A Different Path


Epilogue Normal

There is a rumor spread throughout the world. A boogeyman to all magi who would prey on the weak, and those that would harm the populace.

He exists in the shadows, and the only confirmation of his existance is due to Lorelei, who refuses to go anywhere near where he was last sighted.

Not a hero of justice, not a human. It could be said to be a force of nature akin to the Beasts of Alaya or Primate Murder.

Said to be the Ultimate One of Earth, and the Sixth Sorcerer...

The Sword of Akasha.

The Sword looked out from his perch to the city he was bound to protect.

It was night, and Fuyuki was quiet, as it had been for years now. A farcry from the ensuing chaos right after his 'birth'. Even so, he continued his vigil.

Standing on the highest building, he watched for any threat. A silent sentinel whose presence went unnoticed by everyone... that is except for the man who appeared behind him.

"You're still hiding?"

The Sword turned around and looked towards the intruder.

If someone were to observe them, it would have been like seeing twins. The man standing in front of the Sword was identical in almost every way.

And yet they couldn't be any more different.

"Herr Einzbern."

The Sword inclined his head in greeting.

The man sighed. "Do you still insist on calling me that? Can't you at least call me Archer, like he did?"

"...I am not Emiya Shirou, Herr Einzbern."

Archer shook his head and stood on the Sword's side. "So you keep saying."

There was a moment of silence between the two, with only the night wind as company.

"...Have you met them yet?"

The Sword was silent.

Again, Archer sighed. "After all this time, you still insist on keeping your distance? Of keeping your-"

"They are not my children, Herr Einzbern. I cannot be there for them like He, or those He cared for, would want me to be. You know this. They know this."

Archer narrowed his eyes. "So you're running away."

"It is for their own good."

Archer let out an exasperated sigh. "Damn, you're too stubborn for your own good, Shi-"

"Do not call me that, Archer."

"Oh? So you can be irritated after all."

A satisfied smirk appeared on Archer's face.

The Sword refused to show any signs of irritation.

There was another moment of silence, and then Archer said, "They miss you, you know? You, and not Emiya Shirou."

"...They are lying to themselves."

He was a Sword. Nothing more, nothing less. He existed solely for their protection, to ensure their happiness. A tool meant to be wielded.

Not human.

"...If you say so."

Archer turned around to leave, but stopped before he reached the roof's edge and turned back. "Tomorrow's the birthday party for the kids. They want you to come. Even if you don't want to be a part of their lives. If you want them to be happy, at least... Well, I guess it doesn't really matter, does it?"

Archer faced the roof, and said, "I don't know what you'll choose or how your life will end, but remember this:

Emiya Shirou would not have wanted you to be just a Sword. For their sake, as well as your own, I hope you remember that."

And then he was gone, leaving the Sword alone on the roof.

"...I am the bone of my sword..."

The Sword shook his head and continued looking out at the city.

Happiness? Something like him wasn't capable of it.

He was a sword, nothing more.

"Right, Emiya Shirou...?"

A silent observer standing off in the distance. He will one day wake to the paradox, doubting his existance and very 'origin'.

Reach out your hand and catch the falling pieces, then hold my trembling heart and leap into the night. Isn't it enough to live for someone else and let this moment be all there is? Let's gently cast aside our false selves and just be who we really are.


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