Dragon's Revenge


Follow the story of a dovahkiin in his quest for revenge, love and eventual redemption. A thought provoking story on a dragon born who is truly a hero Shiva and Miniel wanted to leave behind the life in Cyrodiil. After all he had no reason to rush for revenge he just wanted a fresh start. He decided to visit his ancestor's land Skyrim. Unable to go through morrowind they decided to take jeralls. There enroute they met a guy named Mercer. He helped them cross Jerrals through illegal means. Then halfway through he poisoned them both, made them unconcious and took all they possessed on outside Shiva's bag which was magical and he couldn't steal. When Shiva woke up he was naked with only his bag which had some ebony ingots, and all his savings. But in wild you can't live on money. The mountains were cold and Shiva didn't particularly mind that but he knew Miniel being an high elf hates cold and was still senseless. While searching for anything he found many dead bodies, mostly Nords. There he met a man in blue armour standing in the battlefield."We need help we were robbed"The man wiped tears from his eyes, pointed to the dead bodies at his feet and said,"They won't be needing that armour in afterlife.Help yourself,then follow me I will help you.."Shiva put the blue jerkin on himself and Miniel and carried her followed the man.

Action / Romance
The white wolf
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【Ralof POV】

When I saw the blinded prisoner come to senses I pulled his blindfold down from his eyes so he could atleast see. Sad i couldn't do the same for ulfric he was gagged in a pecuilar way such that only way to remove his gag was to cut it. The prisoner glared at me and the sheer strength his eyes was enough for me to look away I talked to the prisoner to my right to take my mind off the blood lust emanating from those eyes.

He looked pecuilar because of his hair; it was pale beyond compare in some places and Raven black at some others not only that but they were thick and longer than Ulfric. Though his complexion was like any other nord,his eyes were azure blue , his lips thin and his hair was braided multiple times, a symbol that his lover and he shared times alone talking and not indulging each other as in nord love stories of old. He seemed particularly young to have so much blood lust in his eyes. He had a lean body his arms didn't look so well developed but his fingers were thick and long. He had a bag slung on his back that had somehow embedded to his skin. He had mask on his face so his features below his nose were not particularly visible. But his anger was all but apparent.

I continued talking to Lokir the prisoner beside me to take my attention off the boy who hald somewhat calmed down seeing my uniform. and was looking around,Then the carriage stopped.

"This can't be happening, we are not stormcloaks you should tell them." Lokir said to me.Seriously I was getting irritated with his rants. " Face your death with courage horse thief". The boy got down behind me but instead of walking down the carriage he jumped down. only then I saw his legs. They were well muscled and tied with a small rope such that they only allowed freedom of walking.

"Get in line and answer to your name." ,the Imperial captain shouted.

Hadvar, an old friend of mine in Imperial armour started calling out names. Lokir tried to run off but was killed by archers.

Finally it was my turn as Hadvar said, "Ralof of Riverwood."

But I saw that that was end of list.

"You, prisoner in rags come forward. What is your name?"

"Shiva Strom-Bow",The boy retorted," Tell me scum why did you kill Miniel and captured the rest ? Did she really need to die? We were going to College of Winterhold. We were travellers who were poisoned in middle of road and robbed naked. How were we expected to know about this war that you were fighting and that the nords who helped us were your enemies? We met and as a token of thanks I sang them a song. We were merely resting when you killed Miniel in her sleep. Kill me when you have a chance else the Empire will pay thousandfold for my friend's death in blood."

His voice was calm and they had remived his mask to reveal an extremely handsome face. Hadvar said "Captain his name is not on list, What shall we do?"

"That boy killed ten soldiers with just knives,I believe his threat, Forget the list he goes to the block" The captain retorted angrily.

I heard a roar when one of our soldiers was beheaded, it was deafening. Next was the boy," Priestess I don't pray to divines of Imperial pantheon. I am nothing like these foolish Nords. Let me pray for myself. Mother , Kyne, Shor and Ysmir forgive me for I let rage consume me and for I am not felled in battle. I just hope Moonshadow is open for me. If only I had more time.I bid farewell to this mortal fold. Thank you Ulfric for providing me with clothing and food for free.Good bye"

He knelt on his own . The headsman was readying his axe when a dragon landed just behind him and shouted,"Fus Ro Dah".

The headsman's axe fell on his feet and Shiva was thrown towards me.The shout was directed at ground. Then the dragon roared and meteors started falling from the cloudy sky. I hauled Shiva over to closest tower where Ulfric had fled.

"Is that a dragon of legend and stories?" I asked Ulfric.

"Legends don't burn down villages. Gurnhild go and see if this fort is safe. If it is its better to stay in stone walls than go out into the flames." he said calmly.Shiva had regained his senses by now and said, "Yes they do. The evil ones atleast."

"I am sorry bard, for what happened to your sister. She was a good woman, though an elf.She did not deserve this."

"It's not your fault, Jarl Ulfric. I didnot know of your position when we met and I am grateful for what you did for us even though we were strangers.Thanks again."

"Follow Ralof and escape this. Then visit me at Windhelm sometime I would like to hear your voice again, it's mesmerising."

"You do know that I don't have any time for that first I have to make the empire pay for killing someone who was my family. Without her revenge is the only reason for my living.First empire, Then vampires, then Thalmor and no I won't join your army,because I hate obeying orders, I am the order giving kind you see and a loner at that. Huge groups make me uneasy. I can't see a comrade die right before me its infuriating and you do know that my rage is dangerous.", Shiva said calmly.

