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Here's the answer to the trivia question from the last chapter. Everyone either answered "Bruce from Finding Nemo" or "Bruce, the mechanical shark used in Jaws". When I was writing I was thinking of Jaws, then I remembered about Bruce from Nemo. (Technically he is a reference to "Jaws") So I guess either answer is correct. Thanks for playing along.

Team CRDL sneaked up the stairs which lead to the upper dorm rooms. Cardin held a jar of glue.

"Are you sure about this, Cardin?" Sky Lark asked.

"This will teach that blonde bimbo not to mess with me." Cardin said.

"She got detention yesterday." Dove said.

"That was the school's doing, this is for me." Cardin said.

"Think about this for a second, Cardin. You seen the way she has been acting towards that guy, they are probably dating. If she doesn't put you in the hospital, then he will put you into the ground." Russell said.

"Relax, they won't see us. We will be fine." Cardin said.

They reached the top of the steps and stepped in the hallway. Cardin noticed two sleeping figures outside RWBY's dorm. He grinned at himself.

"Well, look what we have here." Cardin said, "The two lovebirds all alone. This will be easy."

"I don't like this, Cardin. Let's forget about it." Russell said.

"Shut up." Cardin said.

Cardin stepped quietly up to his targets and crouched down next to Yang. He opened the jar of glue and prepared himself to pour it on Yang's golden hair. Before Cardin was able to tip the jar, he heard a "Snikt" sound and something broke the skin of his chin.

"You must have a death wish." Kyle said.

Cardin fell back and pushed himself away from the two. Kyle slid his arm out from underneath Yang and stood up. He walked towards Cardin and shot his right blade out again.

"You certainly know how to ruin a good morning." Kyle said.

"Easy man, it was just a joke." Cardin said.

"A joke that can get you killed. Question is, would it be by me…" Kyle pointed to Yang, "Or her?"

"Oh no…" Cardin whimpered.

Kyle sighed, "I really don't feel like getting blood on my clothes. Take your hyenas and get out of here."

Cardin scrambled to his feet and ran away with the rest of his team. Kyle looked back at Yang and saw that she was starting to wake up. She sat up and began to stretch.

"What's going on?" Yang yawned.

"Cardin being an idiot again." Kyle said.

"What now?" Yang asked slightly annoyed.

"Apparently he was going to dump a jar of glue on your hair." Kyle said.

"That mother…" Yang started as she got up.

Kyle placed his hands on her shoulders to calm her, "It's alright. I already scared him off."

Yang wrapped her arm around Kyle's neck, "You sure do take great care of me." She said.

"I take care of all my friends." Kyle said.

They hugged each other and let go. Yang stood in front of the dorm room.

"So how are we getting back in? We need to shower for the day." Yang said.

"You get the pillows and blankets; I will get the door for you." Kyle said.

Yang began to pick up the items while Kyle stood at a distance from the door. He took a few deep breaths and charged with his shoulder. He slammed through the door, forcing it open. The sound woke up the sleeping girls and Ruby came tumbling out of her bed and landed face first on the floor.

"Ow!" Ruby's voice was muffled by the floor.

Weiss glared at Kyle, "What is your problem with the door!?"

"You locked us out, Weiss." Kyle said.

Yang walked in with the pillows and blankets, "Why don't you spend the night in the hallway for once." She set the items on Kyle's bed.

"If your "boyfriend" didn't anger me, then you two wouldn't have been in that situation." Weiss said.

"What did I do to get thrown out?" Yang asked.

"I was trying to be courteous and let you two lovers have some alone time." Weiss said.

"We are not lovers." Kyle said.

"So you say." Weiss dismissed him.

"Puttana." Kyle said.

"What did you call me?" Weiss asked.

"Get a translator." Kyle said.

"Do you prefer 'bitch', 'slut', or 'whore'?" Blake asked.

Everyone looked at Blake, who held a book in her hand. She waved the book in the air.

"Now all you have to do is ask me." Blake said.

Weiss glared at Kyle, "You're lucky that you are not dead yet."

"Well…" Yang interrupted, "We should get in the shower. I'll go first since someone rudely threw me out last night."

Weiss rolled her eyes.

Yang opened the bathroom door and stopped, "You're more than welcome to join me, Kyle."

"Yang…" Kyle said.

"Just kidding." Yang said and closed the door behind her.

Kyle smiled and shook his head in amusement.

It was Friday and the school decided to give the students a "Half day". After lunch the students were free to do as they please. Both Team RWBY and JNPR were at lunch now and Yang was telling a story, she was trying to convince the others that it actually happened.

