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Remember the Past (Yang and Ruby)

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I have been on a roll with chapters, I'm getting kind of worried. Maybe I should take a small break.

Seven years ago

Kyle had just turned ten a few days ago.

"Have a good time, honey!" Caroline, Kyle's mother, said.

Kyle ran towards the giant pool that went across the whole water park. His mother and grandfather promised him to take him to the water park as an extra birthday present. Kyle spent his time floating and diving in the water, until he decided he wanted to try one of the slides. He grabbed one of the rubber rafts that was used to ride the slides and climbed up to reach the top. He got to the top and sat down on the raft; he pushed himself and went in the slide screaming with excitement. He came out the other side and the raft bounced on the water, as it bounced it hits someone on accident and flipped Kyle backwards into the water. Kyle pushed himself up and popped his head back on the surface. He stood up and tried to find the person he ran into to apologize. That person came out of the water.

"I'm sorry about that." Kyle said.

"Why don't you watch…" The voice sounded like a girl.

Kyle saw that the person he ran into was a girl. The girl wore a one-piece orange swimsuit; she had blonde hair and lilac eyes. Kyle thought that she looked cute.

"Hi." The girl said. She had a front tooth missing which made her look cuter, "I'm Yang."

"I'm Kyle." He introduced himself.

The girl, known as Yang, looked Kyle over. She grinned.

"You're cute." Yang said.

Kyle blushed.

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?" Yang asked.

Kyle blushed more, "Um… Okay."

"Yay!" Yang jumped in the water then hugged Kyle, "I got a boyfriend~" she sang.

"Yang!" someone called out.

A little girl with short black hair with red streaks and a one-piece red swimsuit came swimming up in a clear red inner tube.

"Ruby!" Yang called, she grabbed Kyle's hand and walked to the girl, "Ruby, I got my first boyfriend!"

"EW! Yang, boys have cooties!" Ruby said.

Yang looked Kyle over again, "He looks clean to me."

"What's 'cooties'?" Kyle asked.

"These weird bug things that boys have. It makes them want to kiss girls for some reason." Yang said.

"How do you know if he doesn't got them?" Ruby asked.

"Look at him." Yang said, "Do you see any creepy crawlies on him?"

Ruby looked with her little silver eyes, "No."

"See?" Yang said. She looked to her left and saw and empty inflatable boat that the three of them could get on, "Come on! Let's play pirates!"

They went to the inflatable boat. Kyle climbed in with Yang; Yang turned around and helped Ruby get in with them. Yang went to the wheel and started her pirate game.

"Arr! I be the captain!" Yang said, "Lookout Ruby, what do ye see?"

"Umm… water?" Ruby said.

"No Ruby, use your imagination." Yang used her normal voice.

"Oh… Umm… I see a storm, Captain!" Ruby said.

"Then I must guide us to safer waters." Yang spun the wheel on the boat, which was for decoration.

"I want a turn." Kyle said and reached for the wheel.

"Arr! Treachery! Yarr!" Yang began to play wrestle with Kyle.

They continued to wrestle and laugh while the boat floated with the currents. They continued floating and Kyle saw the tables that some of the parents stayed while their children played. He looked and saw his mother and grandfather, he waved at them.

"Hi Mom! Hi Grandpa!" Kyle waved to them.

The two adults waved back.

Kyle held Yang's hand up, "Grandpa! I got a girlfriend now!"

"Hi!" Yang waved with her other hand.

"What did he just say?" Roberto asked.

"Father." Caroline glared, "What have you been telling my son?"

Roberto held his hands up in defense, "Nothing!"

Caroline didn't looked convinced.

"It must be in his genes! I had nothing to do with that!" Roberto defended himself.

Caroline sighed, "Why did he have to take after you?"

"Be thankful, he could be like you and your mother." Roberto said.

Caroline raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong with Mother?"

"Trust me, after we had you she mellowed out some." Roberto said.

Yang looked over at the slide race and decided to go there with Ruby and Kyle. The three children grabbed a racing mat and went up the stairs to the top. They laid down on their stomachs and pushed with their feet. They raced down the slide to the bottom; Yang was the first to the end.

"I win!" Yang said.

Ruby came second.

"That was fun!" Ruby said.

Kyle came last. When he reached the bottom, he rolled off the mat and held his privates in pain.

"Are you okay?" Ruby asked.

"There was a bump on the slide and it hit me in an uncomfortable spot." Kyle said in between breaths.

Yang started laughing.

"It's not funny!" Kyle said.

Yang giggled, "Come on, get up." She helped the boy up.

They dropped off the mats and walked next to the large pool that stretched all around the park. The three friends talked for a while as they decided what to do next. One boy was walking up to the group and had his eyes on Yang. The boy had one of those looks where you see him and you describe him as, "Asshole all the way". He stopped in front of Yang and tried to flirt with her.

"Hey there, pretty girl. What's your name?" he said.

