A Mystery In Radiator Springs


Radiator Springs has been robbed and it's up to Lightning and the townsfolk to find out who the culprit is.

Mystery / Adventure
Daniella Lara
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A Mystery In Radiator Springs

One morning in Radiator Springs, the townsfolk, including Lightning McQueen, were spending time at Flo's V8 Cafe while Doc was busy doing something in the clinic.

Just then, Lightning realized there was something wrong going on in the town. He noticed that some fuel cans and some tires were missing from Fillmore's Organic Fuels and Luigi's Casa Della Tires.

"Is somethin' wrong, buddy?" asked Mater, noticing the confused look on Lightning's face.

"No, not at all, but I think there's something you should know." said Lightning.

"What is it, Stickers?" asked Sally.

"Something's not right." said Lightning.

"What could that be?" asked Luigi.

"I just looked around the town and I noticed that some items were missing from stores." said Lightning.

"What items?" asked Sarge.

"Some fuel cans were missing and some tires were missing." said Lightning.

"Everyone start searching!" said Sheriff.

The townsfolk searched around the town, courthouse, and tractor pits.

Mater tried not to get distracted by tractors and start tractor tipping.

After searching and no sign of the missing items, the townsfolk went back to Flo's V8 Cafe and wondered what was going on.

"We've looked everywhere around Radiator Springs and still no sign of the missing items." said Lightning.

"Did someone steal them?" asked Sally.

Overhearing the situation, Doc quickly drove out of the clinic. "Alright, I wanna know who's behind this." he said.

"We have no idea who stole those items." said Mater.

"Well, we're gonna figure this out and we're gonna find that car who stole them." said Doc.

"Doc's right. If we can't fix this, we'll be done for." said Sally.

"Alright, who's with me?" said Doc as he put his tire out in front of him.

The townsfolk put their tire over Doc's, including Lizzie and Red. Then they all raised their tire.

"And together, we can solve this mystery!" said Lightning.

"Then let's do this!" said Mater.

With that, the townsfolk drove off into the highway.

"Okay, detectives, first we need to look for clues." said Doc.

"What do they mean?" asked Mater.

"They're to help us track the criminal." replied Lightning.

Then, Fillmore noticed some car tracks on the road. "I think I found something." he said.

"What did you find?" asked Doc.

"I found some tracks of a car of some type." said Fillmore, looking back down at the tracks.

"Well, then, let's investigate." said Doc.

Guido took out his magnifying glass to investigate the tracks, and he saw that they were race car tracks

"Well, would you look at that." said Mater.

"It looks like we've discovered the tracks of a race car." said Flo.

"The tracks of a race car, check." said Doc.

The townsfolk continued searching.

Then, Mater saw some tires on the road. "I found another clue!" he said.

Mater looked back at the tires and saw that they said 'Lightyear' on them.

"Well, it looks like these belong to a race car." said Ramone.

"These clues lead to one solution." said Doc.

"And what could that be?" asked Mater.

"A race car has stolen our stuff." said Doc.

"Then let's move, detectives!" said Sarge.

Back at Radiator Springs, the townsfolk were gathered in Traffic Court with Chick Hicks and the King, Strip Weathers.

"Strip Weathers, Chick Hicks, I've called you here because something is missing from our town." said Doc.

"What are you talking about, old man? I didn't do it!" said Chick.

"Our first clue was race car tracks." said Doc.

"But those tracks aren't like my tracks." said Strip.

"Well, they're not mine either." said Chick.

"And our next clue was Lightyear tires." said Doc.

Guido took out his magnifying glass once again and saw that the tires were green. "Sono verdi!" he said.

"What's he saying?" asked Lightning.

"The tires are green." said Luigi.

Doc knew who the culprit was. "It's true. The culprit wasn't Strip Weathers. It was... Chick Hicks!" he said.

The townsfolk started talking all at once.

"What happened?" asked Lightning.

"He was sneaking up on the town and ended up taking our stuff." said Doc.

"Who said I've been doing this kind of stuff?" said Chick.

"Mater, tow this criminal away." Sheriff said to Mater.

"Yes, sir!" said Mater.

With that, Mater attached his hook to Chick and towed him out of Radiator Springs.

After the mystery had been solved, the townsfolk were back in peace at Flo's V8 Cafe.

"Alright, now we need to figure out a way to put everything back the way it was." said Sally.

"Then let's do this!" said Mater.

So the townsfolk started putting things back the way they were and never had another crime again.

The End

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