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A Sick RWBY pt2

Trivia answer: To create Kyle I used myself(looks and overall personality), Ezio(Speaking in Italian), and Connor("Assassin" attitude)

I actually made this chapter today. It was originally supposed to be the last chapter, but then it would be a long as heck chapter. And I'm still not done with this short story.

Kyle woke up the next morning with Yang sleeping right on top of him. He smiled and gently rubbed her head. Yang woke up and pushed some hair out of her eyes, she looked at Kyle groggily.

"How are you feeling this morning?" Kyle asked.

Yang opened her mouth to speak, but she only wheezed and moaned.

"At least you're getting better. Yesterday you couldn't even do that." Kyle said, "How does your throat feel, still sore?"

Yang held her fingers close as if she was saying that she was a little bit better.

"Okay, I'm going to check on the others and then I will mix you that cider drink." Kyle said.

Yang nodded and rolled off of Kyle so he could move. He pulled the curtains back and stepped out of the bed. Kyle saw that the juice that he gave to Ruby was still full; he went to check on her.

"Ruby, you didn't finish your juice. Are you feeling well now?" Kyle asked.

Ruby groaned, "Tummy still feels sick."

Kyle took the glass for Ruby, "You need to drink this like I told you. It will help your stomach."

Ruby spits out her tongue and took the glass. She drank about half of the lime juice and gave it back to Kyle.

"There. You're starting to feel better, right?" Kyle asked.

Ruby glared at Kyle, "Do you really want to know?"

"Kind of?" Kyle worried about Ruby's response.

Ruby threw up the juice she just drank right on Kyle's chest.

"CAZZO!" (Fuck!) Kyle yelled.

Weiss kicked Ruby's bed from below, "Ruby! You have a bucket and a toilet for that!"

Ruby's bed made a small creaking sound.

"Cazzo!" (Fuck!) Kyle cursed again.

He quickly grabbed Weiss and pulled her out of her bed before the ropes came undone and Ruby's bed came crashing down. Ruby laid in her bed with her eyes spinning.

"I knew that was going to happen one of these days!" Weiss said.

"And you helped it along." Kyle said.

Ruby got up dizzily and Kyle helped her stand up straight. She held her hand to her mouth again and ran to the bathroom. Kyle sighed.

"Weiss, you take Yang's bed for now." Kyle said.

Weiss raised an eyebrow, "Where is Yang?"

Yang poked her head out from behind the curtains on Kyle's bed; she smiled and waved at Weiss.

"You do know there are rules against sleeping together in the same bed?" Weiss asked.

"Given the circumstances, we don't have a choice right now." Kyle said.

"It's strange sleeping in someone else's bed." Weiss said.

"Would you rather share a bed with me?" Kyle said sarcastically.

Yang stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry.

"Let's take that as a 'No'." Kyle said.

Yang blew another raspberry.

"Or a 'Hell no'." Kyle corrected himself.

Yang gave a thumbs up.

"Go ahead and get in the bed, Weiss. I'll check on Ruby and get you more juice." Kyle said.

Kyle went in the bathroom and Yang followed him. Ruby hanged her head in the toilet, moaning.

"Is it that bad?" Kyle asked.

Ruby pulled her head up, "I'm sorry about throwing up on you."

"It's fine, Ruby. It will wash off." Kyle said.

Ruby put her head back in the toilet and vomited again. Yang knelt down and rubbed her sisters back to comfort her. Kyle took his pajama top off and tossed it to the side to wash later. Yang looked up and saw Kyle without his top; she could finally see his face. She saw a young man with dark brown hair and blue eyes, but something was bugging her at the moment. Kyle saw that Yang was staring at him.

"Yes Yang, you finally can see my face." Kyle said.

Yang tilted her head.

"What? Not what you expected?" Kyle teased.

Yang tried to talk, but she could only wheeze.

"Take it easy; try to spell it out without your voice." Kyle said.

