Pretending or Not

By BLotusflower24

Drama / Romance

Chapter 11 Tests part 2

Pepper held her head gripping the hairs tightly giving herself a minor headache." This can't be happening this has to be a mistake!" Grell yawned, he was stretched out comfortably near a bed of roses." Sorry my dear but we don't make mistakes or errors." The reaper picked one of the roses inhaling its sweet aroma." How I adore the color red." He said in a whisper. Pepper stared at him blankly before shaking her head violently." Is there any way I can get out of this?" the reaper sat up straight and cracked his fingertips.

" You can get out of it but if I were you darling I would do as instructed. If you back out now you will not only never get another chance to become a field agent but you'll also be black balled by society. And since you're a human you may even be banished then you won't be my fiancé anymore." Pepper wanted to scream, she would have never agreed to be a field agent if she knew that this would happen." But I can't kill my own sister sure Olivia's vain, overall self-centered and practically ignored me since my birth. Yet, she's my family and I can't do that to her."

Tears sprouted from Pepper's eyes, her arms encasing her stomach. Grell stared his expression showed boredom but in reality he felt pity for Pepper. After reading her record, the reaper had discovered a lot about the girl's past. She had been silently outcast by most of her family including Olivia and still refused to take her soul. Pepper forgave her family even when they caused her pain. He admired that about her; she could easily forgive that's a valuable trait to have if you're a human. Reapers were a different story some of them still had grudges Grell included but they did this not because they couldn't forgive anyone. No, they did this to remain strong and never forget or they would become too soft-hearted.

She was a reaper and needed to know that clearly in his opinion Pepper no longer needed to refer to herself as a human anymore." You'll never be able to return to your normal life you know." Pepper gazed at Grell confused by his words." Because of the power bestowed upon you can never belong with the humans again." She frowned stepping closer to the reaper." I am a human no matter what you say." Before Pepper could step back he grabbed her hand viciously pulling the woman toward him.

His painted nail gliding over the gemstone on her golden band." Oh really? This darling says otherwise. If you try to return to the humans they will scorn and fear you because of your powers there not normal in their standards. Face it you are a grim reaper so start acting like one!" Pepper grit her teeth wincing at the pain on her arm; she had never seen Grell like this it was frightening and he looked absolutely deadly.

The reaper's grip grew tighter when he heard a tune being hummed in the breeze. Pepper gazed into the direction the melody came from; it was her sister Olivia strolling down the abbey in her hand she held a lovely rose and blush spread across her face. Pepper smiled she knew that look quite well. Her sister had met a boy and by the way Olivia gazed at the plant; he was special.

The woman's smile vanished when she saw that Olivia was walking right in the direction of the old bridge. She glanced at Grell's watch in panic, it was 5:46 Olivia would die soon if she crossed that dreaded thing!" But what if she doesn't cross it, I still have time save her!" Pepper tried wiggling out of his hold as if reading her mind Grell growled pulling her even closer. He would not let go until the bridge collapsed with the girl on it; besides this whole mess was Pepper's fault if she hadn't wanted so badly to become a full reaper then someone else would be taking the soul instead.

"Let go!" she commanded desperately trying to move. Grell didn't budge, he stood stoic observing Olivia edging toward the bridge. Without a warning, Pepper stomped on his foot causing him to immediately release his hold on her. She dashed forward with her reaper speed praying she would make it; the woman spotted Olivia on the bridge and increased her speed. But was knocked to the ground by a furious flash of red, Pepper regained her footing and looked ahead to see Grell holding his chainsaw in front of her.

"Stay where you are." His tone was serious and it shocked her. She reached for her scythe on her hip." Don't even think about it that flat piece of metal is nothing against me." Pepper paused Grell was right he was a master compared to her; sure she beat Ronald but he was an apprentice technically a higher ranking trainee." You are no longer human you need to face the facts and this unfortunely is the only way you'll understand!"

The two turned as Olivia stepped on the loose board on the bridge, it fell apart instantly. Pepper looked away hearing her sister's horrifying screams and pleads for help as she drown in the creek; the breath forcefully being taken from her body. She looked away as the screams stopped quietly telling Pepper she was dead; her scythe glowed indicating it was time. She didn't want to do it but Pepper knew the red reaper was right.

The leaped into the water to the lifeless body with heavy tears in her eyes; Pepper plunged the scythe into Olivia's chest her record appearing immediately. She reviewed Olivia's life and noticed that similar to herself Olivia had felt trapped in the mansion. And longed to leave but could find a way until the record moved to a scene showing a boy her age kissing the girl's hand. He was a young lord who lived alone with his servants not too far from their mansion. Olivia and the lord had fallen for one another and had planned to announce their engagement tonight at dinner.

The tears rolled down Pepper's cheeks how could she live knowing she had just ruined both of the lovers 'lives. The record ended with Olivia's death and disappeared into her small scythe. With a heavy heart, Pepper frowned as she walked passed a smirking Grell." Congratulations darling you're officially a grim reaper."

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