"Yang, you know that did not happen." Kyle said.

"Of course it did." Yang said.

She covered her chest with one arm and held her head up with her other hand, acting seductive.

"Oh, Kyle. I'm so hot. You turn me on." Yang said in fake ecstasy.

"Yang, if Weiss heard me talking about her period then they would heard us if we made love." Kyle said.

A paper ball bounced off Kyle's head. He turned to see who threw it and saw Weiss giving him a death stare. Kyle just stuck up his middle finger at her.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Yang teased while rubbing her body.

"Yang cut it out." Kyle said.

"I didn't hear anything last night." Jaune said.

"Me neither." Blake said.

"Nope." Ruby said while shaking her head.

"You see? Everyone is calling you on your BS." Kyle said.

Yang huffed and held her head up with her hand, "You guys are no fun."

Velvet walked up to the table where the two teams sat. She shuffled her feet as she grew more nervous.

"Um… e-excuse me." Velvet said.

Everyone looked at her and smiled, except Weiss who was busy with her nails again.

"Hello, Velvet." Blake said.

"Hi, Velvet. How are you doing?" Kyle said.

"Um… well…" she started.

"Is Cardin picking on you again?" Kyle asked.

Velvet shook her head, "No. I was wondering if… c-could I… could I sit with you?"

Kyle smiled, "It's okay with me. What about the rest of you?"

"I don't see why not." Yang said.

"She is more than welcome to sit us." Pyrrha said.

"Sure." Blake said.

"OKAY!" Nora yelled out.

Ren quietly nodded his approval.

"I don't mind." Ruby said.

"You could sit next to me if you want." Jaune said knowing that she was bullied like he was.

Everyone looked at Weiss, who seemed to be ignoring everyone right now.

"Weiss, what about you?" Kyle asked.

She looked at the rabbit eared Faunus and sighed, "I guess I'll make it unanimous."

Kyle smiled, "Take a seat, Velvet. You can join us anytime you want."

"Thank you." Velvet said.

The Faunus sat down across from Kyle and next to Jaune. She began nibbling on the baby carrots she had in a styrofoam bowl.

"So, what do you have planned for today Velvet?" Yang asked to make conversation.

"Running and hiding." Velvet said.

"Like 'Hide and seek'?" Ruby asked.

"No. I run to… to…" Velvet tried to get the words out.

Kyle knew what she was trying to say. It took almost all of his willpower to not hunt down Cardin and blast him in the head with his gun. Kyle thought of an idea.

"Why don't we try something different, Velvet?" Kyle asked.

"Huh?" Velvet was curious.

"Look, we are free to do anything after lunch and the weekend is after that. Why don't we go to town?" Kyle suggested.

"Yeah! We could head to the arcade!" Yang said.

"I-I don't know how to play arcade games." Velvet said.

"It's okay. You could watch us if you like, and if really don't want to go then we go wherever you like." Kyle said.

"But what if we run into someone who hates Faunus? I don't want you to get caught up in my troubles." Velvet said.

"Most people know what I look like. No one should mess with you with me around." Kyle said.

"But what if they do?" Velvet asked.

"Then they are going to get one heck of a reminder." Kyle said.

"And you can count on me too." Yang said.

"Same here." Jaune said.

Velvet smiled, "Okay, I'll go with you.

After lunch they went into a transport to Vale. We they reached port; Yang took the lead and showed everyone the way to the arcade she talked about. They reached the arcade and saw the assorted games within the building. They had shooters, racing, fighting games, and other games that gave out tickets to win prizes at the register.

"Come on, let's do this one first." Yang said.

She grabbed Kyle's hand and started to drag him to the game she wanted to play. It was a motorcycle racing game where the controller was shaped like a motorcycle. Yang put the coins in the machine so she and Kyle could race each other. Both of them sat on the cycles and Yang chose a hard race track.

"Really, Yang, really?" Kyle said.

"Come on, it will be fun." Yang said.

They started the race and went against each other and the computer controlled racers. Kyle stumbled over himself trying to lean to make his racer turn, while Yang had an easier time with the machine with her riding a real motorcycle before. She had already reached first place. They had one more lap to go and Yang held a steady lead, Kyle continued trying to keep himself on the machine. There was one more turn in the race and Yang made a perfect turn, while Kyle turned and fell of his motorcycle. Yang raised her arms in the air in victory.

"I win!" Yang yelled.

Kyle groaned on the ground. Yang stood above him and grinned.

"Loser has to kiss the winner." Yang said.

"Oh come on." Kyle said.

Yang pointed to her cheek, "It won't kill you. Just one little one."

"Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss." Ruby chanted.

Soon everyone else began chanting to convince Kyle. He rolled his eyes and kissed Yang on the cheek. Yang squealed and hugged him tight.

"You did it!" Yang said.

"Because if I didn't, then you wouldn't leave me alone." Kyle said.

Yang smiled and gave Kyle a "Boop" on his nose. Everyone split up to play their own games. Ruby dragged Kyle this time and led him to a shooting game titled "Terminator: Salvation". Ruby picked up the gun and motioned Kyle to use the other gun. He picked up the other gun and put the coins in the machine.

"Are you any good with this game?" Kyle asked.

Ruby tapped the magazine on the gun, "Cant' you guess?"

Meanwhile, Velvet was playing "Dance Dance Revolution" with Blake. Velvet was smiling the entire time she was dancing, she was able to relax and have fun with people who didn't care about her ears. She remembered her adoptive parents; both of them were human and they never cared about Velvet's ears, they only cared about the person that Velvet was. Velvet shed a tear.

"Are you okay, Velvet?" Blake asked.

"Yes. I'm just having fun." Velvet said.

Weiss and Yang were playing an arcade version of "Street Fighter". Yang had bet 100 lien that she could beat Weiss at this game. However…

"Are you serious!?" Yang yelled.

Weiss grinned and held out her hand, "Pay up."

Yang groaned and gave the money to Weiss.

Nora was playing a "Whack-a-mole" game and was having fun with it. Ren watched from behind to make sure that Nora didn't break the machine. Jaune was with Pyrrha at a claw machine stuffed with animals. Jaune was able to get a grip on a stuffed bear with a red body and yellow paws and belly. The machine carried it to the drop chute and let go of the bear. Jaune took the bear out of the machine and gave it to Pyrrha.

"Here, t-this is for you Pyrrha." Jaune said.

Pyrrha blushed and took the bear, "Thank you Jaune, this is sweet."

Everyone finished their game and met up by the entrance.

"What now?" Ruby asked.

"How about we try this?" Kyle pointed to a machine with a punching bag.

"What do we do with that?" Ruby asked.

"You just punch the bag and the machine will rate your strength." Kyle said.

Kyle put in a coin and Ruby stepped up to the bag. She punched the bag as hard as she could and it was pushed back into the machine, the machine read "425".

"Oh yeah!" Ruby said while flexing her muscles.

Kyle put in another coin and took his turn. The punch sent the bag back into the machine and it read "600".

"How's that?" Kyle said.

Yang put her coin in and took a swing. The machine read "725".

"I beat you 'Mister Muscles'." Yang teased.

"My turn!" Nora said and put her coin in.

"Wait, Nora!" Ren yelled.

Nora punched the bag and the machine sparked and springs shot out of it.

"Did I win?" Nora asked.

"Run!" Kyle yelled.

Kyle ran to the exit, but Jaune ran out in front of him.

"Women and me first!" Jaune yelled.

Kyle pulled Jaune back, "Get out of the way!"

Jaune pulled Kyle back, and then Kyle pulled Jaune again, then back to Jaune, then back to Kyle. Weiss stomped her way to the door and pushed the two boys away.

"Move it you dolts!" Weiss said.

Kyle grabbed Weiss's arm, "Hey!"

Weiss slapped Kyle in the face and walked out of the arcade. Jaune stood there laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Kyle smacked Jaune in the forehead and left.

"Sanctuary!" Jaune yelled as he ran out.

Finished for the day, the group went to the transport back to Beacon. They returned to the building with the dorms. Velvet thanked her friends and went her separate way to her dorm. The rest reached their floor and stopped outside their doors.

"Well that was fun. What are we doing tomorrow?" Yang asked.

"We'll see in the morning." Kyle said.

"Goodnight guys." Jaune said.

"Night." Everyone said at the same time.

Team RWBY got dressed in their night attire and went to bed. Kyle didn't know how busy he would be this weekend.

This chapter came out sooner than expected, so go ahead and review and tell me what I did wrong. I have an update on my two other stories, I have major writers block! I'm trying to talk with my friends to get some ideas out, hopefully that will help. I you had read these stories and want to help out, please PM me with ideas.

RWBY Games: I'm doing a "Playstation Allstars" chapter. I'm stuck because I don't know which characters RWBY would pick.

Movie Night with RWBY: I haven't started writing yet, but I want to do the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". I got a few scenes from the begining of the movie, but not the rest.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again for reading. See you in the next chapter.

Trivia: You seen that Kyle will sometimes speak in another language. What language is it?

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