House Confusion


Humor / Adventure
Daniella Lara
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House Confusion

One afternoon in the forest, Snow White had just finished taking a nap after cleaning part of the Dwarfs' cottage upstairs.

The forest animals woke up as well.

"I think we've had enough time to rest, don't you think?" Snow White said to her animal friends, yawning a bit.

The animals nodded in agreement.

"Well, then, I guess we should cleaning downstairs. Then the seven little men will be surprised when they return." said Snow White.

So Snow White and her animal friends went downstairs and started cleaning the rest of the cottage.

Meanwhile, the Seven Dwarfs were preparing to go home after working in their diamond mine.

As the Dwarfs marched single file, they sang their marching song.

Then, Doc stopped in front of the door of an unknown house. "Hey, look!" he called out to the others.

The other Dwarfs bumped into Doc as usual.

"The door's jocked... I mean, the door's locked." said Doc.

"We didn't lock the door." said Sneezy.

"We always leave it unlocked." said Bashful.

"I suppose you locked the door before we left, huh, Grumpy?" Sleepy said to Grumpy.

Grumpy was annoyed. "Did not! It was open the whole time!" he said.

"Guys, don't argue. This may not even be it." said Happy.

Dopey tried to get around to double check the house, but Sneezy stopped him.

Then, Doc tried to get in the house through the dog flap, only to meet a very angry dog.

"Whoops! Wrong house." said Doc.

The dog barked angrily at Doc, startling him and the other Dwarfs.

"Run!" shouted Doc.

So the Dwarfs ran off, and the dog chased them across the path.

After being chased by the dog, the Dwarfs stopped in the middle of the path and panted.

"That was close." said Happy.

"What a crazy dog." said Sneezy.

"Have you lost your mind, Doc?" Grumpy said to Doc.

Doc chuckled nervously, not knowing what to say.

The Dwarfs got back and line and continued to sing their song as they continued marching.

Then, the Dwarfs stopped at another unknown house and bumped into each other again.

"This must be it." said Doc.

"It doesn't look familiar though." said Bashful.

"But at least we're in the right direction." said Happy.

"Is the door locked?" asked Sneezy.

"I don't know." said Doc.

Doc checked to see if the door was locked, but it wasn't. "Hey, it's not locked." he said.

Then, Doc opened the door and then he and the other Dwarfs went inside the house.

The Dwarfs looked around, noticing that the house wasn't theirs.

"I don't think this is it." said Bashful.

Dopey hid behind Sneezy, thinking that the house was suspicious.

Then, the Dwarfs saw a woman they didn't know.

"What are you all doing here?" the woman asked the Dwarfs, glaring at them.

The Dwarfs didn't say anything.

Then, the woman threw the Dwarfs out of the house.

The Dwarfs tumbled onto each other as they hit the ground.

"And stay out!" shouted the woman.

With that, the woman also threw the Dwarfs' pickaxes at the piled Dwarfs. Then she slammed the door shut.

The Dwarfs unpiled and got to their feet.

"Wrong house!" shouted Happy.

"Not again!" shouted Grumpy.

The Dwarfs quickly ran off again. Then they stopped.

Now Grumpy was very annoyed. "What's wrong with you?" he asked Doc.

"I... I just..." Doc said nervously.

"Ah, forget it. We're runnin' out of time." said Grumpy.

The Dwarfs continued their singing and marching again.

Then, the Dwarfs stopped at another unknown house.

"Well, this looks a lot like our house." said Doc.

"Are you sure?" asked Bashful.

"Our house is usually clean." said Happy.

"Well, maybe Snow White might have forgotten to clean our house." said Doc.

"If you say so, Doc." said Sleepy.

Doc opened the door and saw a bunch of rodents all over the floor.

"Wrong house!" The Dwarfs shouted at the same time.

"Let's get out of here!" shouted Doc.

So the Dwarfs quickly ran off once again.

It was getting dark and late.

Then, the Dwarfs stopped, but instead of stopping at a house, they stopped in the middle of nowhere in the forest.

"Which way now?" asked Sneezy.

"I think we're lost." said Bashful.

Doc became discouraged. "I give up!" he said.

The other Dwarfs looked at each other and then turned to Doc.

"You can't just give up, Doc." said Happy.

"Yeah, there's always another way." said Bashful.

"No, there isn't. We're lost out here and it's all my fault." Doc said sadly.

"Yes, there is. And we'll find it." said Sneezy.

"You're right, but what can we do?" asked Doc.

"Well, why don't we try remembering what the path looked like after we left the cottage?" said Happy.

"Well, I know that there's a river nearby." said Doc.

"Perfect! Then let's find it." said Happy.

With that, the Dwarfs went off to find the river that lead to their cottage.

It was already night.

After a few miles of marching and singing, the Dwarfs spotted the river.

"Hey, look!" said Doc as he stopped walking.

The other Dwarfs bumped into Doc.

"It's the liver... I mean, the river." said Doc.

Then, the Dwarfs saw their cottage ahead of them.

"There's the cottage!" said Happy.

"That means we made it!" said Doc.

The Dwarfs cheered and went to the door.

As Doc opened the door, the Dwarfs saw Snow White and her animals friends cleaning the cottage.

Snow White saw the Dwarfs and smiled. "Well, you're back late." she said kindly.

"We know." said Doc.

"You have no idea what we've been through." said Grumpy.

"Yeah, we, uh... Uh..." unable to speak, Sneezy let out a loud sneeze.

Sneezy's sneeze sent a big wind towards Dopey, causing him to hit a wall.

Snow White and the others just laughed.

Sleepy let out a yawn. "Maybe we should just lie down and..." he said tiredly.

Then, Sleepy fell asleep on the couch.

The other Dwarfs became tired, too, so they fell asleep as well.

Snow White giggled and continued cleaning.

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