Onion Trouble


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Daniella Lara
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Onion Trouble

One morning in the Dentist's office, the Dentist was cutting onions, using safety goggles.

Inside the fish tank, Peach was watching what the dentist was doing while the others were just chilling out.

"This is new. The Dentist seems to be cutting onions this morning." Peach announced.

"Are they contagious?" asked Gurgle.

I don't think so, but I've heard that they have an impact on vision." said Peach.

"Well, I'm sure we won't to worry about it." said Bubbles.

"Yeah, we're in water, so it shouldn't be such a big deal." said Jacques.

"I'm not so sure about this." Gurgle said nervously.

The Dentist was having a hard time cutting onions, so he accidentally tossed it into the fish tank.

Deb was talking to her sister, Flo, which was actually her reflection. Suddenly, she heard a thump. "Wait here, Flo. I'll be right back." she said to her sister.

Deb swam to the Ring of Fire and saw a half onion laying on it.

After a few seconds, Deb started crying when the onion's chemical stung her eyes, tears streaming down her face.

Gurgle noticed that Deb was crying, so he swam to her side. "Deb, what's wrong?" he asked.

"My eyes hurt!" cried Deb.

Gurgle rolled his eyes. "It's probably only dust." he said.

Then, the onion's chemical flew near Gurgle and stung his eyes.

Gurgle had tears slowly rolling down his face as he started crying as well.

Bloat noticed that his friends were crying and swam over to them. "Why are you guys crying?" he asked.

Nither Deb nor Gurgle spoke.

Gurgle rubbed his eyes while Deb cried in her fins.

"Okay..." said Bloat.

Then, the onion's chemical stung Bloat's eyes as well. Tears started streaming down his cheeks as he started crying painfully.

Then, Deb, Gurgle, and Bloat heard someone else crying in a muffled way.

The three fish turned around and saw that Peach was also crying on the wall where she usally stuck to.

"Peach, are you okay?" Bloat asked from below.

Peach didn't respond. She had already gotten her eyes stung by the onion's chemical. She also couldn't see what the dentist was doing.

Then, Bubbles was playing with the bubbles stone chest.

Suddenly, one of the bubbles caught the onion's chemical after it flew near it.

Once the bubble popped, the onion's chemical stung Bubbles's eyes, which caused him to burst into tears as he started crying as well.

While Jacques was cleaning around the tank, he heard his friends crying. He ignored the sound of crying and continued cleaning.

When Jacques approached the Ring of Fire, the onion's chemical stung his eyes.

Jacques then started crying, tears rolling down his face.

Gill got out of the skull stone and found that the gang was crying. "Gang, what's going on?" he asked the gang.

No one responded. Their vision was way too blurry to take notice of things.

When Gill approached, the onion's chemical stung his eyes as well.

Gill tried to keep himself from crying, but he couldn't. Tears were slowly rolling down his face as he shut his eyes tightly.

"Gill, I do have one request." Deb said to Gill.

"What's that, Deb?" asked Gill, wiping his eyes.

"Could you please get the Dentist to stop cutting those onions?" asked Deb.

Gill shook his head. "I'm sorry, Deb." he said.

Then, the Dentist noticed that he tossed the onion in the tank, so he removed it from the tank.

Gill was the only one who noticed it since Peach still could not use her vision through the wall. "Alright, everyone stop crying. The onion's gone." he said to the gang.

The gang sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness." said Deb.

"I knew it. Those things were contagious." said Gurgle.

"What if this happens again?" asked Bloat.

"I'm sure it was just a one-time thing." said Gill.

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