Ghost of a Man

A Sick RWBY pt1

Trivia answer: Yes, he does speak in Italian.

Also I got my Ruby figure in the mail today and I love it. Thank you Rooster Teeth! Can not wait for the rest of the team.

Kyle woke up refreshed and stepped out of bed. He stretched and looked over at his teammates. He saw that they were still in bed, which was unusual.

"Morning girls." Kyle said.

All he heard was moans from his friends.

"Are you okay?" Kyle asked.

Weiss poked her head up, "What do you think?"

Her face was a bit red. Kyle walked up to her and placed his hand on her forehead. Weiss was running a fever.

"That's not good." Kyle said.

"No kidding?" Weiss asked sarcastically.

Kyle looked on the top bunk to check on Ruby. She had her back turned on him.

"How are you holding up, Ruby?" Kyle asked.

She turned and her skin looked a very sickly pale color, "My tummy doesn't feel so- Mmph!" Ruby covered her mouth.

Kyle took the hint and quickly grabbed a trash bin. He handed it to Ruby and she threw up inside the bucket. Weiss shivered as she heard Ruby spilled her stomach in the bucket.

"Okay, so you have a nasty stomach bug." Kyle said.

Ruby moaned, "Can I have some cookies, please?"

"No Ruby, the last thing your stomach need is all that sugar." Kyle said.

"Please?" Ruby begged.

"Do you know how bad thrown up cookies taste?" Kyle asked.

Ruby put her head back in the bucket and threw up again. Kyle groaned and walked over to Yang's bed.

"Yang, could you help me out here?" Kyle asked.

Yang moaned and sat up. She opened her mouth and no words came out. She tried again and nothing.

"Yang?" Kyle grew concerned.

Yang moved her mouth trying to talk, but no words came out. She started flapping her arms, while trying to talk still.

"Alright, alright. You lost your voice. I get it." Kyle said.

Yang massaged her throat.

"And you have a sore throat. Okay, I guess I have to take care of you too." Kyle said.

Yang closed her eyes and pressed her lips together.

"A kiss isn't going to make you feel better, Yang." Kyle said.

Yang huffed and laid her back against the wall behind her. Kyle rolled his eyes and kissed Yang on her forehead.

"There. Are you happy now?" Kyle asked.

Yang smiled and kissed Kyle on the cheek. Kyle bent down and checked on Blake.

"And what's your deal?" Kyle asked.

Blake coughed and sniffled, "I can hardly breathe." Her voice was hoarse. "And I can't stop coughing." She started coughing again.

Kyle stood up, "Okay, I know I need to get some medicine for you. I'm going to talk with JNPR to see if they can watch you until I get back."

Kyle walked out of the dorm and towards JNPR's door. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Pyrrha opened the door, she was dress in a golden nightgown and her hair was down instead of her usual ponytail.

"Good morning, Kyle." Pyrrha said.

"Hello Pyrrha, are you and Jaune busy?" Kyle asked.

"No. Is something wrong?" Pyrrha asked.

"My team is sick." Kyle said.

Jaune walked up in his all-body pajamas, "Everyone is sick?"

"Yes, and I need someone to watch over them while I get the medicine they need." Kyle said.

"Don't worry. Jaune and I will watch them. Right, Jaune?" Pyrrha asked.

"Sure." Jaune said.

"Thank you. Keep an eye on Ruby, she's…." Kyle started.

Everyone heard Ruby throwing up loudly. Jaune and Pyrrha cringed as they heard it.

"Ruby! That better have been in the bucket!" Kyle yelled.

"It's on my gown!" Weiss cried.

"Merda!" (Shit!) Kyle cursed.

"Just go and get what you need. We got this." Pyrrha said.

"Okay, I'll be back soon." Ruby threw up again and Weiss cried again, "Good luck you two." Kyle finished.

Pyrrha put her hand on Jaune's shoulder, "Let's get started."

Ruby threw up again. Jaune slumped his shoulders and dropped his head.

Kyle was now on a transport to Vale. He stood in the dust plane and thought to himself. He tried to think about his future, but it was blocked by his thoughts of the Purists. He tried to think about Yang, but the same thing happened. Kyle grew frustrated with himself. He looked at his hand and clenched his fist.

'I must find Dustin Chase quickly. Once I kill him then I will be able to focus on someone more important, Yang.' Kyle thought.

He stepped off the transport and headed to the nearest drug store. He wandered down the aisles to look for the medicine he needs. He got a bottle for fevers and coughs, then he went and got a liquid stomach medicine and throat spray for sore throats. He went to the register to pay for the medicine. In front of him was a young Faunus woman was begging to receive medicine from the pharmacists.

"Please sir, the children at my orphanage are very sick. All I ask is just enough to help them." She said.

"We don't serve you kind. I could care less if every one of you got sick and died off." The pharmacists said.

"But, please…" the Faunus begged.

"Get out of here!" the pharmacists yelled.

