Lessons In Fitness


Lilo and Stitch teach their 'ohana about what it's like to exercise.

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Daniella Lara
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Lessons In Fitness

One morning in Kauai, Lilo woke up and jumped out of her bed in excitement.

It was a very special day.

"Stitch, get up, it's Exercise Day!" Lilo said to Stitch.

So Stitch woke up and jumped out of his bed as well.

As Lilo and Stitch got themselves ready, Stitch was thinking about bringing his girlfriend, Angel. "Can Angel join, too?" he asked.

"Sure! Anyone can join." said Lilo.

Stitch became excited about seeing Angel.

Then, Lilo and Stitch went to Nani's room.

"Nani, get up, it's Exercise Day!" Lilo said to Nani.

Nani was still tired, but she got up. "Alright, I'm coming. Just let me get ready." she said with a yawn.

"Oh, and one more thing, before we get started, get David. We're all gonna be in partners." said Lilo.

"Got it." said Nani as she started to get ready for the day.

Then, Lilo and Stitch went to Jumba and Pleakley's room.

"C'mon, guys, get up, it's Exercise Day!" Lilo said to Jumba and Pleakley.

But Jumba and Pleakley were so tired, that they didn't want to get up.

"Do we have to?" Pleakley asked sleepily.

"Yeah, it's part of the plan for the day." said Lilo.

Finally, Jumba and Pleakley slowly got out of their beds and started getting ready as well.

Outside, the gang, including Angel, were gathered in the field and ready for their fitness lesson.

"Okay, every month, we'll do a fitness activity. We're all gonna work with a partner to accomplish them." said Lilo.

With that, everyone started pairing up; Lilo was with Stitch, Nani was with David, and Jumba was with Pleakley.

Angel was in charge of keeping everyone in check, so Stitch gave her a starting flag.

"The activity that we're gonna do today is jumping. Everyone must jump as far as they can within the numbers on the track. Stitch and I will go first." said Lilo.

So Lilo and Stitch walked to the starting line.

"Ready, Stitch? Three... Two... One!" shouted Lilo.

Angel waved the starting flag, and Lilo and Stitch jumped from the starling line and landed near a flag with a number three on it.

"Good job, Stitch. Next!" Lilo called out to the next pair.

Nani and David were next, so they walked to the starting line.

"Three... Two... One!" shouted Lilo.

Angel waved the starting flag again, and Nani and David jumped from the starting line and landed near a much further flag with a number five on it.

"Not bad. Next!" Lilo called out to the final pair.

Jumba and Pleakley walked to the starting line.

"Three... Two... One!" shouted Lilo.

Angel waved the starting flag again, and Jumba and Pleakley jumped from the starting line, but they jumped two-hundred feet into the air and landed on the house roof instead.

"Are you guys alright?" Lilo asked from below.

Jumba got up and placed his hand on his head. "Yes, we're fine. Wait, where's Pleakley?" he said.

Then, Pleakley got up as well. "I'm right here, but how are we gonna get down from up here?" he asked.

"Don't worry, boys, we'll help you get down!" said Nani.

"Stitch, could you get the ladder from the garage?" Lilo asked Stitch.

"Okie-taka!" replied Stitch.

With that, Stitch went to the garage and grabbed the ladder. Then he went back outside.

The gang placed the ladder in front of the house, and Jumba and Pleakley used it to get down from the roof.

Back on the ground, Jumba and Pleakley felt like failures.

"Sorry, guys. I guess fitness isn't our thing." said Pleakley.

With that, the duo started to head back to the house, but Lilo stopped them. "You can't give up, you'll find a way to get yourselves moving." she said.

Jumba and Pleakley looked at each other.

"You know, little girl is right." said Jumba.

So the duo got back out. Then Lilo and Stitch showed them some moves.

Jumba and Pleakley followed everything that Lilo and Stitch did, and they began to enjoy.

Later, everyone was exhausted.

"I think we've had enough for today, don't you think, Stitch?" said Lilo.

"Ih." said Stitch.

"Maybe we should go back inside and take a nap." Lilo suggested.

So the gang went back inside the house and took a nap for the rest of the afternoon.

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