Pretending or Not

By BLotusflower24

Drama / Romance

Chapter 13 Relationship

Pepper sat alone in the cafeteria with her breakfast; she reached into her pocket taking out an aspirin and swallowing it down with her orange juice. She rubbed her head feeling the throbbing pain cease to a stop; subsequently when the woman had become a field agent nightmares about Olivia's death continued to haunt her. Some nights Pepper would awake in the middle of the night screaming before crying herself to sleep. After a few weeks, she couldn't take it anymore and went to the Dispatch infirmary for assistance. The doctor offered aspirin for her head and suggested reducing her workload; she sighed recalling all the soul collecting jobs she had taken on.

Subsequently Pepper was a newbie reaper therefore her list contained only three or four souls a day; but once she was done collecting those the new reaperess would ask for more souls to reap which William saw no problem in providing. Pepper did this mostly to avoid running into Grell; they were fighting again and it looked as if they wouldn't be making up anytime soon. Honestly, Pepper knew she was falling in love with the reaper which was another reason for their fight it was simply what her sisters called romantic tension and she was avoiding conflict with him by keeping busy. Similar to Ronald who was the red reaper's apprentice, Pepper had to have a master to tutor her on occasion. This worried her at first because she did not under any circumstances want to be stuck with someone incompetent.

As luck would have it, Pepper became Alan's apprentice; he was not a bad teacher in fact Alan was a natural. The reaper taught her to be patient while on the field;" Imagine yourself as a lion watching a zebra. You want the zebra but you need to be silent and cunning or it will run away. When you prepare to collect the soul it must be done with skill not cruelty." She smiled upon remembering his words to her and took them to heart soon the human became a well-known reaper among Dispatch along with William, Eric, Ronald, Alan and Grell.

Pepper gazed at the clock, she still had a minutes to kill before reporting to William for her assignment. She finished her juice her eyes catching Ronald and the boys sitting far off at a table close to the exit; Pepper quickly glanced at Grell who had his head down on the table. If anyone looked closely they would have thought the red reaper was asleep when in reality he was disheveled, confused and tired all at once. Pepper's screams had disturbed his slumber for the past nights; he felt tired but sorry for her because of him she was suffering immensely. Grell had attempted to offer comfort but either she refused it or they broke into another argument regarding her humanity.

"Red are you ok?" Grell sipped his coffee running his fingers through his partly combed hair." Oh, darling of course I'm fine just under the weather that's all!" He said with a bright smile. The boys eyed Sutcliff all of them unconvinced, they answered in unison." Pepper?" Grell slid down his chair sighing." Yes." He said as Eric continued" You two need to stop arguing or come to some sort of truce. You're getting married if you don't stop now it will only get worse after the Ido's. I can't believe she put up being engaged to you for this long after all your no walk in the park." The red reaper stood his eyes narrowing dangerously at his friend." You have no right to speak to me like that aren't you staying at Alan's because Kenna kicked you out of the house?"

He remained silent sipping his drink while trying to avoid Sutcliff's piercing stare." That's what I thought so stop poking your nose into our relationship and fix your own!" Grell stomped into hall ignoring the odd stares he was getting along the way. Pepper shook her head sadly she had saw Grell's outburst; ironically she pitied Eric but had to admit it wasn't his business to interfere in their relationship." Or what's left of it anyway."

Pepper took the remainder of her breakfast and threw it into the trash; she entered the hallway hearing someone immediately calling her name. "Pepper!" The woman looked ahead of her seeing a very cheerful Angela skipping towards her a smile slowly appeared on her face at the reaper who had been her comfort during her troubles. Angela was sometimes extremely optimistic but she was a good friend either way; as she moved closer Pepper noticed a young girl intertwined in her right arm." There you are I've been looking everywhere for you!" Angela said encasing the brunette into a hug." Well here I am." Pepper replied before she stared at the young girl who shyly hid behind Angela.

"Pepper this is Farah Hollies Alan Humphries future wife!" Her eyes widened at the sight of the girl; she was very young and absolutely adorable. Farah had platinum blonde, bright yellow-green eyes, and cute dimples. She had a child-like appearance but it was obvious the girl wasn't a kid at all." I'm sorry she's very shy; I just wanted to introduce the little dear before you reported to Will." Farah stepped forward to Pepper taking her hand which shocked the girls." Forgive him." She said her sweet voice only a small whisper.

Pepper and Angela stared speechless at the girl." You are the fiancée of Grell Sutcliff in your eyes and his I see pain from a fight. This is not good you will cause your bond to break; go and fix it." Farah turned to Angela." I have class I will see you later." She then walked away as if nothing had happened." I'm sorry Pepper I should have warned you Farah was born with this ability called Active Ambiance. She has the able to sense, feel and absorb the essence of a human or supernatural in order understand them. Those in Dispatch who have this gift use it to retrieve souls easily it gives them an advantage but most of the time those like Farah are bullied for possessing it the reason she seems blank and emotionless is because her father kept her isolated to protect her." Pepper stood their speechless;" Angela she said Grell and I have a bond."

Angela giggled before answering" Of course silly your bond is similar to my bond with William its called love." Pepper's heart beat faster until she could no longer breathe and the woman fell to her knees soon her world went black." I love Grell?"

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