Yang tried to think, but she couldn't come up with anything. She got frustrated and tried to say something in Kyle's ear.

"Famil…" Yang started coughing.

"Famil… fam… Familiar? Is that what you're trying to say?" Kyle asked.

Yang nodded.

"What's familiar about me?" Kyle asked.

Yang shrugged her shoulders.

Ruby moaned from the toilet, "Do I have to drink more of that juice?"

"Hmm… What else can we do?" Kyle asked himself.

Yang saw the lemons and limes that Kyle set out on the sink countertop; ice was in the sink keeping the rest of the fruits chilled. She picked up a lemon and a lime and showed them to Kyle.

"What is it?" Kyle asked.

Yang shook the fruits and tapped them together.

"You're saying that I should mix the lime juice with lemon juice?" Kyle asked.

Yang nodded.

"And she will drink that?" Kyle asked.

Yang nodded.

"We have got to get that lime juice in her system somehow. Would you drink lemon-lime juice, Ruby?" Kyle asked.

"Yes." Ruby said.

"Okay. Yang, I want you to give Blake and Weiss their juice. I will head to the cafeteria and get the apple cider, then come back to make drinks for you and Ruby." Kyle said.

Yang nodded and began pouring the grape juice for Weiss, Kyle left for the cafeteria. Yang finished the orange juice for Blake and took the two glasses for her teammates. Blake was reading one of her books, as usual. She coughed every now and then, but it was not as bad as yesterday. Yang walked up to Blake and tapped her on her shoulder to get her attention. Blake looked up and saw Yang with the glass; she smiled and took the juice from her partner. Yang reached up and handed the grape juice to Weiss. Weiss took the glass and took a sip. Ruby came out of the bathroom and laid back down on her slightly slanted bed.

"Ruby, the next chance we get to go out, you are going to buy me new night gowns." Weiss said.

"But Weiss!" Ruby complained.

"But Weiss!" Weiss mocked Ruby in an imitation voice, "Don't 'but' me, missy. You ruined all of my comfortable, very expensive night wear! You reduced me to looking like an underwear model now!"

"At least you're not nude." Blake said hoarsely.

"I'm in my underwear! And in case if you forgotten, we have a boy in a dorm room full of girls!" Weiss said.

Yang shook her head and pointed to herself.

"What about you?" Weiss asked.

Yang pointed at Weiss and tilted her hand left and right in a "So-so" manner, then she pointed to herself and she licked her finger and placed it on her body making an "Ssss" sound with her teeth.

"How dare you!? Are you suggesting that you are more attractive than me?" Weiss asked.

Yang pointed to herself and held her hands next to her cheek as if she was sleeping, and then she pointed to Kyle's bed.

"I don't care if you're sleeping with him. Unlike you, I don't try to get men interested in me by using my body like a slut." Weiss said.

Yang took offense to that sentence and tried to climb up on the bed to strangle Weiss. Blake held Yang down by grabbing her legs.

"Yang, stop! You know how Weiss is." Blake said.

Yang dropped down and glared at Weiss. Yang huffed and went back to Kyle's bed; she pulled back the curtains and hid herself.

"You shouldn't have said that, Weiss." Ruby said.

"What I want to know is what that guy sees in her." Weiss said.

Kyle returned later to the dorm with the apple cider he got for Yang. He went in the bathroom and made the lemon-lime juice for Ruby and mixed the honey/lemon/apple cider drink for Yang. He walked out and gave Ruby her juice.

"Okay, lemon-lime juice for your tummy. Hope you can keep this down." Kyle said.

Ruby took the juice and sipped it, "Much better. Thank you."

"Good. You'll be better in no time." Kyle said.

"You might want to check on Yang." Ruby said.

"Is she okay?" Kyle asked.

"Well…" Ruby started.

Kyle heard sniffling coming from his bed. He went to check and he saw Yang lying face down in the pillow.