"None of your business." Yang said.

"Hey, is that any way to speak to a potential boyfriend?" he said.

"I already got a boyfriend." Yang said already annoyed with the boy.

"You don't mean this wimp?" he pointed to Kyle.

"He is a lot better than you are." Yang said.

"You can't possibly mean that? I can show you what a real boyfriend can be like." He said.

Ruby stepped in front of them, "Hey! Leave my sister alone!"

"Beat it, squirt!" the boy pushed Ruby into the water.

The water was deep and it bobbed up and down. Ruby could not stay up.

"Yang, help!" Ruby cried before going under.

"RUBY!" Yang yelled.

Yang punched the boy in the face and Kyle tackled him into the water. Kyle swam until he found Ruby. He grabbed her and helped pull her up to the surface. A crowd began to form as Kyle walked out of the water with an unconscious Ruby. Roberto pushed himself through the crowd and up to his grandson.

"Grandpa, she's not breathing." Kyle said.

"Set her down." Roberto said.

Kyle laid Ruby down flat on the ground and Roberto began to do CPR. The crowd watched as the old man tried to get the little girl to breathe. Yang started to tear up, fearing that she might lose her sister to some jerk.

"Come on. You can do this." Roberto said to Ruby.

He continued pressing on her chest until her eyes shot open and began coughing up water. The crowd clapped and cheered seeing that Ruby would be okay. Yang ran through the crowd and hugged her little sister.

"Ruby! I was so worried about you!" Yang cried.

"I'm okay?" Ruby asked.

"You are." Roberto said, "Thanks to this young man." He put his hand on Kyle's shoulder.

Yang let go of Ruby and began hugging Kyle, "Thank you, boyfriend!" she started kissing him on the cheek over and over again.

Another man made his way through the crowd. He had black hair like Ruby's and lilac colored eyes. The man pushed his way out of the crowd and towards the children.

"Ruby! Yang!" he said.

"Dad!" Ruby sat up and ran into his arms.

"Thank goodness." He sighed in relief.

Yang held Kyle's hand and led him to her father, "Dad, this is the one who saved Ruby. He's my new boyfriend."

"Yang, what did I tell you about getting boyfriends?" her father asked.

"Nothing~" Yang lied.

Roberto chuckled and walked up to the group, "Unfortunately children don't seem to listen to their elders."

"All part of growing up." Yang's father said.

Roberto held his hand out, "Roberto Lombardi, I'm the boy's grandfather."

The man shook hands with Roberto, "Xin Xiao Long, I'm the girl's father."

Caroline walked up to them, "I'm Kyle's mother, Mr. Long. It seems both of our children are a hand full."

"I wouldn't have my girls any other way." Xin said.

Yang tapped her father's arm, "Daddy? Can I marry Kyle now?"

Xin chuckled, "I don't know sweetie."

"Ms. Kyle's mom? Can I marry him?" Yang asked.

"I'd rather wait until he's older." Caroline said.

"Aww!" Yang pouted.

"You have to grow up too, Yang." Xin said.

"Dad!" Yang whined.

Time passed on and the children continued playing while the adults held a conversation with each other. The sky started to turn orange as the sun went down, Ruby skipped up to her father.

"Hi Dad!" Ruby said.

"Hello, darling." Xin said, "Where is your sister?"

"Well…" Ruby started.

Kyle and Yang waddled up to the adults. Their skin was bright red from sunburn.

Roberto whistled, "Caroline, looks like we are having lobster tonight."

Caroline shook her head at the old man's joke.

"It's me, Grandpa." Kyle said.

"Well I'll be… It's Kyle." Roberto joked again.

"No kidding?" Caroline said sarcastically, "I told you that you should have sunscreen, Kyle."

"Now I have a bright red dot for a daughter." Xin said.

"She's like a lizard now." Ruby said, "Watch." She went up to Yang and poked her arm with her finger.

"OW!" Yang yelled.

The spot on Yang's arm changed from white to light red and ending at bright red again.

"You are going to be shedding for a while, Yang." Xin said.

"Let's go home and get some aloe Vera on you, Kyle." Roberto said.

"Forget it. Put some butter on him and lay him on a plate." Caroline joked.

"Oh, now you have your sense of humor?" Roberto asked.

Kyle turned and looked at Yang, "I had fun today."

"Me too." Yang said, "You think we could play some more?"

"Sure." Kyle said.

Yang smiled, "Bye-bye, boyfriend!"

"Bye!" Kyle said.

Yang walked up and hugged Kyle, he hugged her back.

"OW!" the two screamed from their sunburn.

Last "Memory" chapter done. You pretty much guessed what was going to happen didn't you? I will now try to finish up my short story and continue with the rest of the chapters to finish the first arc. See you in the next chapter.

Trivia: Hmm... I got nothing right now. Sorry.

(Also that bit about the slide race actually happened to me and it was BS. Though I admit, it was funny now I think about it.)

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