Daniella Lara
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One snowy day in the forest, the Seven Dwarfs were staying in their cottage since it was too cold to be out.

All except Grumpy were inside.

"Has anyone seen Grumpy?" asked Doc.

"I don't know, but he got up pretty early." said Happy.

Dopey looked around the cottage to see if Grumpy was around.

Then, Sleepy looked out the window. "Guys, I think I know where he is." he said.

"Oh, no. Don't tell me he's outside." said Doc.

"It's too dangerous to be out." said Bashful.

"What do we do?" asked Sneezy.

Doc didn't say anything and started thinking.

Outside, Grumpy was sitting on a snow-covered log with his winter coat on, saddened. Then he heard the door open.

Grumpy turned around and saw Doc, who also had his winter coat on.

"Grumpy, what are you doing out here?" asked Doc, noticing the pained look on his friend's face.

Grumpy sighed. "It's a long story..." he said.

"It's Snow White, isn't it?" asked Doc.

Grumpy gasped.

"I'm assuming yes." said Doc, judging from the gasp.

Grumpy slumped down onto the log, his face buried in his arms.

Doc hugged Grumpy. "What's gotten into you?" he asked.

Grumpy lifted his head out of his arms and took his hat off. "Ya see... Snow White... She was the sweetest, kindest, most beautiful princess in the land, ever since she came here. She made us soup, cleaned the house, and sang us beautiful songs. At bedtime, she told us wonderful stories about falling in love, and the prince she'd met." he said.

"So, you're trying to express how you really feel about her?" asked Doc.

Grumpy nodded, tears streaming down his face and onto the cold snow. "I remember when we went off to work, she gave us all a kiss. I actually liked it when she did that. But I also keep thinkin' about the way I treated her. And now she's gone." he said.

Doc felt tears coming to his own eyes as he took his hat off as well. "It's not your fault." he said.

"I know, but I still miss her." said Grumpy, still crying.

"Me, too." said Doc.

The two Dwarfs fell to their knees as they hugged each other and sobbed together.

Grumpy knew he should have treated Snow White in a better way.

Doc knew he had to stay strong. He wanted to reassure his friends, but he couldn't.

And any thought of Snow White couldn't make any difference.

Nothing but just the two out in the cold, embracing each other as tears continued to spill down their cheeks.

Suddenly, Doc saw Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, and Dopey watching from the still-open door with their winter coats on. Even they missed the princess as much as Doc and Grumpy did.

The other five Dwarfs understood the grief, and they understood how much Snow White meant to them.

Doc opened his arm to the other five Dwarfs, and they took their hats off and joined the hug.

Now the Dwarfs were all crying.

Some of Snow White's animal friends watched as the Dwarfs consoled each other. Even they felt sad about missing their beloved princess.

Grumpy began to smile, knowing that the Dwarfs were always there for him.

After it all calmed down, the Dwarfs became relieved.

"Why don't we go inside and have some hot chocolate?" said Sleepy, yawning a bit.

The Dwarfs agreed as they put their hats back on and started walking back to their cottage.

As the Dwarfs walked back, a single snowflake fell on Sneezy's nose, causing him to sneeze.

The others couldn't help but giggle.

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