little light brought into my life." the mortician stated his grin growing wider. Gem giggled and placed a hand over her heart when she saw Undertaker reposition the blanket to cover the boy's frame." Have you ever wanted to you know become a father?"

He paused thinking over her question carefully," The thought had never really crossed my mind. I had always kept myself busy never having time to think about settling down and starting a family besides dearie I'm too old for that." It was now, Gem's turn to laugh she fell onto the bed with glee and laid comfortably positioning her arms behind her head." I doubt that! If you did have children I bet they would be the most beautiful creatures in the world since they will take after their dad."

A smirk crossed Undertaker's lips as he gazed down at the woman," So dearie your saying you find me attractive?" Gem's eyes widened at the realization of her words and panicked when the reaper undid his bangs to reveal his breath-taking yellow green orbs locked on her. He pounced on Gem his body pinning her to the mattress; their gazes remaining on the other. "In order to have children I need a mate dearie and I wouldn't mind my children resembling you."

Gem blushed wondering if he was serious. He tightened his hold on her waist and stroked her hair while admiring her ruby colored eyes." You have very appealing eyes Gem." The woman shook her head," Have you not seen your own I have never seen a reaper with such brilliant eyes."

He remained silent bringing her head close to his and brushing his lips over hers. She shivered wanting nothing more than to kiss the reaper mentally Undertaker agreed and leaned forward to capture her smooth mouth until loud cry interrupting the two. They gazed at the fussy baby and Undertaker quickly removed himself from Gem's warm body. "Oh sweetheart." She situated Ryder in her arms and rocked him until his cries subsided in whimpers.

"Heh it's getting late I-I should go." Undertaker moved to the door before Gem seized the sleeve of his cloak. "Wait is it possible to visit my home tomorrow since the police are no longer a threat. Please there are still a few items I wish not to leave in that house. To be honest, it is not considered home to me anymore and it holds to many painful memories."

He fingered his chin before allowing a soft sigh to leave his frame." Sure my dear but only if I go with you after all the reapers are still a problem. Grell and Ira can stay here to watch the shop and the baby."

"Thank you" Gem whispered as the reaper leaped down the steps his heart pounding wildly in his chest. Undertaker landed skillful into the coffin ignoring the fact that Grell was wide awake braiding his hair. "You're such a fool." he stated plainly." Really?" Undertaker questioned "Why is that?" The red reaper stood near older reaper's coffin tightening his grasp on it in frustration." If you break my coffin I'll bury you alive six feet under with chains and locks."

Undertaker's tone was dead serious making the younger reaper step back slightly." You're falling for my sister, don't try to hide it no matter how much you attempt cast out your emotions I know you care about her. Yet I do not know how deep your feelings are so-" The mortician said nothing as Grell continued. "I only have one thing to say don't break her heart or I'll break you." Undertaker allowed a dark chuckle to escape his lips.

" Little reaper do you know if I wanted to I could kill you right now and no one would be the wiser heh, heh. But since you provide me laughter and assist in protecting the child that's the only reason you're still living. On the contrary, Gem would be very upset as well she can't lose a brother when she's lost her mate." Grell gulped when the reaper turned to him eyes glowing; "I desire no pain or suffering to be brought upon her. So don't worry and I believe it is pass your bedtime little reaper good night."

With that Undertaker shut his lid leaving a very nervous Grell to sleep with his eyes open for the remainder of the night.

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