Pretending or Not

By BLotusflower24

Drama / Romance

Chapter 8 Suspicion

William sat in his office leaning in his chair, at this moment he should have been doing paperwork, but the reaper was too deep-rooted in his thoughts to do so. It had been three days since the assembly meeting and truth be told the stoic reaper was still in shock that his co-worker and friend wanted to marry that human girl.

He sighed removing his glasses from his face thinking about all the times the reaper had tried to seduce him each memory making him shiver with intensity. But William had to admit as disturbing as Grell was he missed spending time with him. Since, the red reaper now had that girl by his side William never saw Grell anymore; he still did his work, but most of the time he would have Alan or Ronald turn his paperwork into Will in order to spend more time with Pepper.

William was still confused about the entire situation, there was no way Grell could possibly be in love with human and more importantly how did she get into dispatch without him knowing. He needed to find out, but in order to do that he needed to make sure Sutcliff would not find out what he was doing; the red reaper was smarter than he appeared. He required a distraction; Will remembered that Pepper wore the transcending ruby upon her finger.

The reaper smiled, he knew what to do, he turned to his phone;" Yes hello could you send Grell Sutcliff and his betrothed to my office at once, thank you." He hung the phone on the hook, wondering whether or not to get back to his work." William?" He gazed at the door, there stood his future wife;" Angela I wasn't expecting you so soon, love." She smiled and strolled over to his desk, placing a sweet kiss to his cheek. William took the moment to admire her beauty his gaze went to her long brown French braided hair down to the smooth curves of her hips. Truly the woman was his destined mate; the black haired reaper leaned forward in an attempt to capture her lips.

"Down boy! I came to bring you lunch, not for a secret make out session." Angela placed the food on his desk," I thought you could use a break from your work; but it seems you have yet to start, this is unlike you." William ignored her as he took a bite out of a sandwich from the tray," I thought your shift didn't end till late?" She rolled her eyes, sitting herself on William's desk," I didn't but my manger Ava was sick so I left as early as I could. Before coming here I went to check on Kenna and Eric."

"Let me guess he's suffering?" Angela nodded taking a grape from his tray." Also I heard Grell's engaged how exciting! If I'm lucky I'll get to meet his fiancée and maybe even make her my maid of honor!" William gave her a questioning look," What you said you're making Grell your best man it makes sense if his future wife is my maid of honor!" He shrugged when Angela planned to have something done she would make it happen and all he could do was just go with it. To be honest, she was very hard working person yet the one thing he disliked was that she was passive; if she was insulted; the reaper would merely smile and move on.

If something does not go right, Angela would look on the positive side and find a solution to a problem. Being her fiancée, William knew she was angry on the inside but would never show it on the outside; and to his relief no one had pushed her to the point where she had expressed her fury." Lucky for you my dear there on their way here as we speak." Angela smiled and clapped her hands;" How wonderful!" William smiled, chuckling at how Angela reminded him of Sutcliff sometimes. They both had that outrageous personality; even though he knew Grell was using that façade to hide his true self. He learned a long time of ago of Grell's ancestry and was determined to keep it hidden from others. But sooner or later Sutcliff would have to tell his destined mate, if they were to have any offspring.

His thoughts were interrupted when the door was flung open," William! Darl-, oh Angela you're here." William turned recognizing Sutcliff's voice, he standing in the doorway with a hand intertwined with Pepper's," Do you always act like this when you go to his office?" she said giggling. The red reaper smiled," I usually have a lot more energy." He said glaring at the female reaper propped on his boss desk; that was his spot.

Pepper noticed his gaze and assumed that the female was William's fiancée." You must be Pepper Rollins!" Angela jumped off the desk and tackled the girl into a hug." I'm Angela Dandles, William's fiancée I would like to welcome to dispatch! Since William and Grell are like brothers we're practically sisters; I can wait to spend some time with you!" Before Pepper could answer, the red reaper pulled her to him an arm wrapped around her frame." Over my deadly body dear! As if I am going to allow my precious princess to associate with you!"

Grell's hand began stroking her waist, immediately Pepper grabbed it tightening her grip on it with her new strength. A warning that he was going too far with his seduction; he smiled at the tight hold and ceased his attempt. Leaning over he kissed her cheek; she was growing stronger by the day." Actually, I think it would reasonable for Angela to get to know Pepper after all she is right. We have grown up together, it makes since that we have somewhat of a brotherhood."

Grell sighed not willing to argue on the matter," This vixen has made you soft Will. But fine they may have some girl time, anyway Will why did you want us here. Pepper and I were on our way to lunch and I have had a hard day adjusting to being back on my regular hours for soul collecting." William glared at him then turned to Pepper," Tell me Miss Rollins; while Grell's out what do you do to keep yourself occupied?" Pepper swallowed nervously," I would usually spend time with Alan, Eric, and Ronald. But if there busy Grell gave me a spare key to the room and I can just go there or explore dispatch. I have been here for so long that I know my way around."

William nodded," I see; Miss Rollins how would like to become a dispatch field agent?" The whole room stared in shock at William's proposal;" Will she's human!" Grell said his teeth clenching." Yet she has all the powers of a divine reaper, because of this your aunt agreed on your marriage; why not have her become a true member of dispatch?" Grell frowned," It's too dangerous for her to be a field agent I should know! Anyway, if she was one I wouldn't be able to protect her!"

"Then teach her to defend herself Sutcliff, after all the girl being a human she should be a fast learner and furthermore you call allowing her to wander dispatch on her own protection?" William replied," Better than having her see death first hand. It's not that easy Will and she's my fiancée so I decide what's best for my princess!" William smiled sinisterly," Sutcliff we are death your princess is technically choosing to marry it!" Pepper couldn't take it anymore their argument was awakening something dangerous within her.

"Stop!" The two stopped their bickering, their eyes glued on Pepper. The blue in her eyes was no longer visible and a dark presence surrounded her." It is not your decision to decide what happens in my life it is mine! I want to make myself useful to society and staying secluded here won't do me any good! I know it's dangerous, but I am willing I am not a weak human and I willing to prove it." Pepper walked over to Grell, taking his hand in hers," Grell I want you to train me please." He remained silent staring into her blue eyes; his heart beating fast," Yes; how could I ever say no to you princess." The red reaper placed a kiss to her knuckles.

She smiled," Good also I'm taking Angela to lunch right now because I am really hungry; so you can stay here and bond with William my darling." Before William and Grell could protest the girls raced out of the room laughing all the way down the hall. Grell smiled jumping onto the desk, crossing his legs happily," So how are the wedding plans coming along?"

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