Pretending or Not

By BLotusflower24

Drama / Romance

Chapter 10 The Tests part 1

"Pepper will you just put the book down your giving me chills!" She ignored the red reaper keeping her eyes on the book while walking beside him shivering slightly. The air in dispatch was rather chilly, the reason for it was the scorching heat outside of the building." I can't believe William expects you to take this test." Grell muttered tracing a hand through his hair. "Besides, it's not like you'll pass anyway." The girl froze shooting the reaper a menacing glare," Way to be supportive you're my fiancée being there for the other is essential!"

She huffed speed walking, until there was a reasonable amount of space between her and Grell. Personally Pepper was still flustered from last night when he had made that advice on her adding to the stress of the test didn't help either. She declared that they were friends and partners in this scheme of theirs, but her feelings on the subject were developing into something more.

"My, my you are taking our little engagement seriously darling; finally realizing how handsome I am?" He said flashing his sharp teeth into a smile; she frowned punching his shoulder with brute force." No, I'm just keeping up appearances." Pepper whispered as Grell reached over to intertwined their hands." That's exactly what I wanted to hear darling."

Forest Ground behind Dispatch…

"You're late Miss Rollins." William uttered keeping his gaze on the clipboard in his arms. He stood in front of a large boulder in front of the forest on top of it was Ronald laying aimlessly with his lawnmower in hand. Pepper strolled over to stand in front of the stoic reaper," Blame him." She stated motioning to Grell;" He tried to prevent me from studying."

Ronald smirked," Still being overprotective aren't we senpai?" Grell crossed his arms walking until he was right next to Pepper." I have my reasons Ronny, I don't want her harmed!" William sighed," She won't be if Ms. Rollins studied the combat maneuvers probably." She nodded, pulling out her small trainee scythe and placing it on her shoulders similar to what she saw many of the others do." You don't have to do this." Grell whispered loud enough for her to hear, but not so William and Ronald could eavesdrop.

Pepper smiled pulling Grell into a hug," I'll be fine just sit back and watch; who knows I meant be better than you." She challenged, Grell yellow green eyes glared into her blue ones;" I would like to see you try your fiancée is a deadly fighter!" William nodded positioning his specks on his nose," Yes but it seems that was the only thing your good at besides causing me paperwork." Grell fumed, marching to stand face to face with William as he fluttered his lashes;" Do you forget I saved your life Will darling."

The reaper stood stoic his eye twitching at Grell's flirtaneous display," On that magical day we defeated Thomas's records together and back then you were so so cruel!" He then leaped to embrace William, who cleverly dodged the vulgar affection; "Sutcliff may I remind you as are a soon to be married man you can no longer do such things even when your future wife is in attendance." Grell removed himself from the ground a blush on his cheeks." Forgive me Will you know I was joking!" He runs to Pepper his arms encircling her waist." She's the only one for me."

The girl blushed lightly pushing Grell from her," Alright what is my test Mr. Spears?" William dusted his suit, then checked the clipboard," The test is split into two, the first will be combat and knowledge of all you have learned. The last will be soul collection if you pass both you will be a full-fledged reaper." Pepper took in his words," Who will I be fighting?" The reaper motioned to Ronald standing on the other end of the clearing; his mower ready for battle.

"No absolutely not William that's not fair!" Grell screamed; "Ronald is a newly recruited reaper and your apprentice is a good match for her." Pepper positioned herself on the clearing; her scythe in hand." Ready when you are Knox." With impressive speed, Ronald aimed his scythe towards her; she back flipped to avoid the blades landing perfectly on her feet.

He attacked again, by swinging the mower at her. She dodged with her weapon, flipped and bounded with extreme speed into the trees. But, it was useless since the reaper was hot on her tail." You have to attack at some time Pepper!" Ronald glided skillfully on his scythe riding it like a surf board." And give you the satisfaction of an early victory, you wish!" She continued to run, until suddenly halted to a stop keeping her back turned and concentrated on the mower's sound.

"What is she doing!? Argh, that's it I'm going up there!" William used his scythe to restrain Grell," This is her test Sutcliff; let her handle it on her own." The red reaper sighed, as he proceeded to watch with a frantic disposition. The mower was a few feet to its target closing in fast, then unexpectedly Pepper grabbed a large branch and launched herself at Ronald; successfully knocking him out of the tree.

She jumped down in a feline stance ready to pounce on her opponent; Ronald stood glaring at Pepper. He immediately reanimated his mower, moving it upwards showing off the blades; Ronald smirked when he pulled its cord shooting out sharp blades from its bottom. Pepper used her scythe to block the sharp objects and leaped behind a tree for protection." I need to separate him from the mower somehow- wait or how about this!"

Pepper began jumping from one tree to another before she landed on one just above Knox who was too distracted. She did a flip tackling him to the ground, her training scythe at his neck." I believe I win." The reaper sighed and smiled," Guess ya do." Pepper helped him off the ground and approached a very impressed William;" Exceptional work Ms. Rollins, you have passed test one. For your last, you have to reap a human soul; traditionally a pair of students would do this together, but since you are the only female. You will have some supervise you instead of a reaping partner."

She rolled her eyes at his serious demeanor, "Alright when do we leave." He gazed at her questioningly," The council has chosen Sutcliff as your supervisor." Pepper breathed a sigh of relief as she went to stand towards the reaper; with his scythe Grell opened the portal to her amazement." Bye darlings, we'll see you soon!" The two were soon transported to their desired location London," We are here!" Pepper opened her eyes widening as she realized they were on the roof of her mansion.

"What are we doing here?" He smirked," Darling it's your first collection! Did fighting Ronny make you lose your memories?" Immediately, Grell placed the girl on his back; he began running down the building and dropped her once they were in the gardens." So what my first collection is here? In my own house, are you kidding me!" Grell ignored her as he kept look out;" Can you at least tell me who it is the maid or the butler?"

Grell placed a folder in her lap, she with interest read its contents:

Occupant: Olivia Pearl Rollins

Status: Nobility

Age: 19

Scheduled Death: June 17th 6:00 pm by drowning in Timber Creek after bridge collapses.

Her heart stopped," M-my sister!"

To be continued….

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