"Yang, are you okay?" Kyle asked.

Yang looked up at him. Her eyes and cheeks were red as if she had been crying. Kyle sat down next to her and saw that his pillow was a bit damp. Yang had been crying. Kyle rubbed Yang's back, Ruby walked up to them.

"What happened?" Kyle asked.

"Well… Weiss said something that she didn't like." Ruby said.

"I don't get it. Yang would usually shrug it off." Kyle said.

"It was about you and Yang." Ruby said.

Kyle got angry and stood up. He walked to the middle of the room to confront Weiss.

"WEISS!" Kyle yelled.

Weiss, who was sleeping at the time, was startled by Kyle's outburst. She looked down at him annoyed.

"What do you want?" Weiss asked.

"Get down here." Kyle said angrily.

Ruby walked up behind Kyle, "You don't have to do anything, just give them time."

Weiss got off the top bunk and looked at Kyle. Yang poked her head out and watched.

"What did you do to Yang?" Kyle asked.

"Kyle…" Ruby started.

"Tell me!" Kyle yelled.

Weiss sighed, "I was simply stating the obvious by telling her she was a slut and that was how she attracted you."

"You take that back." Kyle ordered.

"Why should I? Even-mmph!"

Kyle grabbed Weiss's throat and looked her in the eyes, "Take. It. Back!"

Ruby tried to get him to stop, but to no avail. Yang jumped out of the bed and pulled Kyle off of Weiss.

"Stop!" Yang managed to croak.

Weiss massaged her throat, "How dare you lay a hand on me!"

Kyle raised his fist, "I'll do more than that!"

Yang grabbed Kyle's wrist and stared at him. Kyle looked back at her and his facial expression changed from angry to shocked. Yang let go of Kyle and he ran out the room.

Kyle stayed away for the whole day. It was now dark and he had to return to the dorm, he also calmed down and knew he had to apologize to Weiss. Kyle took a long walk back to the dorm as he thought about what to say. He reached the door to the dorm where Weiss was waiting inside with the other members of RWBY.

"Weiss, I…" Kyle started.

Weiss held a finger up, "One second." She turned to face Yang, "What I said was uncalled for and I know that it really hurt you. I'll try to be more careful with my words for now on. Can you forgive me?"

Yang nodded.

Everyone now looked at Kyle.

"I'm sorry for losing my temper, Weiss. I have been told that I inherited my grandmother's rage, but that is no excuse for me hurting you. I scare myself thinking that I may go too far and do something I may regret. I…"

"Ahh, bup, bup." Weiss said while moving her hand left and right, "That's too long of an apology, but I still accept it."

Kyle smiled, "Thank you, Weiss."

"Can I have more juice, please?" Ruby asked, "I'm almost feeling better."

"Yes, it seems your remedies have worked very well on our illnesses." Weiss said.

Kyle nodded, "Okay, one more drink then it's off to bed."

Kyle got the drinks for his teammates and they sat around talking as they finished their glasses. Once they finished they went to bed using their temporary sleeping arrangements. Blake stayed in her bed, Ruby slept on her slanted bed above Weiss's bed, Weiss slept in Yang's bed, and Yang slept with Kyle on his bed while holding him close. Kyle felt a sense of nostalgia for some reason since he didn't have his hood on and Yang was hugging him. This would be later in the dream he had that night.

Alright, another one done. The next chapter will be the last "Memory" chapter and after that will be the epilogue to "A Sick RWBY". The chapters after words will be training, Jaune and Pyrrha go on a date, and winding down to chapters focusing on Kyle's assassination mission. Thanks for reading, as well as playing along with the trivia questions. (Nice to know that you like them.) See you in the next chapter.

Trivia: Besides Assassin's Creed, I referenced another series that I really liked. What is it?

(Hint: It's on Kyle Pajama top in "First Day pt.2", and Kyle carried this in Weiss's memory chapter.)

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