Losing Mind


Humor / Adventure
Daniella Lara
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Losing Mind

One morning in the reef, Dory was swimming in circles, trying to remember something, but since she has short term memory loss, she couldn't remember.

Dory took twenty more spins, but she still couldn't remember

Out of ideas, Dory decided to ask someone for help, so she swam out to find someone to help her.

Dory swam through a crowd of fish. "Excuse me! Can you help me?" she asked a fish.

But that fish didn't listen to Dory and swam away.

Dory asked tried to ask some other fish to help her, but they didn't listen to her.

Then, Dory had an idea. She decided to ask Marlin and Nemo for help, so she swam off to find Marlin and Nemo's anemone.

When Dory reached Marlin and Nemo's anemone, she looked around to see if Marlin and Nemo were around.

Then, Dory looked in the anemone. "Marlin? Nemo? are you in here?" she called out.

But Marlin and Nemo were asleep.

When Dory approached the anemone, the anemone's tentacle stung her fin, which woke up Marlin and Nemo.

"Dory, what are you doing here?" asked Marlin.

"Oh, sorry to wake you up. Anyway, can you help me?" asked Dory.

"Um... Okay, what can we do to help you?" asked Marlin.

"Well, I'm trying to remember something that I just saw, but I can't remember." said Dory.

"What was the last thing you remembered?" asked Marlin.

"I don't remember." said Dory.

"Well, we can't help you if you don't remember." said Marlin.

Dory thought for a second. "Wait, I think I remembered something." she said.

"What did you remember?" asked Marlin.

"Well, um... I was near some coral reef, and I saw a leg and I didn't know what it was. But I don't know where it is." said Dory.

Marlin was confused. "Then how are we gonna know where it is and what it was?" he asked.

Then, Nemo had an idea. "I think I know where Dory was." he said.

"Are you sure you know where it is, son?" asked Marlin.

"Yeah, my class and I have seen it before." said Nemo.

With that, Nemo swam out. "Follow me, guys." he said.

So Marlin and Dory followed Nemo as they swam to the coral reef at the bottom of the sea, which was were Dory saw a leg.

"Are you sure this is it, Dory?" asked Marlin.

Dory nodded in agreement. "Yes, this is the one I saw. I remembered!" she said happily.

Then, Dory saw the leg again. "Hey, look at that. I want to touch it." she said curiously.

"Dory, don't!" shouted Marlin.

But Dory had already touched the leg, so an Octopus came out.

The three fish got scared and swam away. The Octopus, however, followed them, wanting to be friends with them.

When Marlin, Dory, and Nemo looked back, they realized that the Octopus was friendly.

The Octopus decided to play a game with them, so they decided to play.

The Octopus grabbed a rock to play catch.

"Pass it to me!" Dory called out to the Octopus.

So the Octopus threw the rock to Dory.

Then, Dory passed the rock to Nemo.

"Dad, catch!" Nemo called out to Marlin.

But Marlin didn't see the rock, so it just hit his head, which made him dizzy.

Dory and Nemo laughed a little while the Octopus grinned.

Marlin just smiled and tossed the rock back to the Octopus.

Dory and her friends played for the rest of the afternoon.

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