The Stolen Mirror


When a mischievous village thief sneaks into the castle and steals the magic mirror, it's up to the Prince's servants to get it back.

Adventure / Other
Daniella Lara
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The Stolen Mirror

One night at the Prince's castle, Belle and the Prince, who was now human, were getting ready to go out for dinner.

The Prince's servants, who were also human, helped Belle and the Prince get ready.

When it was time, Belle and the Prince started to head out the door.

"Could you guys watch over the castle?" the Prince asked his servants.

"Will do, master." replied Cogsworth.

"We'll be back later." said Belle as she and her Prince waved goodbye to the servants and went out.

Just then, a village thief named Nathan was hiding behind the castle doors, checking if the coast was clear.

When Belle and the Prince were gone, Nathan snuck into the castle.

Meanwhile, the Prince's servants were having a conversation.

Nathan had already entered the castle.

When the servants weren't looking, Nathan mischievously snuck into the west wing and snatched the magic mirror from the table that the enchanted rose was put on.

Then, Nathan slowly started sneaking out of the west wing with the mirror.

Meanwhile, the servants were finished with their conversation.

"Why don't we go check on the west wing?" said Mrs. Potts.

The rest of the servants agreed, so they started walking to the west wing, and FrouFrou the dog followed them.

When the servants got to the west wing, FrouFrou noticed that the magic mirror was not on the table, so he yelped in alarm to get the others' attention.

"What is it, boy?" asked Cogsworth.

FrouFrou pointed his snout towards the table.

The others gasped when they saw that the mirror wasn't on the table as well.

"Where's the mirror?" asked Chip.

"That's strange. It's only been five minutes since the master left." said Mrs. Potts.

"Perhaps it got vanished somehow." said Lumiere.

"What might have happened?" asked Plumette.

Then, the servants heard a mischievous laugh.

"Looking for this?" asked Nathan, still walking in the hallway with the mirror.

The servants gasped again while Sultan pointed his snout towards Nathan.

"It's a village thief, and he's stealing the magic mirror!" cried Cogsworth.

"You can't do that!" shouted Lumiere.

"Think you can stop me, huh? So beat it!" said Nathan.

FrouFrou growled and barked as he ran towards Nathan in an attempt to bite him, but Nathan shoved him back.

FrouFrou yelped as he crashed into the other servants, causing them all to hit a wall.

Nathan laughed at the sight. "Nice try, doggy." he said.

FrouFrou growled again while the others glared at Nathan.

"May I remind you, that's the master's mirror!" shouted Cogsworth.

"Not anymore. So long, losers!" said Nathan as he ran out of the castle.

The servants stood in shock.

"Oh, no. The castle's been robbed!" said Mrs. Potts.

"If the master finds out about this, he'll be furious!" said Cogsworth.

"What shall we do?" asked Plumette.

"We have to get that mirror back before the master returns!" said Cogsworth.

So the servants ran towards the door, but Chip stopped them. "Wait, who's gonna watch over the castle?" he asked.

"He's got a point." said Cogsworth.

"You're right, Chip. Hmm... Could you three give us a second?" Mrs. Potts asked Chip, Plumette, and FrouFrou.

Chip, Plumette, and FrouFrou nodded in agreement.

So Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts got into a huddle and started whispering.

Chip and FrouFrou tried to listen while Plumette just waited patiently.

As the trio finished the plan, they did a triple high five and turned back to Chip, Plumette, and FrouFrou.

"Alright, here's what we're gonna do, Lumiere and Cogsworth and I will go get the mirror. Everyone else will stay and watch over the castle in case someone else tries to break in." said Mrs. Potts.

"Got it!" said Chip.

"Will do!" Plumette added.

FrouFrou barked in agreement.

Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts headed out the door, leaving Chip, Plumette, and FrouFrou to watch over the castle.

Meanwhile, Nathan was running through the village with the mirror in his hand. "You're mine, all mine!" he said, looking through the mirror.

"Not for long, you rotten burglar!" shouted Cogsworth as he, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts ran after Nathan.

"What the?!" exclaimed Nathan.

Then, Nathan ran further away.

"He's getting away!" shouted Lumiere.

So the trio ran even further, but the crowd was slowing them down.

"Excuse us, coming through!" said Mrs. Potts as she and the other two servants tried to get through the crowd.

Then, Nathan grabbed a bucket of water and splashed water in front of the three servants' path, causing them to slip and fall.

"Careful, guys, that's an extremely wet floor!" Nathan called out to the trio.

Then, Nathan ran even further away.

Getting to their feet, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts panted.

"What do we do now?" asked Lumiere.

Then, Cogsworth saw a tree branch on the ground. "I have an idea!" he said.

With that, Cogsworth grabbed the tree branch and placed it in front of Nathan's path, causing Nathan to trip over it and dropping the mirror.

"Quick! Grab the mirror!" said Mrs. Potts.

So Cogsworth grabbed the mirror.

"Back to the castle!" said Mrs. Potts.

With that, the trio started running back to the castle.

Nathan was still conscious. He got back up and noticed he didn't have the mirror in his hand.

Nathan knew that the trio got away with the mirror, so he started running back to the castle.

Meanwhile, Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts were almost to the castle, but then they stopped.

Mrs. Potts looked back and saw Nathan running towards the castle "Boys, look!" she said to Lumiere and Cogsworth.

Lumiere and Cogsworth looked back and saw Nathan as well.

"Quick! Inside!" said Cogsworth.

So the trio entered the castle and locked the doors.

Before Nathan could enter the castle, he bumped into the door and finally gave up, so he ran back to the village and was never seen again.

Inside the castle, the three servants were exhausted.

"I think we've had enough watching over for today." said Cogsworth.

Just then, Belle and the Prince returned to the castle.

"We're back." said Belle.

The servants were stunned silent.

"How did it go while we were gone?" asked the Prince.

Lumiere, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts said nothing and then they fell to the floor, fainted.

Belle just giggled.

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