Bullying Prevention


Daniella Lara
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Bullying Prevention

One morning in China, Mulan was giving water to her horse, Khan.

Then, Mulan began to wonder how the children were doing. "Maybe I should go check on the children, don't you think, Khan?" she asked her horse.

Khan nodded in agreement, so Mulan started to walk into the town.

Meanwhile, a little girl named Sha-Ron was walking in the town, when suddenly, she was spotted by some mean kids named Zan, Kun, Tai, and Niu.

"Look! It's that girl!" said Zan.

"Let's pick on her!" said Tai.

The other mean kids agreed, so they started to sneak up on Sha-Ron.

Sha-Ron was still walking, until the mean kids blocked her path.

"Hello, loser." said Kun.

"What do you want?" asked Sha-Ron.

The mean kids laughed.

"You'll see." said Niu.

"About what?" Sha-Ron asked nervously.

Then, Tai pushed Sha-Ron onto the floor. "We're so much better than you, and you know that!" He said.

"Yeah, we're gonna knock you out real good!" said Zan.

Then, all of the mean kids started to laugh at Sha-Ron.

Sha-Ron buried her face in her hands as she turned away from the mean kids.

Mushu and Cri-Kee were watching from a shelf, and they were shocked.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" Mushu called out.

But the mean kids didn't listen to Mushu and continued to tease Sha-Ron.

"This ain't good. What are we gonna do?" asked Mushu.

Then, Cri-Kee had an idea, so he chirped and jumped, saying that the best thing to do was to tell Mulan.

Mushu knew what Cri-Kee was saying. "Good idea, Cri-Kee." he said.

With that, Mushu and Cri-Kee jumped off the shelf and went to find Mulan.

Meanwhile, Mulan was still walking in the town, until she was stopped by Mushu and Cri-Kee.

"Mulan, we need your help!" Mushu said in panic.

"What is it, Mushu?" asked Mulan.

"They're teasing her!" said Mushu.

"Who's teasing who?" asked Mulan.

"This group of mean kids were teasing a little girl!" Mushu said while Cri-Kee jumped in panic.

Mulan knew that it was Sha-Ron who was being teased. "Don't worry, I'll deal with this." she said.

So Mulan, Mushu, and Cri-Kee went to find the mean kids.

Meanwhile, the mean kids were still picking on Sha-Ron, hurting her even more.

Suddenly, Mulan, Mushu, and Cri-Kee stood in front of the mean kids.

"Stop!" shouted Mulan.

So the mean kids stopped picking on Sha-Ron and turned to Mulan.

"What are you all doing to her?" asked Mulan.

The mean kids were stunned silent for a few seconds. "Nothing." they all said at the same time.

Mulan crossed her arms. "Alright, this needs to stop." she said sternly.

"It was his idea." said Zan, pointing to Tai.

Mulan shook her head. "I don't care who's idea it was. Now all of you go home and leave Sha-Ron alone." she said.

So the mean kids ran off.

Sha-Ron walked over to Mulan, and Mulan gave her a hug. "Everything's gonna be okay, you're safe now." she said softly.

"Thanks, Mulan." said Sha-Ron.

"No problem." said Mulan.

Then, Mulan and Sha-Ron pulled away from their hug.

"Do you want me to walk you home?" Mulan asked Sha-Ron.

Sha-Ron nodded in agreement, so Mulan took her hand as they started walking.

Mulan and Sha-Ron walked together in the town with Mushu and Cri-Kee following them, and Sha-Ron was never bullied again.

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