The Faunus woman cried and ran out of the store. Kyle grew angry at what transpired, but he suppressed his rage for now. He walked up to the register and paid for the medicine. He took one of the bottles and looked at it.

"I'm sorry, I forgot my glasses. Could you tell me the directions for this?" Kyle asked.

"Of course." The pharmacists said, and leaned in to look at the bottle, "It says that you…"

Kyle grabbed his head and slammed it into the cash register, forcing the drawer open. The pharmacists fell to the ground, knocked out. Kyle took his money back and took the medicine with him.

"Thank you for your generous donation." Kyle said.

As Kyle left, he looked up at the security camera and flipped it off as if he was giving every discriminatory person the finger. He left the store and found the Faunus from before sitting on the ground, crying her eyes out. He handed the bag to her.

"Here. Use this medicine to make sure the children get well." Kyle said.

The woman smiled and gave Kyle a hug, "Thank you kind sir! You don't know how much this means!"

"It's alright now. The children should be fine with your care." Kyle said.

The Faunus woman nodded and took the bag of medicine. She turned and ran off to her destination. Kyle smiled to himself, knowing that he had done some more good in the world.

'I can't deny it, that felt really good. But it still doesn't change the fact that my friends are still sick. I know it would take more than an illness to take them down, but it's no fun going through it. Hmm… I remember that my mother sometimes used some home remedies when I was sick, maybe I could do the same with my friends.' Kyle thought.

Kyle began walking to the nearest bookstore for a book on "Home Remedies".

'I wonder how they are holding up?' Kyle thought.

Ruby threw up for the umpteenth time today.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha yelled.

"I'll get the mop." Jaune said.

Kyle walked in the bookstore where he was greeted by the store clerk. She was a few years older than Kyle and she had light brown hair worn in pigtails.

"Hello." She said, "Can I help you find something?"

"Yes. I am looking for a book on home remedies that I can use to help my friends." Kyle said.

"Oh dear. Are they okay?" the clerk asked.

"They are fine. It's just one of those '24 hour flu' deals." Kyle said.

"And you want to make them home made medicine?" the clerk asked.

"I know from experience that it's better than using store-bought medicine." Kyle said.

"I have just the book you need. Please wait here while I get it for you." The clerk said.

"Thank you, Ma'am." Kyle said.

It took two minutes for the clerk to find the book and bring it back to Kyle. He paid for the book and thanked the clerk for her help. He returned to the transport back to Beacon and read the book on his way there. He read through the book and found some ways to help Team RWBY, he also grinned because he thought of a joke to play on them for once. He reached the dorm room and opened the door.

"Hey guys, I got…" A horrid smell went in Kyle's nose and made him stumble back, "Oh man! What the hell died in here!?"

"Ruby. At least ten times today." Weiss said, she was now dressed in a black lace bra and matching panties.

"Sorry, Weiss." Ruby said.

"What did I tell you about opening you mouth? Do not open it unless you are 100% over your stomach bug." Weiss said.

Kyle looked at Weiss and raised an eyebrow. She must have run out of gowns to change into.

"What are you looking at?" Weiss asked annoyed.

"My patient." Kyle answered, "Now I have two choices for you. We can use home remedies like my mother use to do, or we do this the old fashioned way."

The girls looked at each other.

"There are some weird things with home remedies." Blake said hoarsely.

"I have heard of this as well. I guess we will do 'The old fashioned way'." Weiss said.

Kyle sighed and reached behind the door, he pulled out a huge glass rod. Everyone looked at the antique with wide eyes. Pyrrha and Jaune came back inside and saw Kyle.

"Hello Kyle, I didn't know you came back." Pyrrha said.

"What the heck is that thing!?" Jaune pointed to the glass rod that Kyle held.

"It's a thermometer. Thank you for watching them guys, I can take things from here." Kyle said.

"Umm… Sure… Bye!" Jaune said and dragged Pyrrha with him back to their dorm.

"Okay, who's first to have their temperature taken?" Kyle asked.

The girls looked at each other.

"Fine. Ruby, you're first." Kyle said.

Ruby jumped down from her bed and walked up to Kyle. She opened her mouth for the thermometer.

"No, you bend over for this one." Kyle said.

Ruby's eyes widened. She covered her rear and backed up to the wall.

"Nuh Uh!" Ruby shook her head.

"Come on." Kyle said.

Ruby continued shaking her head.

"Fine. Weiss you go and show her that there's nothing wrong." Kyle said.

"NO! You are not putting that antique glass inside my posterior!" Weiss yelled.

Kyle sighed, "Yang?"

Yang pointed to the thermometer and shook her head and then tapped her bottom.

"She said that you are not shoving that thing up her butt." Blake said.

Yang shook her head and swatted herself harder.

"Sorry, she said 'Ass' not 'Butt'." Blake said.

"How about you, Blake?" Kyle asked.

Blake glared at him, "Fuck you!" she started coughing again.

"Hey it's either this and the giant ass pills that I found, or the remedies I have in this book I got." Kyle said.