"Whatever you wish kid but we are your best bet against Empire and Thalmor. As for vampires I don't know. You have to see that yourself."

Suddenly the wall on the floor above broke and the dragon looked in and shouted "Yol toor shuul" and fore flooded the room above.

"She is a Fiesty one isn't she?",Ulfric said, " We should get going Lets split up here Ralof,bard go upstairs and try to escape through the hole that the dragon made Rest follow me."

Shiva wasted no time in going up the stairs, jumping across to the burning building outside the hole. He then dropped down and walked out of the door. I followed the suit. I saw him run across the road just as the dragon landed in front of him on the road and shouted "Yol toor shuul". Shiva just dashed across the fire to nehind the hut beside. He then ran at full speed to inside of the keep that looked intact. I followed him there and went inside with him. There I saw Bruuni dead with an axe gripped tightly in her hand. I saw that Shiva had no armour and asked him to borrow the armour from Bruuni. He obliged then he took the axe and swung it around. I saw his form, It was wrong as if he never held an axe before.

" Never used an axe before eh, lad? Give it a few swings and get aquainted."

" I am more of a Bow and Magic guy though the poison has drained most of my magicka reserves. Let's go.",He said Swinging his axe.

Shiva was not a good fighter with an axe. the thing slipped from his hand twice in a single battle against the imperials who came when he was still practicing.

"Damn this Axe, its too slippery." He then threw the thing away and attacked the heavily armoured Imperial Captain bare handed. He deflected her blade with the palm of his hand and then closed the distance then he grabbed her throat picked her up an then threw her down he slowly walked upto her face and planted his foot into her face brutally killing her. This act of brutality was so visceral the other two soldiers ignored me and tried to use shield against him he just created a huge fireball and hit the soldier farthest from me,Yet the heat form the blast reached me and singed me after passing through two soldiers.They were burned to crisp in a matter of seconds.

"Keep your damn spells off me you fool" I retorted,"I am on your side."

"Thats why I hate working in groups,And sorry Ralof i tried to keep the power in check that's why I used fire because its the least powerful of my spells."

"If this was weak which is your strongest?" I asked.

He knelt and scrapped the imperial armour and put it on.he took an Imperial sword, equipped it on waist. Then he took the bow she had and put it on his back along with some arrows. Then he put some knives behind his back and then put his backpack on again.

"Now I can fight properly. Stay behind and watch my back. Frost magics are my strongest but I am out of magicka. As I said I was poisoned which has decreased the regeneration speed of my magicka and also the amount I have."

I could not reply, surprised at how strong he seemed. He was already stronger than me, maybe not physically but magically but he was at a disadvantage as his magicka had depleted.

He moved crouched and held his bow at hand and an arrow between index and middle finger.

He walked down the steps, when he was on a corridor that collapsed because the dragon above was wreaking havok. He opened the closest door and went in, I followed.He then pulled the bow string,but he pulled it almost double of how much I could. When he let the arrow loose it hit the soldier right at his exposed neck. Poor man was ordering his subordinate to take as much resources as possible. The subordinate was surprised to see the falling captain.

I rushed to the soldier to finish him off and buried my axe in him. Shiva was calm and composed and now readied two arrows between his ring, index and middle fingers but held only one with the other hand.

"Take any rescources you need. Then we go ahead I saw some soldiers on other side the corridor before the collapse. You may need them." I took some health and stamina potions and said, " Let's go.."

He crouched again and moved silently. The armour made less noise even though it was a heavy armour. Some distance forward he saw an imperial torturer fighting our soldiers he let the arrows in rapid succesion and it hit the torturer in his back and neck . His assistant was made short work of by me joining others.

Shiva just moved forward slowly and sneakily.We passed a group of jails and entered a bridge it was an open space. Not meant for sneaking, yet he crept slowly towards the captain. " For skyrim" one of the soldiers bellowed and ran ahead, But one of shiva' s arrows hit the captain immediately before us and cleared the bridge then he stood up and threw two daggers at the soldiers on other side both hit the same soldier at chest and he fell backward. Not willing to miss any chance he ran across the room and buried the sword in the other soldier, who he pushed on the already downed soldier burying the daggers deeper. Meanwhile we were keeping others busy he ran down and jumped on a soldier held his shoulder and planted the heavy foot in his back and pulled essencially breaking his back. The one left went down with a swing of warhammer from the man beside me. But it's not that fr Shiva was unharmed an arrow stuck to his shoulder just where a kink was present.

" These armour just slow me down. I need to be quicker" he said while pulling out the arrow," By Ysmir I hate the pain." " Lets go", I said, lowering the drawbridge. "Damn dragon " I cursed as the wall again collapsed just behind Shiva.

"One of these days I am going to kill that damn dragon",Shiva smirked ," It's seriously annoying me."

"Nice joke, prettyboy, Grow some beard first", I joked back.

" Ok fun time is over lets..." Shiva said as he collapsed.

I had to fight my way out carrying him on my back. I had to do that till I reached Riverwood.There I took him to Gerdur my sister. There she stripped his armour and I saw his ripped body, it had no scars except for the hole in his shoulder, which was healing itself at a rapid rate. Gerdur cut him up removed the poison and bandaged him with linen. The real problem was his bag, It was magical as anything I put in it came out on other side and I could not retrieve anything from it. Also I was unable to pull it far away from Shiva.

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