A Different Path


Epilogue True

From a place outside time and space, even reality itself, he observes. Silent, yet watching.

His universe came to an end ages ago, those he cared for fading into dust as all did.

They lived long and fruitful lives, happy and carefree. Unbothered by the burdens of magic, by the monsters in the dark, it was an ordinary end to what was once extraordinary.

Emiya Shirou was alone, having watched humanity come to an end and those he cared for fulfill their lives.

This was what he had wished for. What he had achieved.

Rin became a world-class researcher, eventually curing the greatest of diseases with her brilliant mind.

Sakura was always chasing after her sister's success, but never in her shadow. Without Matou Zouken around, and without magic, the Tohsaka family remained together, albeit with Tokiomi being an aloof researcher back in Britain.

Ayako's life remained as it would have been had she never been drawn into the war, and she obtained an ordinary happiness.

It was a world where Emiya Kiritsugu could retire from his freelancing to live with Ilya and her mother. Where Issei became the head monk of Ryuudou temple and lived a long and calm life.

Where Emiya Shirou did not exist, and his self before the fire remained just an ordinary kid.

But that was what had been. Now, nothing existed in that reality but empty worlds and desolate wastelands across the universe. Humanity had a long run, but in time it too wasted away, meeting its inevitable end.

Emiya Shirou was alone, the Maker of a peaceful reality and now the ruler of an empty void, unable to disappear and unwilling to start again.

...But Fate had other plans for him.

I hereby propose.

A calling, waking the Creator from his timeless slumber. An impossibility that shouldn't occur, and yet was.

Thou shalt come under my command, and thy sword shall control my fate.

"...This feeling..."

Abiding by the summons of the Holy Grail, if thou dost accede to this will and reason, answer me.

A chance. A miracle to set things right without resorting to resetting the universe. To be 'Emiya Shirou the Hero' and not 'Emiya Shirou the Creator'.

I hereby swear. I am all that is good in the eternal world. I am the disposer of evil in the eternal world.

...But should he? He had chosen this path long ago, and came to terms with what it meant.

Thou, clad with the Great Trinity, come forth from the circle of constraint...

"...Heh. Looks like I've no choice in the matter."

Shirou shifted his weary body and started moving towards the source of the call.

Guardian of the Heavens!

An explosion of light.

Rin opened her eyes after shielding them from the sudden brightness.

A man, with glowing silver hair and eyes, dressed in clothes of purest white.

He took one look at her, and then let out a serene smile. "So you are my Master... how fitting."

An aura of sheer power, beyond anything that Rin could have imagined.

For a second, Rin glanced at the garnet pendant she had used as a catalyst. Huh. Guess it was a better catalyst than I thought.

And then it hit her. Without a doubt, she had summoned the strongest card.

The man knelt to the ground, like a knight would before a princess, and bowed his head. "I am Servant Saver, the one summoned to be at your side in this war."

It was strange. He seemed... familiar, for some reason. Rin couldn't place it, and that was bothering her. She should know this person, did know this person, and yet...

Her thoughts were cut off by his brilliant smile, one that took her breath away with how pure it was.

"I will ensure your happy end."

Another chance, a different fate. The Savior descends upon a war for the Holy Grail...

To the location where you wait for a miracle you vowed to a melody of sorrow. In place of the voice of hope heading towards tomorrow. Together, let us create it...


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