"The book." RWB said; Yang nodded in approval.

Kyle put the large thermometer away and took the book and bag he brought with him.

"It will be a while for me to make this, please be patient." Kyle said.

The girls nodded and Kyle went in the bathroom. A few minutes later and Kyle stepped out of the bathroom with four glasses for the sick girls. He set the glasses on the desk and picked up a glass that looked like syrup.

"Okay Yang, this is for you. Try to swallow this." Kyle said.

Yang looked at the glass and raised an eyebrow while pointing at it.

"It's honey and onion juice mixed together." Kyle said.

Yang covered her mouth and shook her head.

"Yang, I wouldn't give it to you unless it would help you. Please try it." Kyle said.

Yang shook her head.

"Wouldn't that make her feel worse?" Blake asked not believing Kyle's treatment would work.

"It's for her throat. She will be fine." Kyle said.

Blake jerked Kyle down and glared at him, "If she throws up on me, then I will rip off your privates and hang them above the doorway for everyone to see."

She let go of him and Kyle tried to give Yang her drink. She continued shaking her head.

"Come on, Yang." Kyle said.

Yang shook her head.

Kyle rolled his eyes and started to tickle Yang's stomach. She tried to resist, but she let go of her mouth and tried to get Kyle to stop. Kyle took this opportunity to lightly pinch Yang's nose and pour the honey and onion in her mouth. Yang covered her mouth again and jumped out of her bed to run to the bathroom.

Blake held her fingers close together so they were barely touching, "You were this close to having a vasectomy." She said hoarsely.

Kyle ran into the bathroom and held Yang's hair so she wouldn't accidently spit up on it. Yang finished and Kyle helped her back up on her feet and led her back to the room.

"Here, you can rest on my bed." Kyle said.

Yang nodded and sat down on the edge.

"You better tell us what you have for the rest of us." Weiss said.

"I got orange juice for Blake, lime juice for Ruby, and grape juice for you Weiss." Kyle said.

Yang slapped Kyle's shoulder. It looked like she was complaining about the drinks Kyle was giving the other girls.

"I didn't see any fruit drinks that would help with sore throats." Kyle said.

Yang folded her arms.

"Look, we will look through the book and try to find something that you can take. Okay?" Kyle asked.

Yang nodded.

Kyle went back to the glasses and picked up the glass filled with orange juice.

"Okay Blake, here you go." Kyle handed her the glass.

Blake looked it over, "You didn't put anything else in here did you?"

"No. It's just fresh squeezed orange juice." Kyle said.

Blake looked at him.

"I used the seedless kind of oranges." Kyle said.

Blake looked at the glass and took a sip. It was plain orange juice, "Thank you."

"Just try to drink as much as you can." Kyle said.

Kyle picked up the glass with lime juice inside and went to Ruby, "Okay, this is it."

"I don't like all lime juice." Ruby said.

"I'm not asking for you to down the whole glass, just take a sip every now and then." Kyle said.

Ruby took a sip of the juice and spat out her tongue.

"Just take it easy and sip this if you think you need it." Kyle said.

He grabbed the grape juice and handed it to Weiss, "Don't tell me you don't like grape juice." Kyle said.

Weiss snatched the glass and sipped the juice.

"That's good, at least you like it." Kyle said.

"You better not get sick, or I will feed you grape juice with the glass." Weiss said.

"I don't think so, grapes don't agree with me." Kyle said.

Kyle took his remedy book off the desk and walked to his bed. He laid down next to Yang and he flipped to the section with sore throat remedies. They looked through the sections, but Yang hadn't found anything yet. Kyle turned the page and they continued looking. Yang stopped Kyle and pointed to one remedy on the page.

'Mix lemon juice, honey, and apple cider. Drink at least twice a day.' The remedy said.

"Are you sure you can do this?" Kyle asked.

Yang nodded.

"Okay. I will get you some apple cider from the cafeteria tomorrow. Will you be fine with plain water for right now?" Kyle asked.

Yang put her finger on her chin and thought. She nodded.

Kyle got up and filled a glass with water. He handed it to Yang and she took a big sip.

"Okay, you get some rest now. Come and get me if you need anything." Kyle said.

Before he could leave, Yang pulled Kyle's arm and pulled him into the bed. She began holding him close and refused to let go.

"Yang…" Kyle started.

Yang hugged him tighter.

"Fine, I'll stay with you." Kyle said.

Yang smiled and closed her eyes to sleep. Kyle smiled back.

'Hopefully tomorrow will be better.' Kyle thought.

I already had this chapter planned beforehand, but I took the extra time to look up actual remedies for the illnesses that RWBY had. Thanks again for the reviews and PMs, they really encourage me. I was asked if I could do a Assassin's Creed/Rwby crossover, I have one planned but it will be a while before I start. See you in the next chapter.

Trivia: I based Kyle off three people. One person is me, the other two are characters in Assassin's Creed. Which two characters did I choose?

(One is easy, the other you may have to read my mind a bit.)

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